The final push to change the world

  • 8109001452?profile=originalHello to all this day of today i would hope you all are doing well. now i must bring up something that greatly bothers me and i know burns in the harts of all of you, I ask you what is it . what is left . what is there to hold on to of the illusion . the world needs that one final push that shove into the unknown.. so we ask our self were,  will it come from. will it be the ashtar command and there behind the scenes workers of there sacred society's? or are they watching through the never ending window  waiting for us to figure it out? waiting for the entire world to stand up and say no more. now i ask you this. how do we give that push. i will gladly stand at the edge of our world in the face of death and take that leap of faith. may i land on greatness or fall into oblivion i accept my fate but first i come back to that ever haunting question, how?  how do we get to the world stage to scream our message out loud ? must we storm the gates of the white house and take over our self? or perhaps a more subtle approach  something  that would involve a smaller percentage of people getting hurt? maby a petition one for every change we need  and push it in there face till there practically choking on it. hmmm two ways the martan luther king way or the black panther way? the peacefull and quiet way or the loud and slightly destructive way? slow and steady or here and now? so as the world comes to its seeming  self destruction and the people sleep there days away and we struggle to pave the way we must remember to never stray  although we can see the path we want to make  why is it we stand here still planning the obvious path infront of us, perhaps it is two paths one for the quiet way one for the ones who will storm the gates and we are traped in the middle trying to forge a new third path? an interesting perspective indeed but you know what they say 8109001284?profile=original   NEMASTE From the Dragon in me to the Flame in you.
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  • raise love in your heart and that very vibration will change the world,love ya Bob

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