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Inlakesh,There are many things causing confusion here between what is going to happen in the future (like 2012), first contact, and also what spirituality is. Lets make things clear:-There are many people saying things like "first contact" is going to to happen very very very soon and for years nothing happens. This is because the Lower Consciousness Beings (the negative beings) want to keep you in a dream state, and keep going on for hours telling you beautiful stories of how they are going to do things when they come here, and train us with the new technology, etc. These things are making people more desperate and want to get out of here (Earth). These beings have hardly any feelings, and they are not spiritual. Theses beings are in contact with the Secret Government, and this government is trying to manipulate all of us, and think that technology is the solution to everything, and it is not. Anyone who is spiritual enough can see this. The Real Spiritual and Higher Dimensional Beings don't need space crafts, they use what is called a Merkaba, which is the light body. This is what they use for traveling to diferent dimensions, and it is not artificial or metalic, it is a living organic energy field that is a part of them. Every human has this Merkaba, but most of them are not activated. These Merkabas, when they are activated and being used, have the shape of a UFO, but it is pure spiritual light. The lower consciousness beings use artificial ships, and are metalic and artificial. The Higher Dimensional Beings have have no schedual on when they could arrive, they would do it when the time is right. Many people want to escape what is going to happen in the near future here on Earth, but the fact is that we can't escape, it is part of the evolution process. Earth is going to go through the purification process no matter what. Now, many people think that technology is the solution to everything, but it is not, it's actually the thing that is making our Mother Earth worse. Do not listen to politics and the government, they are doing everything possible to not let anyone become spiritual. They are trying to distract you from the most powerful energy ever, LOVE. That is right, love is what makes you spiritual, not intellectuality, but love. That is the only way to true spirituality. Also, the solution to everything is love.-Now, Love is linked to the heart. The heart is the organ that has the strongest energy field out of all the other organs, even more powerful than the brain. Anyway, the most important thing you can do in your life right now, is to go within the sacred space within your heart, literally. There is a meditation called "Living In The Heart Meditation". In that meditation you take your spirit or yourself down from the brain, to the throat, to the heart, to the sacred space within your heart, to the sacred space within the sacred space within your heart. The real reason for you coming to Earth is there, inside your heart, and only you know what it is. Also, you can create anything from the heart, and since the heart is a unity instrument, you don't create anything that is polarized. When you create from your brain, if you create good, you are also creating bad, whether you want it or not. Anyway, from your heart is where you and your higher self are one, and also with Creation, Source, or God. If you take a look at China's Superpsychic Children,(there are also Superpsychic children in Mexico and Russia) These kids create from their heart.-After you have gone within your heart, it would be the best to activate your Merkaba. Once you activate your Merkaba, unite the heart with the Merkaba. In order to activate the Merkaba and for the Merkaba to actually be alive, you have to use love energy, and also with love energy is the only way to go within your heart, not seriousness and intellectuality. And before you start the process of going within your heart, you have to connect with Mother Earth and then Father Sky, which is everything that is except Earth. Then you will be in the trinity of love, and then you may proceed to your heart.-Once you connect with Mother Earth, and you are living within your heart, and you are a person of pure love, you will not be harmed during the purification process of Earth (by the way, most people think it is in 2012, but it can actually be at any time between now and 2015), and you will be part of the New Earth in a higher dimension. That is why it is the most important thing to be loving, connected to Mother Earth, and uniting both the heart and the Merkaba (and there is another step after uniting the heart and the Merkaba, which it has not been found, but it will be very soon), and ascension will be complete.---For more information about the Merkaba and how to activate it THE RIGHT WAY, check out the books "The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life Volume 1" & "The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life Volume 2" and the author is Drunvalo Melchizedek. For safety, do this meditation with someone professional at this, and you can find a workshop where these professionals are at It is really harmful if you don't activate it right.---Also if you want to know how to go within your heart, check out the book "Living In The Heart" and the author is Drunvalo Melchizedek. And if you want to take a workshop with Drunvalo and teach you how to go within your heart, go to his workshop, and you can find out when and where at you so much for your timeLove and light for ever and alwaysKarlo
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