The Beauty Of Spring

Trees are swaying in the sun

the gentle breeze of spring has come.

The blossom bright with pink and white

drops gently down as it catches the light.

Butterflies so beautiful just flutter by without a care,

its great to break away from life just for a day to see them there.

They make their way from flower to flower,

no knowledge of time, to me its hours and hours.

They happily fly as the bees rush by with their orange and black

coloured fur on their backs.

The breeze is so gentle and beginning to warm,

the flowers still budding, many starting to take form

with petals so fresh like a newborn child,

with colours so bright and of all different styles.

The smell is amazing and so divine,

I pick the flowers from time to time 

so I can take some of the outside in

and break away from the daily grind and think,

how wonderful the natural world can be

When I feel at my worst I go outside and i'm free.

Yet it costs nothing, not one single penny

to enjoy true wealth that is a gift to so many.

True wealth is the happiness freedom can bring

when you experience nature and hear the birds sing.

When you hear it you know that summer is near

and you have another chance to see everything clear.

What is the beauty of life without these things?

We should appreciate more, all the joy that nature brings.

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