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Take Jesus Off The Cross by soulsoothinsounds

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He doesn’t want to be there! He also doesn’t want to be worshipped. Back there during the time of Jesus –  that was a very different time. and a different means of sending a message was necessary.

Jesus is not happy with what the churches have done with his original message, and he’s tired of being worshiped. It is actually a burden for him. He doesn’t want people to open up the doors of the houses of worship, and see a dead man impaled on a cross. He was a man, not a saint, or the son of God. He didn’t find his divinity until he went through the trials and tribulations in his own life. He had his doubts, fears, and he often felt lost in the sea of the beliefs and limitations of the unawakened consciousness of the people around him.

He slowly embraced his human self and eventually his love of life. He loved to eat, he loved s** and other sensual desires of the body.

This is also our story. We are going through our own transformation, bringing spirit home, to us, in our life. We are the teachers as Jesus was, and just like him, we also do not want the burden of being worshipped and depended upon. We want no followers. We want others to awaken to their God selves.

Just like him, we need to get away from the crowds ( mass consciousness ) and be in our sacred space. But unlike him, we do have more support and friends in the spiritual community. Maybe not your next door neighbor, or even your family or friends, but the global, on-line community.

So, let’s take ourselves off the cross.  Let’s not play martyr. That is so old energy. There’s no need for that anymore. There is nothing to sacrifice, nothing to forgive, no karma, no heaven or hell. Other than the one we create right here on Earth. There’s no need to prove worthiness. No external God.

You Can Take A Man Out Of The Church

Those of us who have gotten ourselves out of organized religion continued to carry a judgemental God within us. One that constantly asked of us to prove our worthiness.

We are asked to now release that judgemental inner God. To release the guilt and shame from our consciousness. We are asked to put ourselves on a pedestal, not some fickle, faraway, vindictive God. Stop worshiping the saints, the archangels, Buddha, or anyone else. Start worshiping yourself! There is no being more sacred than you. Jesus eventually loved himself, but he was also pulled on by mass consciousness. He was not ‘perfect’. He was perfectly human and divine. And, actually, there is no real separation.  The human is also the divine. God is in our blood, our bones, our hearts, our big toe.

We are awakening to that realization as the light pours into our bodies and our planet. We are sacred. We are teachers of the new Christ Consciousness. Nothing new for us. We’ve been doing it for a very long time. Many of us carry the fear of being persecuted for our beliefs. But, this is a vastly different time. The light quotient on the planet has never been at this level. And, we as Awakening Masters, are recognizing that we have no desire to convert anyone. We are more accepting of where everyone else’s is at. So if we are not pushing anything on to anyone, by the law of attraction, they won’t be pushing back. It’s a different time, and there are different energies present on the planet now. Yes the ones Awakening are still a fraction of the population. But that’s enough to bring a shift in the consciousness. We are not here to save the world, we are here to awaken ourselves. Maybe it is why sometimes we feel lost without our swords. There’s really no outside battle that is necessary, but we’re still in battle-mode.

But we’re getting tired of the inner battle between our minds and our hearts. We are slowly surrendering to our hearts, allowing our true selves to create in our lives. We are bold, brave warriors of light. Going where no man has gone before, going within. Exploring the deep and sacred within us. The dark and the light.

The dark is all of our fears:  old stuck beliefs, that are not even ours most of the time. Allowing Ourselves to be. To find that safe space within us. To nurture the child within. To give voice to the feelings, to the desires. To feel all the fears but not own them. To allow our sacred selves into our lives. To stand tall in a world that fears the light. Brave, brave warriors of love and wisdom.

The church gained control by telling the masses that their fate rested in a God outside themselves, judging them by their behavior. It all came down to control. Even Santa Clause was given control: If you were bad Santa would only give you black coal for Christmas.

My Experience

In my own life I am slowly embracing my human and god-self, making it all one package.  Slowly seeing that as I make choices that honor my human desires, it also honors my soul, and my spirit.  Slowly, I’m taking myself by the hand, and doing things that make me feel good, and I am choosing feelings that uplift me, and letting the other ones come and go.

It’s scary, because I am used to doing things that gave me a feeling of safety, even if doing them didn’t feel good.  I’m moving out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes it’s only the internal judge that’s telling me I am wrong. But that internal voice is a paper dragon.

We are not able to easily sit on the fence anymore.  It’s reckoning time, isn’t it?  It’s either move into joy and masterhood, or get hit hard.   That’s a good sign.  Fence sitting is not the most comfortable place to reside.

Enjoy my video, featuring my original song, Take Jesus Off The Cross.

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Comment by amparo alvarez on January 28, 2018 at 7:37pm

Beautiful message which I resonate with,,,About I would say, two years ago I received a message from Jeshua where he mentioned that I had a rosary hanging in the rear-view mirror of my car, and that He didn't like being pinned to a cross...that he is alive and He resurrected a long time ago...He said that this is a way for the church to keep us in pain and sorrow and submissive by us in this way not being able to see that we are pure Light and Joy and Love...This constant display of the cross is a reminder of the pain, suffering and low vibrations of this world...It is time for us move passed that and rejoice because we are also resurrecting and ascending just as He did...Blessings Meindert and thank you for this wonderful message...People need be aware of the hidden agenda of the displaying of the cross  all across the different denominations ...Not all priests and ministers are aware of this though...


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