SOUL is our EGO

SOUL is our EGOIf we have a positive EGO we are IN balance and we can feed our self with spiritual learning's; with self respect + self love + believe + trust and that is the way to feed our own SOUL + EGO which IS our own PERSONALITY.The SOUL; is who we are. Now we are living IN the middle of a Soul Evolution process and we should be much more aware of all our own awareness's we already have inside of us. We have to be in balance to understand our own awareness's. In past lives we have worked on our self. In this live we are going to finish this. All our lives have been to prepare our self for the completion of our own SOUL.Basically we all have to come to Earth to learn the facets of LOVE to feel the LOVE in ourselves, this IS important, because this IS already positive energy. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves we have to understand too. Look not outside you; look inside you, for your own issues. Painful experiences from our own childhood; have formed our own fear and sensitivity and vulnerability, we still might have this inside us; or we have learned to overcome these weakness? Don't hold onto false believes, because it leaves room for the darkness. We have to look for our own problems as a growing process; we have to understand that we can change things ourselves; we are living now in another time and energy. We need the right positive intention to change our own thinking patron. Live is not hard on us, because if we are more conscious about our thoughts; we would change our own live too and then we become master over our own thoughts and then major changes will take place in our live. When you change the way you think, you will discover that sadness and fear and other problems cannot last any longer with you, because you would not let that happen?Everybody has to change some little things, because we are not perfect? Don't lose your self control or get mad, because we can feel positive and we can think logical and we can do this ourselves and then we become master over our self and then we make a path free towards our inner strength. This will give us peace; it gives us better quality of live, because we work with positive energy and we want this and believe it this. LOVE is positive energy too. If we accept our self as a spiritual being we can work with our Higher Self and then we feed our SOUL + EGO very well. Faith will give us what ever we want.If we have no contact with our self, we have a poor spirit and a poor mind and then we cannot activate our own Awareness's, because there is NO self trust; we do need to activate our awareness's with trust. Awareness IS knowledge we can receive via our intuition and our 6th awareness, ask your higher self to help you.Accept what comes up your path that will make it so much easier, so don't resist, because then you fight against the natural way. We have to go through our own evolution growth; don't try to understand this with your head. Let everything go via faith seats in your 5th heart chakra which seats also our higher self + spirit + soul + ego + our personality, this IS the shortest way but also the only natural way to go about it. We all have to be more aware, so that we can deal easier with our own personal lesson, and we will understand what to do. We can let GO of things or some one, or we can change the way we think about certain things. If we are aware of our EGO, we are a positive soul and personality, you are not afraid to go through your own lesson. You take responsibility for your own live and this way we find a quick solution for our own happiness.If we understand ourselves better, we know what we have to change in our own self; and then our soul and ego will get the attention they need. Through knowing our self better, we have more self awareness and we can see our honest self so much better and then we can change something in our self. The way we think is most of the time the way we are, because we self give that thinking form. A weak personality has a negative ego; means that this person has a low image of his/her self. Don't hate your self, you create this yourself, start feeling love for your self and then you are back in alignment, honesty your problems will go away.Some people, are lost IN the outside world, they are wondering around and they don't know who they are them self. How do they come back to themselves? With positive energy, that is the shortest way, with LOVE and LETTING GO of your negative thinking patron. For puzzled thoughts, SAY stop, because I AM MY own BOSS.If Yin & Yang in our EGO is in balance, we use positive thoughts and we have positive feelings and we are in contact with our inner strength. If we change our negative thinking patron; we create peace IN our self. Thoughts can really make us or break us, they are very powerful. We can create our own hell here on Earth with our own negative thinking and we can create a better live for us here on Earth with our positive thinking. Our live can be so much easier as we start changing our negative thoughts today.Note: if you copy this article please mention the sourse of this
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