SUN RA's CELEBRATION Crystalai Crystal Magic The RA Federation has always been the Lead Guardian Team in charge of the Entire Earth Matrix, including the Cosmic, Universal, Galactic and Solar attunements. It is Sun Ra who is completing the Mission of Ascension for Planet Earth and all of the Stars that fell from the Pleiadian Star System. The songs in this album were Channeled directly from the Ra Confederation. They were explaining how the frequencies of the Suns first Rise up through the Suns Portals and then intersect into new Consciousness over and over again creating Eternal New Energy for every Cosmic and Galactic System. The Suns are Grand Entities who contain entire Civilizations of Great Beings who are the grandest Consciousness of all. They over see the net works of Systems such as Earth by INSURING that the Frequencies are as CLEAN and PURE as they were when the System was originally created. The Cosmic Suns Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La are all a part of our Cosmic Consciousness Collection. However, Sun Ra is the Cosmic Guardian of our Cosmos. The Ra Federation sees the RENEWAL of our Consciousness as one Grand Celebration and they Shared how the Sun's gamma particles actually DANCE to a RHYTHM called the Music of the Spheres Dance to Continuously Circulate and create brand new Energy and new Creation to form a Re Birth or our System to Return to the Perfection that it was originally created to be. It is Sun Ra who is charge of each and every Stellar Wave Infusion and Activation that has been raising the Frequencies of our Consciousness on Earth. Sun Ra is now working with the Mass Consciousness within our Moon to regulate our Frequencies as we grow closer and closer to our Original Perfection that is REQUIRED by SUN RA. Unfortuantely, the Earthquakes and Tornadoes are a part of the Rhythmic Dance that is required to allow the Earth's Crust to open and sing with the Solar Winds as the Suns over flow their Cosmic Energy into the Heart of Mother Earth. I simply allowed these songs to flow out of my mouth as I listened to Sun Ra give me these Visions. These songs are written by the Ra Federation and the Cosmic Crystal Council. I never write my own songs. They are all channeled and they just come out of my mouth as I listen. The Songs in this Album are: Dance to the Sun Sun's Drumbeat Butterfly Rainbows Sun's Energy Rhythmic Celebration Breathing Prana Magnetize Dimensions Spheres of the Universe Crystal Heart Transformation Crystals Mission Complete Crystal Magic 2015 is the third year of accreting the critical mass energy from the Suns that will allow human consciousness to attune with the 5th Dimensional Solar Light Energy. The Solar Frequencies allow more and more initiations of the DNA into the 5DNA that is required for Ascension. The Stellar Wave Activations from the Universal Life Force sent from Sun Ra will melt away the Seals that make humans feel like they are Ego Based and allow the RECONNECTION to the SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS or Over Soul Consciousness that is now broadcasting from our MOON. The Moon is constantly measuring how much frequencies our bodies can withstand and then the Sun sends blasts from the Cosmic Heart Beat through our Sun and into our biosphere. We are continuously having our frequencies raised according to the All Knowing structure of these Cosmic and Universal Beings of Light. Each of these blasts of Solar and Stellar Waves create another quantum leap in the ascension of Earth, which is already over 2000 years ahead of time. On April 19, 2015 the Earth received a burst of light from a Star that exploded 12.1 billion years ago. This showing how time is disappearing as a result of the Electrons being removed as we connect with the Pre Light and Sound of the Cosmos which removes Polarity which removes time and space. That event led to the grand event that I was put in charge of on April 24th, which was to complete the map of the new parallel cloud cities that Northern California will be rising into. That event was declared successful by my Starry Brother Zaurak from Sirius B Majaraji who contain the Frequency Signatures that allow us to rise into the Could Cities and into the Ascension Earth. Our divine potential is being returned as we allow our Frequencies to tune in to the new Over Soul Consciousness in the Moon as we contiue to collect the Frequencies of the 12 Sun's that are all reuniting into our Sun through Sun Ra's direction.

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