The Expansion: Allowing Divine Love!

8109032276?profile=originalMany around the world build up guards and inner walls to protect themselves from failing in life.

However, their hurt shines through. Sometimes it’s through their actions or in their eyes or faces.It may sound logical to protect oneself from embracing ~falling into love~ with the experiences of life.

In the long run that can impede on one’s own health and well-being.

This is because like a current, ~the divine love~ needs to flow through us in order to feel optimum benefit and greatness in body, mind, soul.


A way to achieve balance (in allowing love to flow but not getting hurt from the external)

is by practising the following steps daily:

1. Laugh Often. Do not take life SO seriously. Life has a sense of humour too.

Everyone messes up sometimes but what others say about you is irrelevant if you really know yourself and your talents/abilities. Focus on that.

2. Affirm Daily to your soul;

“By being myself, I am impacting wonderfully in this world.”


Surround yourself with wildlife AND Eat greens of the earth. They provide you with essential nutrients in grounding / balancing your mind/body bringing you to optimum health and beauty.



Make your home a sacred space,

and your land a divine garden.


Invite the good angels to surround you with their love and protection.



Allowing love to flow despite whatever hardships or challenges are around you will ensure you raise your vibration and align to the magnificent energy of the divine, the all that is, magnificent creator of worlds.

In that feeling you will feel freedom from every level and a joy from your very own expansion!

Love Star!


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