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The Blind leading the Blind.. A star childs journey.. the hidden agenda.. who we are and what is really going on..

My entry.. to date 10/17/14.  Energies are a little lighter today.  Still feel a sense of a hidden glimpse.  I still see them and I know that they are watching.   "We feel you everywhere."  I am everywhere.. I cannot help it anymore..  I am there. I am here.  I see your agenda.  see how they work through you.  What can I do?   Just guide you and protect you when I can.    I can cut the negativity down for you a little bit my child.  Only you will know who you are in time.. I can only wait for you.  I know of your pain, and how your heart yurns for the truth.   You just want to know who you are.  I can tell you of your magnificence, but only when you are ready, will they show you.  I love you...

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Comment by Caitlyn Claire on October 19, 2014 at 1:14pm

This is very beautiful, I like it :) 


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