The Art of Meditation

Meditation is a discipline of taking time for self in a world of information overload - to go inwards. Those who do meditate have discovered worlds within worlds. Consider the inner worlds as the greatest frontier that lies ahead of the human race.

Many of us are being forced to multitask to keep up with the world. Yet we need time to process and let go of the emotional aspects of everything we experience throughout the day. A daily practice lets you reset back to the real "you".

During the day we operate in Beta consciousness. To maintain our health, it is important to alter our brain waves to both Alpha and Delta waves. There is a particular sense of well-being that comes when we are able to enter into a deep alpha wave through meditation.

Meditation can be:

• A spiritual practice or a processing practice.
• Very specific spiritual practice - Buddhist chanting.
• Time with yourself to come into the present moment.
• Useful for inspiring creativity.
• Useful in promoting marvelous health benefits of lowering blood pressure. slowing heart rate, balance p.H, reducing cortisol.
• Helpful in inducing a more profound sleep.
• Helpful in organizing intentions for optimum performance.
• Useful in improving memory, mood and energy!
• Useful in reducing depression, fatigue, anxiety, over eating, pain.

Remember this: thoughts create feelings, so letting go of negative thinking can brighten your day and focus your mind on what is important.

Finding the right meditation is like finding the right exercise program. You want to find what works for you and also what fits in with your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong way to meditate – only the way that best works for you. The goal? To feel more connected to yourself, to nature, to your community and to our spiritual Source. Add that to experiencing more energy, focus and creativity and you will want to begin with a meditation practice immediately!


Using even respiration equal inhalation and exhalation is rejuvenating and calming-as when we sleep. The yoga breath

Inner Silence connects us to a force that rejuvenates and energizes anti aging Circular mind –Shutting off the mind allows a creative flow of energy to drop in. discoveries made transcendent quality to dropping into deep silence.

A powerful way to release stress at the end of the day is to scan the body for sensation, pain, tension or vibration. Breathe with and through the vibration, releasing pain and matching vibration. If emotions come up, breathe through those feelings with a gentle mindfulness. If scenes from the day come up, feel free to re-dream them

Hand positions that activate physiological, emotional and spiritual response. Ever notice the hand positions of the statues of saints? Mudras are instant link-ins to specific energy flows in the body.

Mudras may work when other forms of meditation may not. It is lovely to combine these hand position and movements with deep even breathing and silencing the mind. To learn the twenty Christalis Mudras click here.

A single sound like OM, Love, Peace chanted out loud or silently interrupts the inner chatter. By shutting off the mind, we are able to allow the body/mind to transcend into a higher state of awareness. Transcendental Meditation focuses on one sound which is repeated a transcendent state occurs where all thought disappears. This state is a powerful medium for creativity and problem solving.

A mantra is chant that may be in another language that transmits a powerful and transcendent experience. OM MANE PADME HUM is a well known Buddhist chant to purify all aspects of being.

An affirmation is a statement that entrains the mind into a positive state of being."The Universe always supports me" or "I love myself unconditionally" are two powerful statements.

Some find that if they pray to their Spiritual Force as they sit quietly, they enter into a state of reverie and reflection leading to inner silence.

Listening to ambient music can focus you out of the left and into the right brain. Breathing deeply while listening to the music not only helps silence thoughts, but may give you insights into what is happening in your life.

Moving at a slightly slower speed and being mindful of the world that unfolds around you and within you is a powerful way to still the mind. walking, eating, listening to others, breathing while exercising.

Some people meditate better while moving! Choose a mantra and walk in nature. Breathe, Clear. Reset! Others use movement as in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Christalis Activations or even flow yoga to move into a transcendental state. Moving and then sitting can be an effective combination.

Having trouble “dropping in” on your own? There are many guided meditations available on the web, in spiritual and religious stores. Most have music behind them and gently lead you into meditation and then back out.

Focusing on the positive in your life creates more positive outcomes! Positive thoughts bring positive feelings that then move out into your life. Expressing appreciation and gratitude opens the heart. End your meditation time with something you are grateful for in your life to keep your heart open and attracting even more lovely manifestations.

There are many inspirational spiritual, religious and secular texts that will inspire a flow of spiritual energy. Take time to read one of your favorites, and then contemplate the meaning for you for just a few moments – at the beginning or end of your day!

Meditating with others can enhance your experience. Many people gather to meditate weekly for inner peace or for world peace. A group field is so much more powerful than one field of energy. Crime goes down when groups meditate in a city.

It is lovely to sit quietly by a stream and close your eyes. Or have that special chair that you sit in. Some people create an altar that focuses their intentions or prayers. Others like to walk through a forest or find silence in a church or a shrine where others have gathered. The trick is to be anywhere, close your eyes and go within and find silence…even if for a few moments.

Long-Term Effects Of Meditation
• Building skills to manage your stress
• Increased self-awareness
• Focusing on the present
• Reducing negative emotions
• Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

Begin your meditation practice today even if it is for fifteen minutes at some point in your day. You will be rewarded with more focus, peace and energy as well as participate in the greatest exploration of all time - into your inner being!

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