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smogmeinichols3.jpg?w=270&h=212&h=212&width=270So much has been hidden from us about the existence of our Star Family and the open contacts they have been made with humanity in the past. If one were to look up “Project Blue Book”, one would see that it was a government program in the 1950s designed to collect and study UFO cases to determine if the craft being seen and personal contacts being reported were a “threat to National Security”.


What a lot of people don’t know is that the many reports of personal contacts with benevolent, Galactic humans as well as reports of seeing and being introduced to advanced craft, were suppressed and hidden-away while Project Blue Book was closed for good.It is believed that in the time ahead, those documents as well as a plethora of other suppressed revelations and truths will be made known, and a lot of people have been looking toward what has been termed “disclosure”.


Disclosure is exactly what the name suggests; a full disclosure on the part of various governments, to their people about the contacts they have made with benevolent extraterrestrials, the advanced technology that has been given and back-engineered from extraterrestrial ships,as well as a plethora of other things that have been hidden from us.


It is believed that an open contact with numerous benevolent and enlightened races of Galactic humans, who have been watching us and attempting to assist us in evolving without invading our freewill rights, will follow this disclosure on the part of world leaders who have themselves met with these beings. Some people would ask why the Galactics would not just openly land and make themselves known, and this is because their existence has been suppressed while their image has been tainted in movies and television shows depicting them as monsters who only wish to plunder.


Propaganda about the Galactics is rife in the most influential outlets that program humanity (such as movies and television) and a lot of people on our world would latently and openly fear a contact with any Galactic race outside of this world, because of the nature of programming that has taken place.


If you were to mention the Galactics to someone around you, they would likely think of “scary aliens” immediately and that very instilled mindset as well as the collectively-dense energy we feed in every moment, is currently keeping these enlightened beings from being able to land on our world, as is the increased “security” and attacks from the cabals through their Military outlets on such beings, whenever their craft can be spotted.

However, the Galactics have still communicated with humanity by way of crop circles as well as channeled messages that they will deliver to anybody who can become open to such messages. It is believed that telepathy is a real human ability that comes with discovering our inner-realms and finding an evolution, and it is believed as well that telepathy is the main form of communication in the fifth dimension (which we are evolving to and most of the Galactics exist in) and in the realms beyond.


As humanity increasingly discovers our telepathic abilities and we begin to collectively evolve and climb toward the understanding of the ease of using such abilities, we will draw the Galactics and Celestials closer to us and will see them able to eventually make themselves known and land on our world as we find increasingly-pure states of consciousness.


Those who have already began to open up and receive telepathic messages from the higher realms and the Galactic and Angelic souls assisting us in our evolution, are sharing their messages and paving the way for our glorious New Paradigm to come about.


Many thanks for being here, and Much Love!


Wes Annac

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