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Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Creating Perception February 18, 2015

'Sananda - The Gift of Reflection, The Inner Presence Messages received and shared here come from spirit and even though spirit utilizes human/personality channels - it is this group’s view that messages from spirit are never meant to elevate or be claimed by the singular. The universe works in accordance to each and every ones need - so if you are reading this you are meant to have it. Please share accordingly. Channeled through Michael Xavier for the Universal Service of Light Sananda - I Am Sananda, the Master Jesus Personalized adjuster of Nebadon. I introduce myself only by name so specifically you can discern and understand the change in energy as I make a connection with you all in this Eternal Moment. I speak to you all of you tonight, and as I communicate with your adjusters I am imparting you with a signature of understanding that Love flows and holds Creation together. With this understanding in mind remember that every action in your life dictates a reaction. So all of the things that you see in your life – are they reflections of the infinite glory of God? For the light workers that are undergoing an immense change, not only spiritually but physically, these things are being brought to the forefront as you begin to integrate with the information, you will begin to see those things not in line with what the Father is. It takes only one brave soul to step out of a circle to lead the way to a better way, and as the ones are stepping forward on the sphere of Urantia now, many of the ones that are stepping out into the light are allowing the ones behind them a greater ability to step behind them and follow in the pathway being paved by the ones, such as Jesus the one I indwelt two thousand years ago - Stepped out and into the universe of the ascension to pave the way to a greater understanding to greater understanding of universality and the ascension process. So to your Creator Father bestowed himself in the mortal likeness of flesh to show you that you have been made in His image, but He was not too high above you to be made in yours. Ponder on that fact for a moment children as you look at your lives and what is in them. You are a reflection of God, you are a reflection and you have been made in the image of your Creator. Create beauty truth, beauty and goodness. For all those that ask for a greater level of understanding it will be given to them. To all that ask for spiritual help and guidance it will be given to them. The voice is within you and we work through your own voice which is the Spiritual Presence that dwells within your hearts -to bring you to a greater level of understanding of pure consciousness as you traverse this sphere of time and space. There are so many dimensional levels that can be traversed simply by going into stillness with your Spiritual Self. You need not take a trip or travel anywhere, simply by stilling yourself and going within your heart center and taking a moment to breathe deeply from the world’s creations of insanity around you - to take a breath and to come into your heart and say yes Father Here I AM. I am ready to receive you today. In these moments of stillness God will reveal Himself to you much as He did to Moses in the burning bush in the desert. He will reveal Himself to you as a burning desire of Fire that He does indeed dwell within you. As you traverse the time here on this sphere you will realize as you hold the lens up of this experience to infinity, just how short your time is here on this sphere – Make use of it to the best of your ability – to the capacity of your understanding and according to the divine gifts that you have been bestowed. You can always strive for greater understanding, for greater universality and it will be given to you, but you cannot rush spirit more so than you can rush anything without having it mess up in your life. These things are destined to come to you as you are the only begotten sons and daughters of God. That you are worthy of His love and that you are a reflection of Him – That you were Created to be a Creator in Love and life. You will begin to realize in your hearts and in your own minds that you have unlimited potential when you co-create with the Paradise Father within your heart. All these pathways lead to one destination. Many people have different points of view. Many people may believe that they have the only way, yet someone else will come along and say yes, I made it here to but I went a different way. The thing you must remember - all of you that are one this circuit tonight - is that truth will always stand amidst error. Error will fall away and truth will always rein supreme in the end because it cannot be stood up against. There is only truth in the end. Anything else is an illusion, anything else is just delusion especially thinking that you are caught in something that many of you are still perpetuating even if unknowingly. So as you realize these things within yourself, as you realize that you are perfect just the way you are. You are essentially and eventually going to realize that you are going on a journey of a very great distance to a place you never left. As you come within yourselves, and for those who hear me tonight, this is sinking in and there is a ringing in many of your hearts now. The great grand design of you is endowed with every ability and with every tool necessary. You have not been made deplete of any one particular thing. You have every tool necessary to find the Father on Paradise. He dwells within you. As this sphere begins to regain its sanity from looking outward to the stars and to looking outward to happiness, there will be a great awakening when God the Father dwells within each and every one of you. You simply but need to close your eyes and allow His peace to wash over you. He is not far removed from each and every one of you. As you draw closer to Him He will draw closer to you. So before we close we will be moving in through this circuit with the imprinting of myself - Sananda and also with the Master Christ Michael for all His children to receive a greater level of understanding of universality and consciousness. As you receive us tonight allow these things to sink into yourself - that you are endowed with every tool to create the kingdom of heaven on earth. Simply by hearing and knowing this you are bringing yourself the ability to bring it to others that you touch in your life. The times of so many being distraught and for the ones that have waddled in their miscreations, so many are waking up to the realization that they too have a voice, and that they too can stand up from the insane world. As these ones stand up the energies of miscreation may bark and growl and may come at you and say that you are not worthy of God and all of these illusions that have been made to tell you something that isn’t true. If you listen to the small still voice within yourself you shall surely never fail. You have the greatest gift of the universe of universes within yourself. As we move through you now allow this to sink into your hearts and minds and your souls. Remember that God is no respecter of persons, that He chooses all of you, not just one individual to be worthy of finding Him and becoming one again with the Creator. For a moment, just begin to think to yourself the limitless capacity that you have been endowed with. The strength in your spirit and in your souls - The strength within each and every one of you to be able to, without limit, create the kingdom of heaven on earth. As all that is not of the light comes to your minds remember to focus on the light and the light will become greater, but so to as the dark will only become that much more magnified within your vision if you focus on it. Remove these things from you and they will be found not, they will leave you. These things cannot touch the elect. We leave you tonight in peace and may the Paradise Father’s blessings reign in your lives in the New Year.'

Your thoughts and emotions are becoming more and more balanced and in alignment with each other. In this manner you are creating clear thought forms regarding the reality you wish to live. Please remember that if your thoughts and emotions flow in different directions you will find it difficult to effectively begin and/or complete your desired outcome.

One of the primary outcomes that you are all wishing to create, whether you are aware of it or not, is the slow but steady transmutation of your Earth vessel. Your Earth vessel is the envelope that encases your third dimensional consciousness.

When your consciousness begins to maintain a steady connection to the higher frequencies, your body begins to shift in an attempt to stay in alignment with the resonance of your thoughts and emotions. If your thoughts and emotions arenot in alignment with each other, your body becomes confused and is unable to create a steady frequency rate. Hence, you will likely feel nervous, depressed and/or disoriented.

Your creative process is based on your thoughts and emotions remaining in a steady state of entrainment. If your thoughts are, “I am ready to return to my innate higher resonance” but you have fear-based emotions, which are basically fear of the unknown, your Earth vessel is confused by the two opposite messages.

Unfortunately, your third dimensional Earth vessel is very accustomed to your thoughts and feelings being out of alignment and is far too familiar with fear-based emotions. Hence, your body remains firmly fixed in the resonance of the third dimension.

However, because of your conscious or unconscious desire to return to your higher vibrations, you will likely feel a great sense of limitation or loneliness for something or someone. These types of thoughts and emotions lower your consciousness. It is then that the process of transmutation of your Earth vessel comes to a halt.

When you begin to have memories in which you feel a unique and deeply comforting feeling that you are returning, your transmutation process is re-activated. These memories may not include what you were returning to, but they give you a great deal of hope and reassurance.

Without this hope and reassurance, your consciousness dashes to the depths, and you feel “cast adrift on a hostile planet.” However, Gaia is not hostile. What is hostile are the humans who wish to halt Gaia’s transmutation. They want to halt Gaia’s transmutation because deep inside they know that they could not transmute with her. These people are usually filled with fear, anger and negative thinking.

Do you see now how these “enemies” are actually tormented people who cannot allow themselves the gift of transmutation? If you can realize that fact, your fear and anger will be released. With your own fear and anger released, your emotions come into entrainment with your emotional desire to return to the higher realities that flicker just beyond your physical perceptions.

Fortunately, these higher dimensional perceptions expand your consciousness so that you can continue your personal process of transmutation. While in this process you become increasingly aware of how your thoughts affect your emotions and your emotions affect your thoughts.

Wonderful! Now you are remembering that your thoughts and emotions have been infinitely connected. You are also remembering that your long sojourn through the third dimension is cycling back to return to the awareness of your true Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, you are remembering that you chose to enter third dimensional Earth to assist with planetary Ascension.

Do you also remember that YOU have ascended several times? Do you remember that that is why you were chosen to take an Earth vessel during this NOW of Gaia’s shift? The memory of your past Ascensions will greatly assist you to align your thoughts and emotions to create the thoughtform of personal and planetary Ascension.

Once your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with the joy and privilege of assisting with planetary Ascension, your Lightbody begins to awaken from deep within your Earth vessel. Your Lightbody is nestled in the core of your Kundalini, which is within the core of your spinal cord.

Before you connect with this latent energy field within your core, we ask you to connect your own core with the core of Gaia. Because you are wearing a humanoid form, your core is long and runs up and down your spine. Conversely, Gaia’s core is within the center of her circular, planetary form.

We suggest that you allow your Self to remember the many times your consciousness has visited the core of Gaia. When you entrain your thoughts with your emotions AND entrain your personal core with Gaia’s planetary core, your human vessel comes into alignment with Gaia’s planetary vessel.

When you are in alignment and entrainment with the planet, you feel very safe and comforted. Furthermore, when you align your thoughts with the emotions of safety and comfort, you become a happy, loving “package” of transmutation.

Since Gaia is transmuting, and you are entrained with Her planetary transmutation, your personal transmutation is greatly accelerated. You can best maintain your alignment with Gaia by entraining your consciousness with Unconditional Love and unselfish thoughts of serving Gaia and all Her inhabitants.

This alignment with Unconditional Love and service to all life is important because that state of consciousness best allows Gaia to assist you, just as you assist Her. “How can the planet assist me?” you may ask. The answer is once you love and serve all life, you realize that every component of Gaia’s planet is alive and sentient.

Your transmutation begins with your own body’s elements of earth, air, fire and water. These four 3D elements are in constant resonance with their fifth dimensional Elementals of Gnomes (earth), Sylphs (air), Salamanders (fire) and Undines (water).

With each inhale you breathe in Gaia’s fifth dimensional Elementals and allow them to intermingle with your own inner Elementals. With each exhale, you breathe out these intermingled Elementals. Hence, with every in breath and out breath you merge more and more deeply with the planet on a basic elemental level.

This process begins when you merge your thoughts and emotions to create the thoughtform of Ascension. Then you can more easily merge your physical body with your Ascension body. Your Ascension body is your Lightbody, which is awaiting re-birth in the core of your Kundalini, which is in the core of your spine.

Once consciously aligned with your own core, you can merge your transmuting core with Gaia’s transmuting core. While in your core you can merge your third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water with your fifth dimensional Elementals to escalate the transmutation of your personal form. In this manner you can best assist Gaia by merging your personal Elementals with Gaia’s planetary Elementals.

Can you see how human and planet are becoming ONE? Do you also understand how you must first become ONE with your personal potential before you can become ONE with Gaia’s planetary potential? This process of merging with all life around you can only occur once you have merged with all life inside you.

It is within the core of your Self that you can deeply experience being within the core of the planet. Remember the higher frequencies/dimensions are not above you; they are within you. In the same manner, the lower frequencies/dimensions are not below you, but around you. Do you see now how YOU are a Portal?

When you travel inter-dimensionally, you do not go out or up, you go in and through. Turn around inside yourself and see the Light resonating from your inner core. The mere act of using your fifth dimensional imagination to look inside your Self expands your consciousness enough for you to perceive your own inner Light.

You do not have this inner Light because you are “good.” You have this inner Light because you are “alive.” The polarities of good and bad mean nothing in the fifth dimension, as they do not exist at that frequency.

In the fifth dimension and beyond there are NO polarities. We realize that freedom from all polarities is a novel concept for your third dimensional brain. However, even the term “polarity” does not exist in the fifth dimensional and beyond.

When you travel inter-dimensionally, your first “landing pad” will be a fifth-dimensional expression of your own Multidimensional SELF. (“a” because you have myriad fifth-dimensional expressions of SELF) However, your fifth dimensional SELF is not separate from the fifth dimensional SELF of others.

In fact, there is no fifth dimensional concept of “others.” Everyone is an expression of the same Oneness. Thus, everyone is in constant connection with everyone, just as all your fingers are in constant communication with your hand. Also, your hand is in total unity with your body, which is merging with your Lightbody. Actually, your Lightbody hand appears more as a flash of light, than a palm with fingers.

Your Lightbodies are totally adaptable to every situation. Therefore, if you are on the ship ready to greet a guest, you may choose to wear any form that will make the guest feel comfortable. Wearing a form in the fifth dimension is similar to wearing a uniform. Your uniform merges with you so that you appear to be wearing a body that is wearing a uniform.

You usually choose to wear a form when you present your SELF to third dimensional humans, including your own third dimensional Self. In this manner, you can share your Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light without frightening their, or your, third dimensional expression.

Just as your body is transmuting into a “Lightbody,” Gaia’s planet is transmuting into a “Lightplanet.” This Lightplanet will no longer need to confine Her great essence within a dense, third-dimensional shell. In fact, the animals, plants and aspects of nature that have become extinct to the third dimension have actually been the leaders of re-location from density into Light.

When you begin your conscious visits to fifth dimensional Earth you will be happy to see that many of the flora, fauna and humans you believed have died or become extinct have only “died” to the resonance of the third dimension. They lived the timeline that they chose and have NOW re-located to a version of reality that does not exist in “time.”

“Time” and “space” merged to become the 3D Matrix of Earth. When you leave time and the sequential space that time created, you leave the 3D Matrix and return to the fifth dimensional resonance and beyond. We say “resonance” because the fifth dimension is not static in the same manner as the third dimension.

If you look out into your yard and see a big tree, it will remain exactly where it is no matter what your state of consciousness, intention or belief. If you were to see that tree from a fourth dimension frequency it would still be bound by many of the 3D rules such as the roots go down into the earth and the branches go up into the sky.

Conversely, in the fifth dimension, you may not see a tree, but when you think, “I wish there was a big shade tree next to me” with your next blink you would see the tree. If you wanted the tree to be taller, your thoughts would change the size of the tree. One thing you could NOT do in the fifth dimension would be to “chop down the tree.”

All life is always respected in the fifth dimension. Hence, if you did not want to be by that tree, you could transport to another location, or shift your reality to no longer have a tree. If there was no tree, and you decide you do want one, you would just think about how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful tree beside you.

You would then connect your thoughts of, “I would like a tree beside me,” with the image of the tree. Then you would feel the emotions of the comfort of the tree, enjoy the feeling of the tree’s shade and the beauty of the tree. You may also choose to enjoy merging with the life force of the tree and its many inhabitants.

In other words, you would merge your consciousness with experience of being beside a tree. You would then allow your perceptions to follow the dictates of your imagination so that you perceive what your imagination is creating, while you simultaneously create what you wish to perceive.

Again, your inner, higher dimensional SELF would project out your inner thoughtform and fill it with Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light to give your thoughtform fifth dimensional life. All fifth dimensional life exists within the NOW of the ONE. Hence, all life is accepted and appreciated as a living, sentient Being that shares the same frequency of consciousness as your own.

In this same manner you can unite with your Divine Complement, ascended friends from physical Earth, your Mission and your Guides who are actually higher dimensional expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF. All of these experiences exist infinitely within the ONE to display infinite versions of “All That Is.”

The All That IS contains every possible reality that IS. YOU set the appearance and members of your reality with your own thoughtforms. YOU are the creator of your perceptions AND your perceptions are the creator of your environment.

In other words, “Perception IS Creation.” You perceive what you want to create and create what you want to perceive.

Your desire creates the perceptions that represent that which you wish to perceive. You may ask, “Are perception and creation separate or merged terms?” The answer depends on your state of consciousness, which dictates your frequency of reality, which determines how you perceive your world.

All realities travel in a circular path of creation/perception and perception/creation. In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO separation between “perception” and/or “creation.”

In fact, in the higher dimensional worlds there is NO communication of separate worlds spread out in a sequential order. ALL is within the NOW of the ONE. All that you could desire, perceive, create or communicate is within that NOW with which you are ONE!

Blessings dear Ascending Ones,

We are ONE with you NOW

 by The Golden Light Channel

The Arcturians – Creating Perception. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. February 16, 2015.

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