The Coming World Teacher. BY ; Mike j Hughes

8108683300?profile=originalOne of the important things we have to be aware of is the fact that we are all souls who have a high source from which we have .From The greater bulk of humanity today identify themselves in most with their bodies, emotions ,and with their minds. This is ,in most cases, the cause of humanities sufferings and agony of mind, the source of all the major misery in our world today. However there are groups of spiritual oriented people today that are aware of this crisis and are bound together in love and brotherhood spanning over the planet and working and serving in all departments of human endeavor ..

This group of advanced humanity are known as the`` New Group of World Servers'', and much about their activity can be found through out the writings of Alice .A Bailey who wrote about 28 books on the subjects of the occult ,social reorganization along more sane and justice oriented goals , and the`` Divine Plan` `for all life streams evolving on this man bearing planet that emerge from that great being who en-souls our globe as his body of manifestation in which we live, move, and have our being.,within the cosmos..

The ever pining problems in our world today are very real indeed, but they are solvable by all means, and those who are aspiring towards peace and sharing are not idle dreamers ,but are doing their part by voicing their concerns on the issues of brotherhood, love ,and the sharing of the worlds resources to all in need. It is appalling to know that millions are living miserable ,painful lives for want of food that lies rotting in the great warehouses of the developed world. It’s a shameful thing really that 80% of the worlds goods are used and wasted by the most developed nations of the world thus leaving so many millions without even the basics necessities for survival . It is this injustice that is the cause of so much of the world wide civil unrest and terrorism such as what happened with the`` 911 attacks' 'back in September 2001 .With growing tensions and the acceleration of technology we are fast coming to the point of no return as to the survival of our civilization .Many are now aware of the fact that with the way things are in the world we are facing some very dangerous possibilities that must be corrected if we are to make our way into the`` new age``.


The Elder Brothers of humanity have heard the evocative cry for help from the human kingdom and are slowly emerging from their ancient retreats within the mountain and desert areas of the world . The Master of all the Master who is known as the First Flower of the human evolution who is known as Maitreya ,The one who we in the west call the Christ ,the Hindus as Krishna, the Jews as the Messiah, The Muslims as the Imam , The Buddhists as Maitreya and so on. The last time the Christ Maitreya manifested himself was two thousand years ago when he overshadowed His disciple Jesus 2000 years ago from The Baptism to the Crucifixion, which was for three years. This method of overshadowing is one of the classic ways for the manifestation of a great Teacher or Avatar to contact and to merge with the human race in order to serve and teach those who are deemed ready for further teachings and new revelations in order to take the next step in our spiritual evolution.There have been a few who have evolved to the stature and fullness of Christhood which is of a high initiation.The Christ is as well within the department or office of`` World Teacher` `which is held by a Second Ray Master about every 2500 Years as the our solar system passes through the cosmic Zodiac .

The one holding the office of the Christ now is no other than the Lord Maitreya ,and he has decided to return ahead of time due to the evocative cry for help from a planet where the measure of suffering is so great as not to exist to the extent as found here on earth.


On July 19 1977 Maitreya descended From his ancient retreat up high in the Himalaya`s flying as a passenger in a small plane down onto the planes of Pakistan and stayed there for some time to acclimatize the body he created himself that will allow him to work at our level and to eventually emerge as one of us, as an ordinary,- but yet extraordinary man, who is yet unbelievably advanced with an incredible and vastly superior state of awareness that we can not even begin to comprehend . who became Master during the middle half of the Atlantean civilization some eight million years ago, and has been a Master since that time.Through time The Atlantean civilization were given up to depravity Over time the people were given to depravity and the worship of form thus sinking of the Atlantean civilization over the period of many thousands of years .Since that time Maitreya was living in a valley within the Himalaya some16 thousands feet us in a valley of the Himalaya deep with a valley which is like an eternal spring all year round .Until He took a one ticked to the modern world ,and to London England as a Teacher. England Is now his focus ,however he moves all over the world with the speed of thought witch is faster that the speed of thought.Maitreya`s mission at this very time is the eradication of the starvation which we all can see everywhere we go


As the deeper aspect of corruption is made known to the peoples of the world this will bring together untold millions all over the world ,and thus a new and powerful force will be born. With the growth of technology ,and as the world is coming together in such a way as not to be seen before.Soon when people find the truth of the unspeakable ,and after many people are coming to the realization of what's really going on around the planet. After Maitreya has gone to Japan his message will reach millions all over the world ,and millions are going to put extreme pressure on the leaders of all nations to invite this extraordinary man to have a chance to speak to the world with all of the satellites linked together so that Maitreya can then see him on their Television, thus fulfilling the Bible prediction that ``All eyes shall see him` `Over the next few days few years Maitreya will soon to be seen as the man who can solve the problems of the world. It will be people power that will demand that Maitreya speak to the world ,and people all across the world will put such an great pressure on those who are at the top of the major News Centers around the world who will be demanding that this man have a chance to speak to the world ,and the pressure will be so great that the media centers around the world shall be linked up via satellites liked up so that all humanity will see his voice and see him, and thus fulfilling the prediction that all eyes will see him when he comes again.


The common people all over the world will demand to let this man speak to the world because of his simplicity of his message ,His simple message to humanity is the implementing of right human relationship between all humanity and the establishment of the goodwill and right human relationships which will of course involve the sharing of the worlds resources with all humanity ,thus putting an end to worldwide starvation.As soon as the international community see very wise progress ,and when the crime activity ,and war has died down and through out the world ,and when healing of disease comes to many thousands who were thought as a terminal nature ,then the common people all over the world will demand that this extraordinary human being to have a chance to speak to the entire world ,and we all know how powerful the peoples voices when they make a demand for the truth. Through years of the peoples pressure the Media will be given the permission for the sidelights of the world to be link up so that we may hear the voice of this extraordinary man who has already given insight to eradicate starvation and as well as the masses of healings that have come from him ,as the common people realize the fact that there does live an very extraordinary man who is now living amongst in whom many will see as the Christ ,the Jews as the Messiah, Krishna , the Buddhist as[Maitreya]; they got his name right!!!and to the other ones who now await for there great Teacher to come.It is very interesting that at this time within all of the worlds religions there is an feeling of hope and expecting for a divine intervention .


Maitreya and the group of Master around him have heard the evocative cry for help from the human kingdom ,and are now thus returning. For the very first time in 95,ooo years they are beginning to emerge from their ancient retreats from all of the high mountain and other very secluded places all over the world.The day will come ,my dear friends that we have not long to wait, as one of the greatest events in world history are about to take place. . There is no brain surgery needed to know that humanity is now in a major crisis on all levels of endeavors .We all must do away with discrepancy and end our selfish ,narrow ways of the world ,and to rise to that place within ourselves where the divine soul is to be contact.


The`` New Group of World Servers`` is now growing through out each and every year and millions of the common people are awakening to the fact of all of the injustice such as people starving to death in a world of plenty while the food rots within the great warehouse's all over the most developed nations of the world. According to Maitreya this is a social abomination ,and clearly shows that humanity is not living with the laws of right human relationships ,thus making things more difficult .Soon the common people will put so much pressure upon the leaders of the world .Out of all of this will finally make it possible for Maitreya to speak to the entire world .He will be given about half an hour to make his priorities and ideas known to man.He will hardly say a word at all, and something very incredible will happen. You will see him on your television set and he will not say a word, but his thoughts ,ideas, values, he will make known to all ,and to break the language barrier He will embrace the entire human rave with a love never before experienced on earth.

Maitreya will overshadow the entire human race ,and each will hear his voice in their own language ,the English in English, the Chinese in Chicness ,the Spanish in Spanish, the Russian in Russian ,the German in German ,and so on through out all of the languages spoken through the entire world ,and all will clearly hear what he is saying. This my friend will be the Day of Declaration ,which will be an amazing phenomena.For the most part he will say nothing ,but will receive a most powerful telepathic rapport. On that day many millions will be healed from their lifelong illness on that day ,and many tears of Joy will fill the hearts of billions all over the world. During the telepathic communication many will be aware of the fact that some thing very miraculous has just taken place ,and all will have a smile upon their faces. As people pass by each other on the streets, we all will have a honest smile on all faces ,and we will not have to tell anyone as to why we are happy and joyfully ,for all will know why things are so peaceful ,all will know that this Great Man Maitreya , has given to humanity a very powerful blessing.After the Day of Declaration things will be so quiet and so very peaceful all through out the world . That does not mean that some forms of illegal activity will be prevented. This Blessing is no more than a example of what can be a normal part of our nature as we all go apart keeping goodwill always before us. Many will be inspired to give what they may have to each other who may be in need. Soon The Masters will begin their re-education upon the entire human race ,and teach them about the Laws of right human relationships that includes Love, harmlessness and a chance to really listen and to understanding each other according to cosmic law.

Those who will be alive during the next 50 years from now are going to see a very transformed world.Each and every time we come back into incarnation upon this planet we will see Maitreya at the center of spiritual life of the world life of the planet ,for he it is who is the divine embodiment of the planet. Maitreya will come forward at the earliest possible moment, when man has somewhat`` cleaned house`` so to say.Millions all over the world are now waking up to the truth of love and brotherhood, and that we all are equal when it come to the inner divine soul ;,that`` great divine being that sits within each and everyone of us. Maitreya comes not alone ,but with a group of highly advanced spiritual beings known as the Masters of Wisdom who are men like us who have evolved far ahead of us with their evolutionary journey and who have sacrificed much by staying and helping out with the human evolution as they have been for countless thousands of years.


The spiritual hierarchy of our planet are aware of the fact that in order for them to take the next stage in their evolution, they would be required to come forth from their ancient retreats and walk side by side with infant , to be the divine instructors in the mental development of humanity. My friend and colleague Benjamin Crème ,along with many like myself are dedicated in working to keep the message of hope alive within the hearts and minds of all humanity ,and most of us have been involved with this work for many decades and have found it to be a very rewarding experience .As for myself I feel very privileged in having a role to play for this upcoming event that will bring very incredible spiritual awakenings all over the globe.

Maitreya`s open mission has now begun and he has already given about 24 interviews here in North America as an ordinary man like one of us so to say.At this time he is not going by the name Maîtreya ,but under a common Muslim name that is well known and popular. Many ,through the power of people power will demand this great Teacher to speak to the entire human race. The public work of Maitreya has now begun.He has been interviewed by various New s agencies and is having an effect on peoples all over the world. He will be teaching and giving interviews next in Japan. The common people of the world will demand more information as to this very extraordinary man who seems to have the answers to the solving of the worlds worse problems.
After a few years this man will be the one that will be on demanded to come forward ,after some preparations . It is at this point where the Day of Declaration will take place. Soon we all will see the satellites of the world linked up all over the world so that all eyes will see him.People all over the world will see the face of Maitreya .Some people will think that their will be a language barrier that must be overcome in order to reach the billions all over the world with this message. When on the air he will speak a little ,but most time we see him he will not say a word. One of the amazing things about the Day of Declaration will be the fact that he will telepathically overshadow the entire human race, all those above the age of 14 .The English will hear it in English ,the Russian in Russian ,the Spanish in Spanish, and so on . You will see the Christ Maitreya overshadowing the entire human race .The energy of Love will stream forth in a potency never seen before in the whole history of the human evolution.

During the mass overshadowing of mankind will stream forth various healing energies ,which means that on the Day of Declaration will be a day of many healings all over the world. After a while humanity will recognize Maitreya for what he really is without him telling us who is ,in this way the freewill of humanity will not be violated in any such way.With the work of humanity and the ``New Group of World Servers' 'we are to see the construction of a new golden civilization where all will have the basics given to them, and as well as a chance to be educated and to thus make something of their lives.Maitreya`s basic message is this, ``Take your brothers need as the measure of your action and solve the problems of the world``.

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  • My opinion is that an avatar of Christ Maitreya is Palden Dorje/Dharma Sangha also known as Rom Bomjon or The Buddha Boy or Maitri. Maitreya is immense can be incarnated and in the inner planes at the same time, which would explain to me why Palden Dorje/Dharma Sangha has not eaten or drunk anything or slept in more than 3 years and still is healthy while going between meditation, blessing others and speaking of world peace and unity. And his videos are already being translated into english, russian, french, german, etc etc on You Tube.
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