The American Peace Intention Experiment with Lynne McTaggart

The American Peace Intention Experiment

Heal America, Heal Yourself

September 30-October 5, 2017

Each day at 9 am Pacific/10 am Mountain/1 pm Eastern/5 pm UK/6 pm Europe
For other time zones see:

Take part in the world’s largest experiment for peace that’s ever been conducted and experience how taking part can transform your own life!

Join tens of thousands of like-minded souls from around the world for this free event, sending intention to end violence and heal America, and experience the incredible rebound power of collective intention.

Webcast over 6 days around the world for FREE on GAIA TV:

I want to participate!

Expect Miracles

Lynne will be hosting this FREE event, which will run over 6 days, from Sept. 3-Oct. 5, 2017 and be webcast around the world.

  • By signing up, you’ll receive a daily streaming webcast over the 6 days and full instructions about how to take part in the LIVE experiment.
  • You’ll meet people who have had miraculous healings from the power of group intention. You’ll hear from the scientists working with Lynne and featured in her new book The Power of Eight, who have demonstrated that focused collective intention can positively affect our world, especially in small groups of 8.
  • And you’ll experience for yourself how group intention has a mirror effect, creating a powerful altered state that can bring about major transformations in the lives in participants like you.

Unleash the miraculous power you hold inside of you to heal America – and your own life – by taking part in this amazing FREE event.

Yes, count me in!

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"A proper 'economic war' only targets military. So 'arms embargo' for instance, is a proper war. But freezing assets of civilians of a warring country? Nope!"
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