It's amazing how much we truly don't know about people, especially those of stature. Then when the cat jumps out of the bag, everyone is appalled. So much secrecy, there are many issues that are preventing people’s Heart chakras from opening to crack the door to the higher self. Many are confronting these things which makes the flow of the heart chakra much easier. Not remaining ignorant to what is and isn't, expanding the mind to see the higher truths of the world and the universe as well. Hardly anyone is even aware of the wondrous things that lay in the dimensions of space. I mean movies point and hint towards it but people sluff it off as foolery just made up...

What does it mean to be spiritual?

That is until the foolery comes to light and made to understand. The human brain is only slightly ready to adjust to what science can't prove.. Unless miraculously tools are provided to do such testings or even astral travel. Which there are many theories but nothing in-depth or else it would be a mighty breakthrough and everyone would be wanting to have a go without fear of what may happen.

Everyone has a reason for being incarnated into this life. Whether we're aware of from the very beginning or not. That's left to us to uncover as we awaken ourselves looking inward to our origins within us. 

When I wanted to connect with my star family I did many guided meditations to help. Plus there are tonnes of meditations and binaural music that works on the third eye to help open it. The third eye is mysterious and people often fear what they might "see" once the third eye has opened. It's nothing to fear, keep yourself cleanse/release all negative anything keep your space cleansed! 


Spiritual but not religious - Portugal Resident

What is : 

  1. Spirit is very much real

  2. Dimensions are plentiful

  3. There is a higher Power that defines the Universe

  4. We'll meet people whom we've shared past lives with

  5. Energy is in everything and anything

  6. No one can control your journey

  7. What another thinks is insignificant when pertaining to yourself

  8. You are a wonderful being

  9. Love is healing

  10. We are made of stardust and are creators to our own realities

  11. We all make mistakes

  12. Everyone in various stages of learning yet all with the same purpose

Spiritual Quotient: The key to a life of purpose | Soulveda


  1. Spirit is not something to be feared

  2. Illusions do not control our perception

  3. We are not worthless

  4. Everything can't be controlled

  5. Being right isn't always the best lesson

  6. There are no coincidences

  7. Hate fixes nothing

  8. Any negative emotion does not make anything better

  9. Negative actions only create more problems then they'll fix

  10. Being skeptical isn't always the answer

  11. Not every person is going to support you

  12. Everyone is not meant in your circle

  13. No one else is going to set the pace, that's your job

Learning how to work with Spirit and understanding the fundamentals allows for acceptance and a belief system to form as we begin experiencing and experimenting.  It's time we remember how glorious Spirit really is and how it should never have been forgotten by Humanity. If you are ready, let us know. We are ready to help you! 

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