Meditation Technique


1. Devoid yourself of all your senses e.g. do not hear, do not smell, do not feel touch on your skins and other places, do not taste, and do not see


2. you should now be quiet within yourself, remember this feeling


3. Turn on all your senses again e.g hear all you can hear, smell all you can smell, feel all that your parts come in contact with, taste all you can, and see all around you.


4. you should now be in a state of total awareness, remember this feeling


5. Combine the two feelings, you should now be at one, within and without.


Focusing Technique


1.  Gather up your will and mind power and form a sword with it.


2.  If you are new at this, the sword will writhe around, and is hard to hold


3.  Try to tame it, if failing, the secret is to sheath that blade.


4.  Sheath it in your heart, your will is now yours and you should know how to focus greatly.


Clearing the Mind Technique 1


1.  within your mind there are voices telling you what to do, critiquing yourself, it is your inner voice, you don't need that.


2.  Gather them all up into a ball and fling it at the wall as hard as you can and make it splatter on the wall.


3.  The voice should now be gone, and you are clear headed once more.


4.  Repeat with the voice of others. e.g. what people have said about you.


Clearing the Mind Technique 2.


1.  Imagine a sphere of Light


2.  Keep staring at it


3.  There exist only the sphere of Light


4.  Eventually it will disappear as well, and now you are clear headed.


Greater Sense


1. If you can see what is present, then by logic you can train to see what the space that is in between reality.


2. This is hard to do but it can be done, with practice just use power of deduction while practicing


3.  This can be done with all your senses eventually you can sense what is "not" there.

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  • Hi,


    Nice one .......


    But only practice makes man perfect .............


    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL .............

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