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I just thought this experience should be shared with friends here on ACC.What do you think?

Eve,I have something very strange and wonderful to share with you.This wk I posted a series of blogs called I am blessed, you commented on one of my earlier ones. Anyway #12 got two responses one from a young man named J.Pepe and another from someone code named Lord Jesus Sananda. The comment was about sending love and light to all and that I was doing a good job. So I went to both of these new members sites and ask them to be friends. When I got to this site of Lord Jesus it was new and not much info and no date. He turned out to be a she.That stated she was a reincarnation of Lord Jesus Sananda and she lived in the UK. And her likes was the book ''A course in Miracles'' Which is the book I have been studying for the last 6yrs and where I got the lessons from that I was posting. In the last mo that I decided to post his stuff instead of mine on that short blog events on my profile but I always had much trouble with it which I contributed to someone not liking it, so I complained to them or once again I had demons in my laptop. My HS guide told me not to shorten it but to put each one up whole so  I did that. And I got his responce but when I went to my profile his comment was gone, strandge I thought, so I went to the blog where he commented and it was also gone from there. Then I went to the members list and typed in the name,no such member they said . So now he also is not a member and has no profile that I aw the day before.

This is really strange going's on. I think it was a personal message from Jesus that he liked what I was doing , now that I was doing it correct. And last wk I got a message from the Creator father from new member whom I became friends with and asked her some questions as she claimed to be a channel for many beings (julie miller ) She sent me back a message from him stating many things but mainly to keep my opinions to myself and drop the ego when I do my Galactic news reports and to shine my light as a minister of God I represent him, so choose my words wisely and that I am loved. This message did not disappear like the other one ,I still have it. I sent a long thank you note to her but no answer yet. Anyway that  two messages in two wks . One from the Father and one from the Son.I have been doing a lot of praying lately maybe thats it. I have been preparing for 2012 most of my life and now that Its here, I am in a strange place with strange people and I am waiting for my people to show up to do this rescue thing.By the way it was 24 yrs ago in Aust. that he spoke to me . I got to meet him, thanks to my guides but nothing after that until now. What do you think of all of this?I sent a comment to J Pepe to see if he saw the comment when he posted, for confirmation. Maybe I should post this for people to know that God and his Son does speak to us if we ask long enough and loud enough. What do you think, I trust your view. What should I do with this story?Ta.Adonai 

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  • Joseph Pepe

    Strange indeed!

    From Joseph Pepe to You
    Sent 13 hours ago

    I do remember her, she was here, you were not imagining things. I'm pretty convinced that she is Jesus. But Jesus coming as a girl, without Joseph and Mary as her parents, and being in this world, with all the evil that it has, has beat her down so much its unbelievable. More of a homeless hermit that renounced everything but love. As anyone she got close to would change and turn on her, and just an awe full last 7 years in general. I'll do my best to get to her, she opened up to me a little, cause God told her to. I feel i am a blood descendant of Jesus.. But thats a long story. I'm not sure how to handle it.. If i could i would fly to her, find her and bring her to my home town so she could heal and learn what true joy is. But i just don't really know how to go about something like that. I figure Gods got this shit, and i'll do what i can when i can. I don't really think I scared her away. It was good for her to get exposed to me though.. Welcome to my life, its only gonna get crazier!!! 

  • Thanks Ladies, and thats just what I did. After I sent this to Eve my guide told me that this was not just for me, it was for everyone, meaning that yes it was sent to me personality but it was also an example that God and the Son both can speak to any-one, any-time , any-where. We often think that we are to small for God or his Son to take time to answer our prayers or that we are not important enough. That God only answers holy people or important people in his kingdom. But we are all important. He said to me in the message from Creator that he loved me as he also loves all of his Creation. So yes I am special but so is everyone, we are all special because we are all his creation. And so it does seem those who pray the most and not just for themselves get the answers more quickly. I forgot to mention two things. One is that he also spoke to me at the end of last year, when I was suffering so much with my bad hip and leg. I prayed hard why I must suffer so much and where was he. Then his voice came into my head and said ;''Son, I was there for you'' and that was the first time I had heard from him in 23 yrs.And I recognized his voice and said thank you Father.The 2nd thing was again I have been suffering greatly from the chem-trail flu, it also activates my Arthritis and attacks all of my old injuries that never healed correctly. I could barely walk but when I woke yesterday after receiving that message from Jesus-Sananda, it was all gone except my back because I lifted the lawnmower out of the Trooper. I didn't know why today until I discovered everything from him was gone,on ACC ,afterwards I knew he had given me a gift so I thanked him from the bottom of my heart for both gifts.I still wonder why he took it off and has any one heard anything about him incarnating into a UK lady?Its a small Universe we live in, right. Blessing all,Adonai

  • dear rev,God certaintly does work in mysterious ways,do what you feel comfortable with in your heart and soul,it is only you, who knows what is the best thing to do,love,light,blessings eve.

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