Hello, my dear!

Today I will tell you what you need to do in order to speed up the process of transforming your physical body into crystalline light. This will help you not only improve your health but also to harmonize all of your bodies: place them in a single vibrating space.

What I mean? The fact is that when your bodies are vibrating at different frequency, they all suffer: from the Atma, which is at the highest level of vibration, and ending with the physical, which is at the minimum level for you.

In order to enter into a harmonious state, you need to average your vibration, to bring them together, so that none of your bodies "did not pull a blanket on itself".

How do you do it?

Imagine yourself in a cocoon, composed of seven bodies, painted in the colors of your chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet.

And try to see how from the middle of this cocoon red color slowly flow into orange, yellow, green... These colors gradually mixed, and when you get to the purple –the Atmic body, the whole cocoon suddenly breaks out Golden light with shimmering patches of all seven colors.

This is a very beautiful sight. Enjoy it and feel the harmony of these colors, their energy vibration and unity.

You can feel on a physical level, as it vibrates your body. Ask him to come into resonance with the vibrations of the Earth and remember this condition.

And every time, my dear, when you will feel discomfort, do this simple practice which will allow you to keep pace with the Earth and at the same time to harmonize all of your bodies.

The father-absolute of talked to you through my beloved daughter

Adopted - Marta - 26 may 2016


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