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  • I was just learning about something called the Language of Light which all higher beings speak... I think it has to do with telepathy and symbols/pictures.  This website looks interesting but it seems as though there a ton of sites saying they speak the language of light and not many probably do. 


    ‘Languages of Light’ in this context are divine outpourings from Beings (angelic, star tribes and earth-human) in the form of etheric script and etherial soundings. They are often set into the Universal and Earth Akashic fields for humans to access when the codes are unlocked for them to do so by the Angelic Record Keepers. The Light Languages usually appear to individuals through the third eye (brow chakra)...either inside the head or in front of the physical eyes (both being generated through the third eye). They do not have meaning on a word-for-word basis. They contain codes with open the field of awareness to the individual receiving and viewing them, which in turn gives him/her access to specific knowledge sources in the Akasha. In later periods, the Aloi’i and it’s variations were written, but they still were “read” with the inner eye.

    The example scripts of Light Languages below you will notice are all fairly similar. They are all really aspects of ONE Light Language source; yet they vibrate at different frequencies, and therefore open different “libraries” in the Akasha.

    1) Angelic Flame Languages - Also known in the Hebrew Kaballah as the ketav einayim.. I have chosen here only three of many. These three I believe to be the three ‘Trithphiya’ or primary patterns forming what the Lemurians called the ‘Janta’ or Chord of Light into the human being of earth.

    A) Suvat - First Heaven Harmonic: golden tone: 9 point Light geometry

    B) Husha’him - Second Heaven Harmonic: silver tone: 6 point Light geometry

    C) Ami’i - Third Heaven Harmonic: indigo tone: 3 point Light geometry

    The Alphabet of the Ark is an encoding of the 24 Eye-Flames of the Trithphiya. Each of the 24 letter-symbols of the Ark Alphabet represents a ‘stanza’ of Universal Flame rushing through the Janta and into the incarnated soul. Universally, the Trithphiya pours forth through the interface of the Archangel Metatron. It is also the ‘designer script’ for the Amatrix ‘Re-genesis’ Angels.

    2) Akasapuur - Elixir-Light Language of the sun spirits (of our solar sun-star)

    3) Lakla’eiloi, or E’lohim Creation Script - The Creation Script of the E’lohim wrote the Divine Program of actual creation codes for this planet.

    4) The Sun Bow Glyphs - The Sun Bow ‘Master Builders’ arrive in their merkabahs of Light to seed the earth with what could be called ‘memory seeds’ at points on the planet where as the Hawaiians say, “heaven meets earth.” There ‘blueprints’ are contained with the glyphs they leave in this planet’s akashic records.

    5) Aloi’i - The first language of the Adam Kadmon soul on earth. It is derived from the impulses of the brain. This language naturally came into being as humanity began to substitute telepathy with speech and written language. There are many variations of this the Aloii. I am choosing the earliest written form to present under this title.

    6) IorIan, Blue Star Script - The Illumined Star Beings from Rigel, in the Constellation of Orion gift the earth with the “way home” through the IorIan Light or ‘Blue Star’ Script.

    7) Lemurian Kadmii - One of the earliest Lemurian languages, derived from the Aloi’i.

    8) Atlantean Asi’pa or ‘Calender’ - The Atlantean Calender Language came out of the astrological font of the cosmic connection of the Atlantean Race with their star heritage.

    9) Kaskakun or ‘High Mayan’ - The Pleiadean Star Lords bring the Kaskakun, or ‘Seven-Branch-Song” language to the region of the Yucatan in Central America several hundred years after the Great Deluge which finally claimed Atlantis.

    10) Arbarata Nous or Enochian Script -This is not the magical Enochian letters, but a more ancient script created in the Akasha by the Enochian Master, Menon, who was born of an earth mother and a Sirian ‘Sun Lord’ father. The Arbarata Nous creates High Alchemy.

    11) Zythphar -The Light Language of the Sirian Sun Lords who guardian the Telos.Aarkara.

    12) Ethiki, or the Akashic Script of Thoth - This is the Light Language script which the Being Thoth brought through his chakra stream and out the Third Eye to write his Light-brary in the Akasha. (For other 'languages' in the Library of Thoth, see The Twelve Genui)

    Okay none of the pics would copy for me but you should check out the website if you want to see the scripts.


    Languages of Light
  • it just occurred to me that after reading my last bit, I may have actually just made sense, and is in no need of translation?. . . ah cool, hehehe
  • I have deciphered some emanated message to me, something about a pen-tablet, hehehe

    but also, I see the different layers of consciousness, and those 4 pillars again, awesome, and the outer is the elements aspects?

    actually I think what I like about this is the Caduceus symbol as being within these circles, so its like that upwards motion of transcendence but always within the circle, the space of the outer layers of source we can always travel to as needed as we make our path "upwards" through that symbol of motion, and that it will always be this way? no matter where were at?

    and also the 4 pillars as actually just a "holding device" for the true structure that is this circular or spherical knowing, for our minds, of all things, outward, all aspects of infinity, that the circle or sphere always represents to me, to my mind, the ultimate consciousness as being the ultimate divided pie to all experiences, transcending all and any structure and compartmentalization of thoughts outward, for our minds, to ultimately let us recognize properly the true infinity of all these experiences, past/beyond our old structural ways of thought

    um, hehehe. . . now translate THAT.
    hehehe, now I know what I'M missing, hehehe

    (also the A symbol reminds me of the one on Tiamacious "Salutations Dear Ones" blog)
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