The Adversaries..


 Instead of commend :

.....For those they do not know It yet : Father - Creator - Source, gave permit -for the first time-
to violate the Universal Law of non-interference. Allowing to the Celestial and Universal Forces
of Light in all levels,and to His Creator Son Christ Michael of Nebadon, to interfere on Earth.
Dark forces must be totally extinguish and darkness must be completely banish from this level
of existence!
 Lucifer was arrested with the others archrebels - Satan - Caligastia and Dalagastia - in 1956  By Arch Michael - Gabriel and The Celestial Light Forcess.They have been kept in Orvonton for 30 years.The Subreme Court by the 3 Ancients of Days gave to the rebels enough time to consider the Devine mercy, offered by Christ Michael of Nebadon. The adjudication was finalized in the fall of 1985.
They chose annihilation and uncreation instead,and are no more in existanse.Their essense of being-THAT-returned  to the Source .

All dark masters obeyed to the Creator,s decision ,and all dark forces in the Universe of Nebadon, surrendered to the Celestial forces of Light.The adversaries on Earth,and their minions,the last stooshes  of darkness,refused to accept and comply with the Creator,s decision..But as Christ Michael stated.It is finished.All nuclear warfare of the dark ones is  neutralised  and there should be no III World War...


Sophia's Blog~Sophia

 Off World Update

Two updates:  December 8, 2013 and December 9, 2013
Sophia, as I shared with You magnetic rotation technology and encourage You to make them and use in Your cars and homes I was told to share with You also a much cheaper and easier way how to avoid using combustion fuels. You can easily use water as a fuel, all You need to do is retrofit Your old gasoline/diesel engine system to run on it, and tweaks necessary to make Your car running on water are very few, engine remains the same, in this case You are using hydrogen fuel (using process hydrolysis, where You separate hydrogen from oxygen), I know You already heard of these new types of fuel, here instead of buying a new car, which is costly, You can make Your old car working on water. It is environment friendly, non polluting, no CO2 emissions, although heat still present, but not as much as in combustions. So this process is much cheaper and easier, natural fuel of stars - hydrogen and natural "fuel" of animals - oxygen is being used.
Click here:

And here:

And here:

Here is an example of what can be done, if necessary resources (or funding) are put into it.

Click here:

There are more such videos just search for them, these are just the easiest to understand.

Along with this technology there is a tech that transform heat of our body and surroundings into energy (it can be used on mobile devices)

Click here:

And here:

A tech that transforms movement into energy (kinetic tech)

Click here:

And some more which transforms energy kept in matter to energy, these techs are expensive to make.

What makes them common is that all of these technologies are suppressed by illuminati order and oil and batteries companies, because of their greed and I must remind You, be very careful and not try to earn money on these technologies, do not draw attention of main stream media to You, because I know almost all the inventors that tried, were suppressed, beaten or even killed when they refused to stop. Just spread this technology quietly along Friends and other interested People, once it will become abundant, there will be no way for them to stop You. Remember, the greatest weapons of satanic cults are money and lies, so when You use them, they will use You.

Anyway, when these techs will become abundant Your reward will be overwhelming,
wish You Great Luck and Gre

 December 9, 2013
(Note to readers -- the following videos are intended as information, not fear.  With that we are empowered. This is the dawn of a new age and we can only see how bright we are against the darkest black.)

Someone just sent me this.
Click here:

It is alarming and I wonder about fear mongering.

Thank you,

If this subject was mentioned, I will share with You our insight on U.S. plan b.

I know that You are aware of FEMA camps and preparation of U.S. satanic government to put it's own people in there. During only this cycle 2013, there were the biggest movements of U.S. military around the U.S. since the cold war.

Here are videos where You can see how bad the situation really is:
Click here:

And here:

They are prepared for a rebellion of Humanity, precisely within U.S.

They plan for world war 3 failed, but they have a plan B, plan B is a hopeless attempt to enslave American People by force in case they rebel. Everyone that they don't like will be labeled as "terrorist" and will be taken from society.

They also have plan C and plan D, but these plans are in a making and are not ready yet, and that is a Blessing for Humanity.

Plan C is an invasion "from outer space" (not real), where they will use artificially made mutants and cyborgs in order "to unite" the world under label "of protection", actually it will be total enslavement.

Plan D is to "cause an error" within machines (robots) and make the same "unity" (it is when they will make a lot of robotic tech around the world).

But they always consider their priority plan A, to fool, using money and lies all that "disagrees" with them. They are causing rebellions in countries if money and lies fail. And if rebellions fail they use "brute force" which tarnish their image. This plan A was created by original bavarian illuminati order, that why it is their most preferred method to take everything from Everyone.

Also, if You haven't checked it yet, there is a very good Revelation of what UK and U.S. are composed of in reality. I know many of Your Friends will want to know it too.

Click here:

One point there that is incorrect in our knowledge is that Vatican don't control nor UK nor U.S., they don't have nor power, nor ability, in actuality they are controlled by same occult families, that control U.S. and UK. You know them, they are current masters of the "West".

Always dissent how You feel is right. Take care and always don't have fear, fear is a bad thing.

They are planning to do that, but they are doomed to fail, as One and It's Forces are here, ready to make what must be done. Most of all what One can't stand is deception, arrogance, ignorance, greed and injustice. They have all of this and a lot.

Remember the power of music and song it can overcome everything, even if everything seems hopeless, turn the music on even without instruments, in Your mind.

And One is always there to aid You, just ask for aid and guidance,
Creator always ready and is glad to help You.
Click here:

And here:

With Peace, Love and Prosperity!
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  • What a terrible pic, it makes one think that this blog is of the DC especially after running it under your other blog that said comet Ison is finished and there is no ships. For if you put the two together you will see that if and when the ships and new planets get here this Holiday Season, then none of the above should happen for soon after this Disclosure takes place then Contact will be in order and the old DC reign will be no more and Ascension will start. Adonai
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