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I am just going to take this time to say that I was raised Catholic however I never really agreed with it. I am an Australian girl and my spirit is quite old, I have had many of past lives as a high priestess and had earnt myself a reputation of  a God in a few of the older ones. My ability to know this is profound and I cannot read/understand false spiritual text. I would like to say right now that the Bible should not be taken as the Word of God.

The thing I would like to talk about is "What is God?" The spirit that created this dimension is a very old one, a wise one and loves each of the beings that are allowed in his dimension. Saying this, he is in no way better than any of you; he just has more power and experience; your existence matters just as much. Also, it is not just him who should be considered out God but also his twin flame; his female essence. The combined perfect power of those two was what was used to created this new dimension.

When the bible was first written it was written by someone who wanted to teach the ways of the spirit. However as time grew by and the text written in the bible became more famous the most powerful people became to take control of it; making it into their own way to control the societies, morphing the text and adding and removing what they wished. This happened long ago. See, the bible wasn't even the original book, there were many like it before the first bible was written, many that have been lost in time or taken into new frequencies to keep them from the hands of man until we can maturely handle them without wishing to use it for selfish reasons. So after all this we are left with a book that has been tainted so many times it's basically useless. I tried to read it, and my ability to not comprehend incorrect stuff gave me a headache from it.

Also, it has been translated from an old language into a new language and I am sure the way things were said back then, even slang, has lost meaning in these new years. There is an interesting channel on youtube called Makalesi who explains from information on the bible if you want more exact and organised facts about the language ect.

Now the closest thing we have to accurate information is our own knowledge of our higher selves and whatever spirits you wish to channel. 

That being said; I intuitively know that new book, one like the bible except fresh and accurate will be written. I know this and have known this for a long time. I myself will take part in the creation of it but until that happens I am sharing the knowledge I have over the internet with people I know who need this information now and cannot wait any longer for it.

Please do not hesitate to reply or contact me for more information or inquiries. 

I accept all friend requests. 

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Comment by Eddie Servant of the Servant on December 23, 2013 at 3:56pm

Truth that rings true in your heart------truth is truth

Comment by Butterfly on December 23, 2013 at 3:28pm

I think it doesn't hurt to read the gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Now SOME scriptures or verses of what Jesus said - can stay in a person's heart to guide them, even years after reading it.

But other verses are very cryptic and difficult to understand.  Take the guidance that resonates with you, and reject what is too confusing. I believe it has been twisted throughout history.  Church leaders were so afraid of s**, that this too has put people off wanting to get closer to God/Jesus, and made them feel terribly guilty about their own sexuality.  Or it was a form of control by church leaders.

Comment by Acute Observer on December 23, 2013 at 1:11pm

Mr. Ed,

Keshe is very good on making videos and selling books + tickets to his presentations but I've never seen him show anything that actually works.

And if he's offering the world free energy he has a rather funny way to do it, since it hinges on that all the world leaders will have to come to Iran and attend a "peace meating" while the govt meanwhile publicly execute political prisoners en masse.

"Free energy for all, but only if you accept islamic tyrrany for a couple of weeks while we sign the papers" ;)

Would You say yes to that? What would be the difference between that and making a deal with the devil directly instead? When dealing with the devil you at least KNOW beforehand that you're gonna get screwed. That is something Keshe never lets you know until you and your money have parted ways. ;)

If he TRULY wanted to give the world free energy, he'd release all the plans and specs on the internet immediately so that all the people could circumvent their corrupt leadership and apply Mr Keshe's tech independently.

Comment by Eddie Servant of the Servant on December 23, 2013 at 1:08pm

Its up to each individual to decide what is true and real and not

its you that decides

Comment by Peter Panayiotis Karanikas on December 23, 2013 at 1:17am

The bible is not the Word of God.

it does however contain the Word of God.

Waiting for discernment.

Comment by cornelius on December 23, 2013 at 1:12am

Dear Fellows,

I heard and read a lot about Keshe free energy, but no any information how to build the free energy devices he claim to have them. His patent is a worthless paper. If he doesn't disclose free, all information, but just asking for millions of dollars, then probably he is just another minion of the dark ones.

If you have any practical information about Keshe technology, please send it to me at [email protected]

Comment by rsolor on December 23, 2013 at 12:06am

thanks for sharing.

i also trully beilive in Dr. Keshe, and his understanding of our atomic electro magetic force  of matter and how to use it, he is the one to watch on mankinds new advancements in free energy, if he is allowed to without the insane p.t.b. will not share with mankind new advances that would lose them all of their power or having a money collecting profits from oil running machines, pumps, transformers, etc.  this is a big blow to the oil kings and barons who don't care for the betterment of all of us..

i also like his opinion on creation.

blessings to all of us for we are all one

Comment by Stick on December 22, 2013 at 11:45pm

Thank you for your thought provoking post Caitlyn. ~The Word of God is an 'Omnipresent Living Message' that can be accessed from Infinite perspectives in the Glory of this exact moment in Time! It simply can't be limited by any form of doctrine or interpretation. Nonetheless, it's a misstep to sideline the Bible into one category or another... to simplify it as: True or False / Good or Evil, is a means to evade the depth & weigh of it's continuing 'Presence' in the Human story. First & foremost, the Bible is a Multidimensional text with profound access points for Self-Realization & Awakening. At the same time though, it has been heavily manipulated by dark forces seeking mass control through the notion of original sin & the countless forms of fear it inevitably generates. A level of fear that has wreaked havoc on the Human psyche creating serious carnage going back to the ancient world. Yet, isn't it also true that Biblical text has created profoundly meaningful pathways for our Brethren & Sistren seeking liberation from whatever form the darkness has manifested in their lives? From where I stand, when ALL is said & done, it comes down to a personal process of Spiritual Navigation & Discernment... a kind of Divine treasure hunt for the 'true' Seeker. & make no mistake about it, each of us are presented with powerful clues in every moment of this thing we call Life. Perhaps the trick is to remember to have fun with it... to try & not take it soooooooo seriously ;-) So is the Bible the word of Man? Yes, absolutely!... Just don't forget that 'Man' is a reflection of God in it's infinite forms. There is NO separation... We are One! As the illusion of duality continues to fade, this will come into clearer Light for the masses to remember their true origins & by extension, their Unity with the Most High. ALL written words will be rightsized as mere folly by the Glory of our return to Christ-Consciousness. ~InLight555 


Comment by Phylos on December 22, 2013 at 9:55pm

Yeah, right on!  I have felt for a long time now that the "bible" really sucks and was likely written by a bunch of goat rapers who ate too many hash-cakes, drank some soured wine and stayed out in the sun too long.  Syphiliphtic hallucinations are arguably evident as well. 

Comment by cornelius on December 22, 2013 at 1:19pm

Dear Kaitlyn,

I was glad to read your message about the bible. It is quite a long time since I realized that bible, as is right now, it is a mix of truth with lies, which is a very clever edition of the dark ones to misled and control the people. One book I red about bible is "The Realities of Crucifixion" by Chako Priest, and an  internal intuition tells me that the message of that book is truth. I don't know if you know about it, but I am sure you are ready for it. I am ready and open for truth, and a true bible. I will be very happy to receive as much information about it. I am in this life an electronics engineer and physicist, and I realized that much of the "oficial" science is intentionallyfalse also, with the same purpose of the dark ones to misled and confuse the people, and to keep them away from truth. Truth and free energy are the most dangerous for dark ones, because they will loose the control and vanish. To speed up the birth of the new golden age, removal of the dark one, and to offer to people truth, freedom and prosperity, I am firm decided to work for free energy, and to spread free the information to people. I don't know, and I don't understand why so many gifted individuals, able to telecommunicate and access a wealth of information, doesn't offer practical information about free enery, and hesitate to even discuss about it.

To my opinion, they are still afraid of the dark ones, and they do not want to bother them. But you know, soon or later the truth will win, and if sooner is better. The dark ones,in their desperation, might kill me, as they kill so many others, but I am not afraid of them. If an increased number of people will get truth and information about free enery, they, the dark ones will not be able to suppress all of them. I will be happy to find out about others who works for truth and free energy, and communicate and even cooperate with them. I encourage and call all light workers to abanbon the fear of the dark ones and disclose as much they can the truth and practical information about the free energy.

   Dear Kaitlyn, I hope you know that I am redy for truth, and I will welcome any truth from you. Feel free to send me any message at [email protected]


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