Conscious Conversations with Nature

Are you ready for me yet?

Yes, sorry about that.

I’m a Tansy and you can call me Tansy.

Hello Tansy

Always hither and thither you humans. Always on the go, always rushing, never enough time. We watch you hustle and bustle about you know. It’s quite funny really. Your minds are on little railway tracks all over the place. Don’t you ever take a moment to stop. To do nothing. To be still. To contemplate.

Yes Tansy – I do find time to meditate every day.

So you need to find the time to be still? Something to be done on the side? Not top of the agenda as you would say. There you go again – losing your attention…

Sorry – I try to stay centred at all times but sometimes my mind wanders.What would you like to share with us today?

Well, we have some advice for you. That’s if you are not too busy to listen?

Yes – I would be most grateful if you could share this advice with us.

Ok – let me get myself centred first. Ok ready! You see that did not take long did it? And that’s part of the problem. There is often a perception around meditation that it needs to take time.

When is the most convenient point in the day to put time aside? How much time should I devote to this activity? Which method should I use? Where is the most effective place for me to do it? But it need not be this way. You are overcomplicating things, unnecessarily so.

It’s as if you are saying, here is my meditation and here is me. Where will my quiet contemplation time fit in with the me of the moment? Really you should look at it the other way around and say – let me be in the calm of the moment all of the time – and how will all the other things that make up my day fit into that.

It’s a reversal of priorities – an inversion of the way that you see things. When you meditate, answers can come – do they not? So if you have a question you can meditate on it and seek a response.

So you are actively setting aside a portion of time for insight and clarity.But there is another way as I’ve said.

How about if you were permanently in a meditative state and that within this world of wonder and contemplation you fitted in your 3D duties?

That’s all very well in theory, but if you mean being in a meditative state permanently- I’m not sure it would be very practical? How about crossing the road or sounding as if you have your act together at work?

Fair point – let’s clarify exactly what `meditative` state it is that we are talking about here. I’m not saying that you should walk about in a spacey woo woo world – far from it.

There are numerous levels of intensity and depth in meditation. The experience can vary greatly from one day to the other and one person to another. These nuances and inflections are directly in tune with where you have decided to be in a given moment.

You let go to be in the flow. Shut down the chatter of the mind, sit in stillness, sit in the heart. Like a piece of artwork, the contours of the meditation experience shape a bigger picture, and guess what – this includes you! Your Dharma, your purpose in life, your connection with Mother Earth and the joy of this experience. Your reality.

In contrast, if we look at a typical 3D day there is a rigid framework that dictates the structure and you are beholden to a wide range of expectations, prerequisites, rules and regulations, social mores and customs.

And I ask you. Is this what you want? Is this what you really signed up for in this life-time and others?

To have your flow contorted and controlled by structures, strictures and infrastructures that are not of your own making and that can lure you into making choices that may not align with your true self.

If I can stop you for a moment. Are you saying that our daily life experience will be more true and authentic if we can remain in a more meditative type state?

Yes, but it goes one step further.

You also have the ability to help shape, enhance, improve, remedy, rectify, purify, cleanse everything that you interact with on a daily basis and more.

So if we live in a more meditative type state, this will also be possible?

Ask yourself the question. Do you give yourself to the trials and tribulations of the 3D reality or are they given to you? Are you given the challenges and the bumps, the ups and the downs or do you find them?

If your perception is that they are given unto you, you will deal with them one way and if you believe that you shape the experiences that are your reality (all part of one big learning curve) your perception will be shaped another way. Where do you sit?

Well, I do believe that I shape my reality but also that external factors that I have no control over come into play at times. But I do my best to sit in a 5D stream as much as I can.

So, let’s break it down. What does this look like? How do you experience this state?

Well, I don’t notice time the same way. It’s more of a flow around a set of experiences. And, if I don’t worry about what I need to do and by when, things just seem to get done. And I feel as if the space around me is clear and light and that I can hold my own in the truth.

So, do you know what happens for you to be in a 5D rather than a 3D state?

Funnily enough that’s something I’ve been thinking about. It just seems to happen, to come and to go. To change with the days and the time of day.

Remember we spoke earlier about the fact that you have the ability to shape your daily interaction and experiences in line with your own truth.


Well, you can use some of the tools of meditation to help you. In fact, you are already unconsciously doing this when you experience sitting in a 5D perspective. You just don’t realise it.

These tools mean that you can help to contour your 3D reality around your soul purpose and heart-felt intent. And guess what happens when you do that? You find yourself experiencing a 5D state.

What can we do on a daily basis?

The main thing is that you understand how to use the `tools of focus and direction`to help shape your experience. For example, if you are meditating and distracting thoughts come into your head, you acknowledge that they are there but you don’t engage and are calmly aware as they pass.

Likewise, if during the working day a client rings up who is in an agitated state, follow the same path that you would in a meditation. Whilst acknowledging his or her viewpoint, do not get distracted and drawn into their energy field. If you keep your higher state of intent focused and calm, the uncomfortable experience will be over before you know it.

There are some more tools from mediation that are useful in maintaining a 5D space whilst dealing with the practicalities of 3D living.

The second thing to remember is to focus on the heart as if you are living the entire day in a heart focused space. Live through your heart, breathe through your heart, love through your heart. Importantly, be generous and share these heartfelt gifts with those around you.

The third piece of advice is to protect your space. When you meditate you might go somewhere quiet or beautiful, light a candle or listen to a mantra or spiritual music. Likewise, pay special attention to the integrity of your personal space and ensure it is protected at all times.

Only yesterday I `closed down` phone calls with people whose energy was starting to drain me. I put myself first as I have a better understanding of the subtle impact of these things now.

Good, and there’s a fourth and final point.

If you work hard at maintaining the integrity of your space, you will feel confident about keeping a channel direct to Source open at all times. The clarity, the joy and the purity of this connection will work in many ways.

But this time, `the shaping` will take place at a largely unseen level, both in scope and scale. For it is in wonder that we view the unrecognised potential of humans to effect great change, without even being aware that they are doing so.

Just the intent and belief alone of holding open this channel throughout the day and not viewing it as a `meditation reserved point of contact` will flow far and wide. Across internet access, through newspaper print, deep into the oceans, up into the skies and beyond.

And it is at this point, that the true marvel of the collective unconscious, united through the heart and a commitment to Source can be appreciated.

Thank you Tansy for your wonderful insight.

*Conscious conversations can take place when we enter into a state of oneness with nature beings*


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