By Erol YurderiTranslated By Ebru Dengiz

Soul, being timeless and placeless presence, cannot be understood and interpreted with our senses. Because it is not something to hold or see. From that manner, any definition about the Soul will be incomplete and insufficient. Soul can only be known with its impacts and manifestation. To give an example, we cannot see the electricity but we do know its effects as heat and light. Likewise, we cannot see the soul, but we do know its effects which give vitality and consciousness to the body.Soul is created by God as a perfect “essence”. It is immortal. It has the godlike knowledge, but it is not God. It is a reflection of God. From its essence point of view, it has the infinte power; this power cannot be decreased or destroyed. Consciousness, will and imagination are soul’s attributes. Soul is not limited with five senses, but has infinite senses and abilities.We all have “essence soul”, and “holy soul” sides.Essence Soul; is our godlike side. It is perfect. Essence soul has wisdom. And it develops by gathering information.Holy Soul on the other hand; is our side which has to evolve. At the beginning, we may see this side of ours as ego. The side in which selfish wishes and desires exist.The main goal is to discipline the holy soul with the advanced intelligence in the essence soul, and transform it into a feeling heart. When the essence soul matures the holy soul and transforms it into a feeling heart, those two becomes One. We may also refer to it as “making our mind and heart One”. A mind that works with the heart in balance, is extremely important for spiritual developement.The goal of the soul, is to evolve in material and spiritual worlds, i.e. develope itself, and lead to its source. Eventually, to reach the One, the Only, the Creator.Soul can manage the material, like it can manage itself. Material world is the masterpiece of the soul. Soul is a presence that has to have infinite actions. Soul which has will and power, continuously gives form to the material, and prevents it from falling apart. Body is also soul’s work of art. Soul does all those actions in accordance with certain universal principles. God creates; soul, on the other hand, gives form to the created.Before borning into the earth, soul is in the place so called other world or soul world. This world itself has a particular material structure. It is constructed from energies that vary from dense to subtle. Souls have presence in that other world accordingly with their maturehood. That is to say, every soul has its place in that world depending on the level of maturity. That world’s has its own specific time and material. Soul presences continue their evolvement in that world too. Life there, is diffent from life in our world. In that environment, imaginative action is valid.A soul which decides to born into earth in order to evolve (incarnate), makes up all its programme in that world. Soul incarnates in line with its programme, into the most appropriate environment for its evolvement.Human come into existance from soul and body and presents an integrity. Therefore, human has material and spiritual characteristics. Human’s superior and supreme side is the soul, while body is only a temporary tool. Soul is what keeps the body alive and it dominatines the body. To give an example, we may resemble the soul as a car’s driver, and body as the car. Without soul’s effect, the body will never work. So, human is not a body which has soul, but a soul which has body.Soul also is neither in nor outside the body. Soul is the mechanism which fills the body and dominates the body with its energy. They are continuously in contact. The goal of the soul is to enlarge its knowledge by having many experiences in material and spiritual worlds, and consequently become mature. Earth is a place for maturity as well. It uses a body for that reason.Our body and consequently our five senses, are the soul’s windows which open to the earth. Spiritual developement is achived by the harmony among body and soul. That is why we have to use our five senses well. Because, all the impressions gathered with five senses in the body, are sent to soul via mind. Also all command of the souls are conducted to the body via mind. Many people think of the mind as the soul itself. Mind is in no case the soul, for the mind has something which manipulates and transforms the thoughts. It is the soul that makes it happen. Eventually, the mind and the body are vehicles of soul’s expressions.Soul, by using the body, gains knowledge and performs its duties on earth. Then by seperating from the body, returns back to the other world (soul world). The absolute detachment of the soul and body connection is called death. Death, is a natural principles as much as birth and only valid for the body. Not for the soul. The soul is immortal.Commander(Kaynak: Ruh ve Madde Yayinlari - Soul and Material Publication) (1.issue)
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