The beginning

°The Heart of All Things does not count its heartbeats, because the only outcome ever in inter dimensional math is ONE.I am not talking about the finite, linear number one. In this case, ONE means LOVE. There is ONE LOVE and it moves beyond what you have called conditional and even unconditional love.Unconditional love was nice for a while. You tried it. But what is it really? Unconditional love is based on duality still, because the unconditional entails the possibility for the conditional.ONE LOVE is not about sharing, giving or receiving love either. It is about the fact that one expands, much like concentric circles formed by a stone hitting the surface of the water. The circles created by the stone do not think, while they move away from the sinking stone: Hey, look… I was just created! This is interesting! Look, there is my creator, there is my creator! He’s going away, going away, going away, oops!That’s not how a concentric circle thinks. The concentric circle is the stone, an expanded version of itself. As the stone will sink to the bottom of the pond, its expanded version, the circles, will remain for a while and then drift into what you would call ‘nothingness’ and what I, Adamus, would call ‘beginning’.Imagine how life would be if there was only a beginning. It personally took me a while, during my own ascension training, to get the point of this concept. I remember being alive on Earth, pre-ascension, while much of the wisdom Kuthumi was putting out already existed. I used to be connected to it, devour it, all the while trying to understand concepts of simplicity such as ‘seeing yourself new in every moment’. So I tried it, walking around, seeing everything new in every moment, and not having a clue about the simplicity of the concept which is now daily routine for me.You bring beginning to Earth. You bring the beginning of experience back to where it belongs: the Heart of All Things. This channel has put upon his website [at the time of channeling] the video of Jill Taylor, a brain scientist who discusses the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. When she goes into the right hemisphere of the brain, there is only beginning. It is, quite literally, a state of nirvana. This is the space of beginning: the Garden of Eden, the moment of creation, the moment of rising in love, or sometimes as simple as having an orgasm. Whenever you experience joy, pure and total in the moment, you are experiencing the energy of beginning.So, after everything that we have gone through in the last few days [during this seminar], other ascended beings who have been assisting with your process all the way, ask me: do you see any difference in these humans when you sit in front of them now? My answer is YES, because now you are emitting the energy of beginning.You are white sheets of paper, continuously filling up yourselves. The yearning to create, express and experience is why you are here. For so long you have looked outside of yourself and tried to fill yourself up with predetermined creation. In this type of situation, you ‘want this’ and ‘want that’ but it never truly fulfills you. You were not creating; you were consuming pre-created things and experiences that were penciled in before they even entered your reality. You may fill in some of the blanks thinking this is what it is like to create, but it will never be truly yours.How can you know? Easy. A predetermined creation already starts dissipating before it can completely manifest, like lines in the sand swept away by the wind while you are still trying to draw the full picture. It’s like a magic marker that, when you draw the lines, they disappear before you finished the complete drawing. Now, the main difference between a predetermined creation and what we are talking about today, is that predetermination will vanish and it will make you FEEL as though whatever you created has turned to ashes and, sometimes, never even existed. In the energy of beginning, or in new energy, when you choose something out of existence, it quite literally WILL NEVER HAVE EXISTED. That is one love, that’s the pulsing of the heart. It’s a bold step for a creator such as yourselves to dare to achieve, for it might feel quite empty at first, but I will tell you it is bliss.Think about it. Imagine having a child, or someone in your life that you look after, and you think that when you die you have to make sure this child or special someone inherits everything that you own. Poor child or partner, I’d say! Here YOU are, all of a sudden freed up from physical existence and such, off planet, and they get all of your old shit dumped on them! No matter if it costs money, or even is worth a fortune, the truth of the matter is that this is not their creation, not their energy and the only reason this system exists is fear, manipulation and control.Imagine a Lemuria; imagine a New Earth that would never be the same because it would always begin anew, in every moment. This is what your scientists have gotten wrong from day one: they could look back into time – and they can, because with their telescopes they can look back into the moment when the universe was created – and they say, there was a Big Bang and we are still the result of that Big Bang, together with the Earth, the laws of physics and everything else. That’s what they say. Wrong! There wasn’t a Big Bang, there IS a Big Bang and it is happening continuously everywhere, always expansive, always beginning. The more it happens, the more points of focus (i.e. expressions of consciousness) come in, having more space, so that eventually you will experience what infinite awareness is all about.My beloved brothers and sisters, dear human angels, you have called yourself Imzaia, Shaumbra, Lightworker, Creator and so many different names, and you say so often: I have memories of Lemuria, I remember Atlantis, I was once a pharaoh, etc. I say to you: the Self is ALL THINGS. This, dear friends, is something you know very well but have failed to take literally. IT IS TO BE TAKEN LITERALY TO AN EXTREME THAT MOST ARE CURRENTLY UNAWARE OF. We are coming into a new time where we can no longer simply experience ‘the Now’. The shift from the concept of the Now to the concept of the All will assist you greatly because it is where expansive energy resides.There’s a completely new way of existing available and it is happening on Earth. Do you dare to step in it? Will you really or will you just talk about it? It’s not even a true ‘new way’ at all; you have lived it before. It’s time you remember that and stop thinking about maintaining your reality in this world, the way it is run today, only. Expand! It’s about the All. Move out of the years you have lived this time around and undo this period of its importance to you.EXPAND! You are the Big Bang, you are ALL THINGS and in that you are every moment of time and space. You were there when it all started and you will be here to shut off the lights, metaphorically speaking, simply because you are All Things. The sooner you start accepting and living this truth FULLY, the sooner the exciting work between you, me and others can truly begin.Will this be the moment you say YES and ACT on it as well?We are ready. Are you?Excerpted from IN THE BEGINNING, recorded on June 29th 2008 during a lecture in Mount Shasta, CaliforniaEdited and re-channeled for this Quantum Note by YINGate144, coming soon[ LOVE – JOY – FREEDOM – TRUTH ]
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