~The Death of Silica~

It seems to me that the energy I describe having experienced again and again and find naturally occurring examples of is indeed the key to infinite "free" energy. This state of water that is between liquid and solid and relies on magnetism to form, is found in the bottom of the ocean in current channels between the continental plates. Now, in most hydro thermal reactions, and hydro electric reactions, loss or conversion of the water is an inherent part of the process. Well, what I am saying to you is that I believe this water could provide infinite energy transfers, without ever losing energy. In terms of how I realized this, it would be that to have the water in my body combine with a massive amount of bio electrical and geomagnetic energy, and suddenly resolve into a shape which communicates all of the properties of the 5 platonic solids, and is specifically water expressing as fire with the over unity function of the torus, seems like a message that this state of energy exists, can be found in the natural world, and can therefore likely be recreated in a laboratory. I conjecture it would require only powerful electromagnets and water, in the right situation to cause the spontaneous change in state, into a state of water that is stronger, much more magnetic and electrically reactive, and can be made to hold shape whilst still in a flowing motion; exactly how a circuit works, only with "living" elements. A Higher technology.

It's beyond plausible: http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Water/density.html

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"Well as spiritual beings we are way beyond our genetics, but as spiritual beings evolving in physicality, it is in our individual and collective interests, to safeguard our genetics, so that we may each ascend to higher physical perfection, as…"
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"Drekx said: "Human DNA is being impulsed by cosmic rays"

Agarther question: but parts of the DNA can also be activated/deactivated with intent/will, we are not determined by our genes?"
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"The third strand of DNA would be sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation in so-called Human Angels. I kind of read that somewhere. It's been a long time. Isn't that the Bringer of Dawn?"
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"Not certain of their percentages, but the developing third strand, far from being "junk," or detritus, (the medical term,) is an increasingly active, communicator strand, activating transformation to eventual 12-strand DNA........The galactic human…"
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"and Drekx is it correct that the Human Genome Project mapped only 5% of the genes and 95% were classified as Junk DNA because inactive? I read something like that, since you mentioned the limiter gene"
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"The Anunnaki. All i know about them is they are not part of the Galactic Federation. Have heard that the Anunnaki believe that they have blue blood, which supposedly makes them belong to a royal family and this is a lie."
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