The Deception is Bigger Than You Think...


Ari Kopel and Crystal Andasola are back talking about the great deception that is taking place, keeping many of the Light Community chasing their own tails. While many of us think that things are just honky-dory, and we're one step from a major shift, ascension or "event", many of us are letting down our guard and getting duped. Some of us are also being severely interfered with by Archontic, Dark Forces that paint themselves as being benign.

Some of us are also having a hard time connecting to God/Creator. And while many of us have had our implants removed, some of us are not doing well with the procedures that follow. Find out why this is happening. Join us for a two-hour rant session that aims to expose this tactic of the dark forces. This show aims to be candid and will hold back no punches!

Tune in for this two hour rant-session on Saturday, November 1st 2014 at 6pm PST/9pm EST

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"The dark would have human beings believing that we are frail little fools, without glorious roots, without a past and without a future.....The dark is completely misleading many, if not all...We have a grand destiny, just as our past was likewise,…"
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"Just like Lorie Ladd Melanie Beckler always has some good things to say. Shes another great spritual teacher."
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"They can try and enslave us, but their little agenda will fail and they will be brought to justice and will have to answer for their crimes against Humanity and Planet Earth."
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"“President Macron will participate in the Visegrad Group Summit in Budapest on Monday.

The summit will focus on issues concerning digital transition, defence, migration and climate change.

France will take over the presidency of the Council of…"
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