Space Clearing the Dachau Concentration Camp

Here is a summary of my experience clearing the Dachau Concentration Camp.For a background on the Dachau Concentration Camp please read anyone reading this blog is in the area of Poland or Czech Republic and interested in space clearing Auschwitz it would be an honor to have additional support. of all I am going to start this blog with a quote from a prisoner about his fellow prisoners:"They had faith that could not be shaken. They were patient without artifice and it was not uncommon that they shared the little food they had with a more hungry prisoner. Their faith, which could not be shaken, enabled them to endure with utter scorn all the terrible harassment that the SS subjected them to."- "Island of Military Law" Prisoner account by Alfred Hübsch (1937-1945) in the Dachau Concentration Camp.Remember this quote well. The Light, Love and Presence of God within you is your support through the difficult times.Now to move into what horrible things happened at the camp:"The SS forced labor was a sign that recalled ancient egyptian slavery"A quote from an SS Doctor (hallmarks of the service to self attitude): "The work is going very smoothly because the heads are already typed...I eat in the camp today, at midday there was lentil soup with bacon in the mess, and then omelet for after the meal we went for a walk in my bed, I am sleeping extremely well. Hopefully things are as good for you as they are for me; I feel splendid." - Letter by Friedrich Mennecki (SS Doctor) from the Dachau Concentration Camp while the prisoners suffered, the SS lived in luxury.With invented diagnoses SS doctors, who had sworn the Hippocratic oath sent hundreds of persons to death daily. Mennecke viewed his activity as satisfying work- Doctors became murderers.Another quote: "Although I could only begin half and hour later early this morning today a record was broken...I completed 230 registration sheets." -SS Doctor Mennecke referring to the murdered.The Prague chaplain Jaroslav Zamecnik was arrested by the Gestapo in September 1942. On October 1942 he arrived at the Dachau concentration camp. On November 10, 1942 together with 19 other clergy, he was selected for phlegmon experiments and transferred to the sick-bay. He was infected through an injection of pyogenic organism in his thigh. He did not survive the treatment due to ineffective biochemical tablets. He was the first to die in this series of experiments from sepsis on November 23, 1942."You will be my witness" - Prisoner account of Kazimierz Majdański (1941-1945) to another prisoner in the Dachau concentration camp upon his selection for the phlegmon experiments.Overall 185 clergy (176 Poles) were infected with malaria by SS Doctors. Phlegmon experiments were carried out on 40 of them (38 Poles). 12 lost their lives.Referring to the SS torture of the prisoners- hanging them from poles by the limbs:"These are the torments of hell! The whole body weight hangs from the arms that are twisted backward. And the monsters stand in front of you and laugh at your pain, ask you whether you want now to confess, slap you in the face, and pull and tug at your body. When you stay silent they swing you, often they whip you at the same time." - The Powerful and the Helpless, prisoner account of Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz (1940-1945 in Dachau)"During the real beatings "Herr" SS Hauptsturmführer Zill placed great value on the SS men using all their strength. But it was not allowed to proceed too quickly. Calmly smoking his cigarette, he repeated again and again: 'slowly, slowly, he's to thoroughly enjoy this'"- We Accuse, Prisoner account of Julius Schätzle (1939-1944 in Dachau).This service to self polarity, also called negative polarity did terrible things to people at Dachau and at Auschwitz and many other places.So I undertook this work as an instrument of God to cleanse these spaces to release the darkness on Earth and return Love to the planet.With God flowing through me, I blessed all. I intended that those that suffered in misery be at peace and in a place full of abundance. I prayed that the SS were forgiven for their actions and that all beings were blessed by God. I surrounded all with Archangel Michael's blue light of protection and visualized an enormous portal of light opening with thousands of etheric bodies leaving the darkness and entering the light escorted by the Archangels and Angels.It was hardest to look at the pictures of the SS Commanders smiling looking at the prisoners as bodies/caged animals and not human beings. The prisoners had the look of misery as both were on different sides of the barbed wire fence.In contrast, I never saw so much joy in the faces of the prisoners until they were liberated. Thousands of misery faces became thousands of smiles. I did not notice any former prisoner without a smile on their face in the picture I looked at of hundreds of happy faces. The picture was taken in front of prisoner buildings 22 and 33. 22 is code for in the middle of/on the road to ascension and 33 is code for decision. The decision made that day by the liberators brought all on the road to ascension, returning to the Light.My work involved connecting to the pictures, video footage of life in the camp, and individual places and then cleansed them with white and golden light.Here is a positive quote I discovered on my visit to the bunker (a site of tremendous pain):Paul Wauer (1900-1979) was a prisoner assistant (prisoner that had to clean and maintain the bunker for the SS) in the bunker of Dachau until December 1943. He was a Jehovah's Witness and arrived in Dachau in July 1942 after being in a satellite camp. There were positive reports about Paul Wauer from his fellow prisoners. He sometimes secretly snuck water and bread into the cells of other prisoners.I felt significant psychic activity in the bunker, the solitary confinement maximum security prison inside the concentration camp. There were 4 pictures fo the SS Prison Wardens on the wall. They each were responsible for many brutal beatings and prison deaths. I prayed to God for their forgiveness and that they be blessed. Then my crown chakra activated. I walked through each cell and bathed it in golden/white light purifying all dense energies of fear and misery. Also I bathed the entire concentration camp in golden-white light and prayed hard to God- Father please release all souls imprisoned in this place and let them be in eternal peace and love for their highest and greatest goods. Please purify this place. Please make Dachau a place of Love. And it is so. God's Will be done. It is done. Amen.Finally this place was a place of negative polarity. The SS were expressions of the service to self polarity.The helping of fellow prisoners and liberation of the prisoners was an expression of service to others.I was quick to pray and bless those that were the prisoners. But I was slow to forgive the SS, but I did it anyway. It was a test of existing from a place on non-duality and oneness. Another hard task but a learning step in in the direction.Bless All. All need Love. Both polarities. All need Love. All are expressions of God. Love. Don't condone actions or take sides between people. Just Love.So as I was touring the museum, there was a tourist that read a sign outloud to their fellow tourist friend that was a quote from the SS speaking to the newly arrived prisoners- "From now on you have no property, no rights, no dignity and are a pile of sh*t"I was looking over their shoulder when they read it. This tourist thought it was funny and laughed to the other tourist. This response was no different than the SS laughing at the pain of others. I was immersed in compassion for the prisoners and felt deep sadness putting myself in the place of the prisoners and held back tears. I forgave the tourist and asked God for their forgiveness for their unawakened actions that were of the mind and not of Love.We are all things. We are the prisoners and we are the SS because of free will. And we have a we choose free will over love or do we let love guide our free will? Shall we open the heart or follow the mind and its workings?May we learn from this point in history that Love is what is needed. Unselfish unconditional Love for all. Separation and fear do not exist in those conditions. May all be blessed, purified and one with God.Father, even in the darkest hour in the place full of the deepest misery and terror you are with us. You are there within us loving us unconditionally. Your radiance flows through us, we are your instruments. We are your humble servants always and forever.As I express my gratitude to God for the ability to be an instrument of God overcoming where my human strength is limited, resting in God and receiving great strength from God to fill all with Love, the Masters in Shamballa are applauding and God is smiling at me saying you are blessed and will ascend soon. May all be blessed, may all unite with God and ascend into God's heart of perfect unlimited Love.Sending my Love and Greetings your way.Namaste,Chris / Qan MelchizedekP.S. Here is a song encouraging radiance of Love & Light:P.S. Someone asked me specifics of how I cleansed certain difficult spots. First before I arrived I called for Archangel Michael and the Army of Angels to sweep down and cleanse the area binding the darkness and transforming the entire area to Love & Light- team effort from both spirit and human is very helpful- humans bring the Light to Earth and Spirit (Angels in this case) connects to the Spirit Worlds and does its part (like binding demons, escorting the dead into the Light etc). So, then I went to several areas. I felt residual demonic presence in the bunker (felt resistance to my energies like a push/pull magnetic feeling...two magnets turned around not attracting but repelling each other). This was where the SS carried out murder and horrible torture. Also I felt some demonic presence in the crematorium areas where they stacked the dead bodies of the prisoners prior to cremating them. I called upon Archangel Michael to please cleanse the Dachau concentration camp from all demonic presence (two areas) and ghost presence (all areas). Archangel Michael responded: "Do not worry. Have faith. It has been taken care of. All ties have been cut. All darkness has been shattered. Love exists now." (Darkness shattering refers to how dark energy builds like black sticky sludge in the energy fields blocking the Light....the darkness was broken apart by the swords of the angels)
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