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The 2nd Best Pilot in Ashtar Command-

Recorded: 04/29/97
For the month of March, the staff of the Hades Base News would like to once more honor the unsung heroes to our world who keep our planet safe no one ever hears about, the pilots of Hades Base. Day and night they ensure no other third dimensional races can interfere with humanity's natural progression. Such a significance is placed on this session as it marks the assignment to the base of the Baron, a ringmaster for a few of our channeling sessions and also a living legend. He would spend the last few years of his life stationed on the base before his death. He became a close friend and a memorable figure known for his heavy German accent who had previously been part of a squadron on the base during World War One. He found a similar pilot to himself in Manfred von Richthofen and has had his ships painted red ever since. Should our planet ever be threatened by an invasion force from another race, it would be pilots like him that would prevent that from happening. Now, onto the channeling session summary.
Tia starts things off by laying out a case for the decline in morals she was seeing then and we are seeing even more so in 2020. She puts it down to a lack of progress in the cost of living forcing both parents to work instead of having one home looking after the children. To make her point she lays out the changes between the 60s and the 90s in how things had degenerated. She also uses examples of life on the base with the crèche system and with her home planet of Durondedunn where it is a matriarchal society and the men look after the children. We get to the realization that the rising number of divorces is a factor in much of what we're discussing which gets to the final point she has left to make. Her observations of our planet have led to her conclusion that the origination of marriage is to act as a protective shell for any children being raised. A fact that seems to have been long-forgotten. It's Karra's turn channeling during a time prior to her being an ambassador from Sirius to the base. Also during this time the comet Hale-Bopp had come and gone leaving many believers of the mass landings prophesied very disappointed or very dead. Her acknowledgment that our race is not ready for that yet opens the floor to it happening anyway, either against our will or voluntarily. She assures it would not be against our will but when we get to the problem of a large group of people asking to be picked or given advanced technology is when the question gets tricky. We get their solution familiar to many a Trek fan, the prime directive. We end side one with Karra noting Omal's non-linear ability to see the past, present, and future simultaneously.
Side two gets going with Alana adding her lightness to an already excellent session. She fills us in on some of the gossip on the base going around and while looking for other current news to offer we learn she also has a background in horticulture. As a result, we get an impromptu dissertation about the flowers of Sirius, mostly on the pink ones. At a growth range of 12,000 feet, it makes them worth the effort to collect what patches can be found in the right conditions. We weren't expecting a class on what is normally Kiri's subject but it filled in some of the missing details that were new to us. Wing Commander Taal honors us next with some time speaking through Mark about a new pilot to the base we would get to know very well, the Baron. It's a night of surprises as we hear of the story of a rookie pilot who was in his first battle flying with the best pilot in Ashtar Command at the time who ended up sacrificing himself to save the convoy he was protecting. It's nearly two hundred years later and we have that same rookie pilot now assigned to the base. We finish with him recognizing that a guest of ours had previously been in the Air Force so he gives her due respect. Our final speaker is Kiri who expands on a theory that Omal uses keywords in his channeling before we switch topics to the development of psychic morals. It starts at a young age but can be a part of anyone's life if the intention is there. We run out of tape just before we hear about the lessons Kiri had to learn during times she had coerced her children to be quiet when they were actually sick.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra
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