The Arcturians

The Silent Majority"

Greetings to all current Earth Star residents, We are a consortium of Beings from many different Star Systems. You may be wondering why WE, (mainly off world beings) are choosing to be rather silent these last few months. We have not been transmitting too much lately through this receiver, (David). Truth be told we are, like you, awaiting a sign, an intersection of gridlines, a timeline to proceed with our duly appointed projects to assist Earth in her ascension process. Why? Simply put, we are awaiting signs from all of you! Are you ready? Have you done your homework? Is mass Consciousness being raised? Are you as individuals working dutifully on becoming a better you? Are the problems which have always plagued this planet and its inhabitants being addressed? Or is it “politics as usual?” Tell us, if we were to clean up your atmosphere of all of its toxins and pollutants, if we were to re-infuse this depleted world with oxygen in your oceans and , what will change? Will the lessons be learned, or will you simply delay addressing the issues at hand, waiting instead until more tomorrows fade away into yesteryear?

You see, life is simple, yet far too many of you are still making it complicated; still making the same mistakes you have done time and time again. We wonder…why? How many trinkets and baubles does anyone need anyhow to feel worthy, loved, respected and good about themselves? How hard is it to LOVE one another? What will it take to stop your fighting, bickering and verbal and physical abuse towards one another? What will it take for you as a semi-sleeping consciousness to wakeup and smell the ? These are simple questions to a complex problem. In time, you will all value what you have been gifted with, what you have been blessed with and you will value your relationships with one another and treasure the wellbeing of each other above all else, for that is how it was always intended to be.

You are all Divine Beings having a physical life. You are all Eternal Beings blessed with the ability to reincarnate over and over until you get it, get life, right. The difference this time around is that if you do not learn to appreciate life for all that it has to offer, you will not be coming back to reincarnate on Earth again any time soon. You all know the difference between right and wrong and yet……so many simply do not care. Yet we see that so many of you are awakening and in time you too will begin the Sacred Dance to the Eternal Song of God. In time you will begin in earnest to care about this planet you call home, as much as the God of this Universe, The Creator and the rest of the Creation does.

We Love you all unconditionally despite some of the choices each of you makes. We do not judge you. We do however reserve the right to be disappointed in many of you. We could choose to leave you to your own devises, (demises,) however we will not. We know what you do not, the human race is too important to let it self-destruct or implode upon itself. We will not tell you just how close you came. If you need something to reference to, then look at what occurred during the times of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu. Fairy tales, myths, folklore? Ho hum, we think not. We know, for we were there then as we are here with you all now. You have no mention of those times in your history books for one thing; because they have been intentionally kept from you so that you did not make the same mistakes twice, and number two; they were failed societies. That is all we will say about this, for now.

Life is short, it is precious, and it is not to be trifled with nor taken for granted. This world loves each of you; she understands your pain and torment. Do you understand hers? She also knows that you are the ones who created it, who allowed it to become as it is. She is ready to leave you all behind once again. This will not happen, at least not on a global scale. Yet each of you should know that many of you will be exorcised (forcibly removed) from her so that she can survive. Be thankful, be appreciative of this fact. The ticket to ride with her is not cheap, nor can it be bought. No longer will you be allowed to say one thing and mean another. Have no illusions about this. This time around it must be earned. If you know not what we speak of we suggest you devote the time necessary to learn, while you still can. The time for paying lip service is over; it has been for some time now. Either way we will see all of you again, if not here on Earth, then again on a distant orb, a planet far from here, one which is still conducive to your required learning or “experience still needed” level.

We wonder, have you really learned what it means to Love Unconditionally? Do you really know what it means to be living in the timeless Continuum, to be an active participant in the ushering in of the Golden Now? Do you know the difference between the Golden Age and the Golden Now? These are questions you need to ask yourself, for we already know. What is the value of One Life? What is considered to be acceptable levels of causality losses during any violent engagement? What does Collateral Damage mean to you? Are you willing to accept any of this as truth or is the price just too high? What will it take for you take a STAND, not just quietly talk about these issues with a friend or confidant or read what others are saying? You have the most amazing tools at your fingertips, each day more and more of you are utilizing this resource. “Which one?” you may ask. The internet, it reaches out to people all over the globe. So what if you are not a receiver of channeled messages. Your thoughts are as equally important as the next person’s. You have a brain, you have ideas that are your own, and you have the accumulated knowledge of all that you have learned since your arrival here so very long ago. Use the tools that you are gifted with, each gift, just as each one of you, is unique. Teach others while there is still time to save more of the slumbering masses.

For now we say.. Adieu.

Yes, we are here. Yes, we are watching. And yes, we are listening. And yes, we are active participants in the Golden Now. We delight in signs of intelligent life. We are more than willing to help in all ways those who are trying to help themselves. Just ask us. We are present - all around you. Yet so few, as of yet, see us. We wonder, how many of you realize that we are either with you every moment of your everyday life, or that we are observing each and every one of you at all times… without question. Why do we do this? Because we are curious, we want to know: are you part of the Silent Majority or will you take a Stand and be counted in the rising temples of voices who are seeking positive change? We also monitor each of you because we love each and every one of you and you are ALL our descendents, our relations, our brethren, our Brothers and Sisters, our Fathers and Mothers.

Transmission received by David

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  • Arcturians are very highly evolved spiritually. I would say you could put them on the levels of ascended masters such as jesus, St. gemaine Mother mary and much more. Michael get ready because the miracles have only begun. Channelling is basically telepathic communication with other worldly spirits. Some of the channellers actually recieve the messages when they mediatate and have to go and read the message themselves after the channelling is done. Some people channell extraterrestrials ascended masters people who have died natures angels cetaceans animals and much more. You are living in the age of miracles so fasten your seatbelt as you are in for the ride of your life all the way to the 5th dimension and the golden age.
  • I tell you i'm starting to come to an epiphany, if only a small one about what timeless continuum means and maybe the oneness of us all, though i find it hard to understand what channelling really is, i am reading the first Seth book and its defenitly altered my thoughts to the possibilities out there.......the foreverness of it all i suppose.
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"How to raise your frequency and receive DNA upgrades to become who you were meant to be?

1. No fear. Not a spec of fear.
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"The external world is fake and illusory


Nature is God. Nature is real. Feel joy with nature even when being attacked. This keeps you solidly connected to God"
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"When you completely clear your mind and focus on nothing but the energy and intent of a person talking, you can see their aura and feel their intention with your intuition.

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"while you resist fear porn and wait for that big announcement, your higher self is trying to remind you that all you have to do is disconnect with intention. say no more. declare sovereignty. refuse to be governed anymore. once everyone decides to…"
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"If they force masks and start up lockdowns again the people need to rise up and say no just like they are for everything else. The deep state would not be able to do a damn thing if we all said no."
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