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Let there be a rallying cry, and let the sound of it resonate throughout all layers of existence. Let the spirits of Light and Positivity join together all at once now, as evil and negativity begin to charge throughout our world in a bitter rampage. If you do not believe that now is the time to stand in the name of what is good and what is right, allow those who know that the time has come to take up shields of divine will and arms of righteousness, for they shall show you the way. The shadows grow long, the tendrils of fear wrap tenaciously among all protrusions of human existence, and the systems for tyrannical control loom over all of our heads globally. This is the moment. Pray, if that is how you prepare, speak out, if that is how you resist, be prepared for the struggle to come. The dark ones gather around us while we sleep, so let us now awaken and rouse our brethren.

Two more years is our warning. We have but a mere two years to prepare ourselves for the conflicts to come. My personal suggestions are to ready your family and your home for survival and the ability to support your brethren. Literally, I mean, install water systems that do not run from your localized reservoir, install alternative energy and heat in your home, and keep a store of food and consumables with long or no expiration dates. Be ready to become a pillar in your community quite literally, supporting your friends and neighbors. Always keep you and yours most sacred, but do not be afraid to share the resources you are providing. Be prepared to teach your community how to provide as you do. Even if the time never comes for a grand conflict between the Light and the Dark, your preparations could save you and your community in the event of natural disasater or calamity.

Gather gold and silver to yourselves, so that you may still have a tradeable wealth if local currencies fail. For over 6000 years, humankind has traded in these precious metals, and I'm quite certain it's not going to suddenly change. Buy a large safe or a secure lockbox to keep all of these valuables in. In this way, you have wealth to trade goods beyond your community, and the only reliable "nest egg" left in the markets. Even if the great conflicts never occur, gold and silver are a palpable, tangible wealth that can still be bequeathed to your family, and it's value is typically at least fair, but will always return to being of good or better value in time. Be prepared to create your own economy.

Prepare yourself for all eventualities. The motto "be prepared" is always great advice, and now is no exception. Be prepared physically, mentally, spiritually, fiscally, and locally. Generate awareness, and remember that no matter what may come in the future, there will be joy, there will be laughter, there will be positivity. Even if only a few times a day, these aspects will be there. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by bullying and terror tactics. A life lived in fear is no life at all. The time will come for us all to shine.

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