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Some Very Useful Information by Semjase the Pleiadian

The Moon

ORIGIN OF OUR MOON (they seem to have mapped all the cosmic history of our sunsystems past)

· The Comet also brought us our moon. The moon comes from a planet 4.5 million years older than Earth. Millions of years ago a sun went Nova (exploded) and pulled into itself and throwing/ pushing the surrounding planets and debris out into space. The sun collapsed into herself tearing a h*** in space. Original size of that sun of 11 million kilometers - was now 4.2 kilometers. 1 cubic centimeter weighs several thousand tons.

· One of the fragments that was to be the "destroyer" was blown/thrown away, as a dark star, that travels for millions of years and comes into the orbit of another system. After many years the dark star slowly moved in closer to the big sun causing great storms and loss of life on a developing planet in that sun-systems 6th planet. Passes by the fifth planet causing some damage(in that same system). Moves close to the 4th planet and caused it to explode. One big part of the planet is flung out into space and is hit by meteors, etc. for a very long time and is rounded and grinded off as it fellow the destroyer 

 Comes after long time into our sunsystem where the second planet - then Earth- has beginning life. Comes into orbit around the second planet, Earth, and is now called the moon.(it is to remark that our earth back then WAS the 2.planet - the big destroyer-comet later exchanged the orbits of the planets.)

The "Destroyer" is still out there somewhere with a long tail of small particles. In ancient times the Destroyer also menaced our ancestors causing years of domination and cruelty. It is the legends of the destroyer that is behind the the talk of Nibiru/12th planet.


more on Destroyer Comet

In ancient Lyrian history they speak of a Destroyer comet that came through their system and wiped out a large percentage of the population. This was a great setback to their civilization. That same comet led the Pleiadians into our system around 210,000 years ago ast they fellowed its orbit over "here". On several occasions, the comet had a dramatic effect on our planet. At 10,215 years ago, Earth was disturbed by that planetoide of immense size which parted the waters of the Atlantic ocean in the area where Atlantis had been. 10,079 years ago the Great Flood was caused by the comet. At that time, the Earth day was 40 hours long and the sun did not set in the East. This comet returns every 575 and one half years and will return again in 2255. The last passage was in year 1680 which caused some damage in the Mediterranean area. There were great storms and volcanic activity from the santorini volcano. Egypt was flooded.


our ancestors from LYRA

In ancient times the Destroyer also menaced our ancestors.

There were years of domination and cruelty by the Lyrian leaders.

The leaders were very developed, and portrayed themselves to be Gods of man. They were called Kings of Wisdom, by the word IHWH, which on Earth means GOD.

500 years of wars broke out between the leaders and the public for freedom.    

· 230,000 years ago Asael leaves with 183 great spacers - 250 explorer ships and 360,000 people. Settled on one planet - then two more. This was the beginning of the Pleiades.

· Started exploring in space again. Found debris from old Lyra and discovered Earth. Settled on Earth and Milona(MALDEK)

Years of wars, Earth became a colony of deported warriors.

· A large culture grows up, and then is destroyed.

· On the home planet Erra in the Pleiades, a war breaks out again. 70,000 people flee under rule of Pelegon, a IHWH (god)

· War calms down on the home planets and remained peaceful ever since.


Ancient Lyra

The leaders were very developed, and portrayed themselves to be Gods of man. They were called Kings of Wisdom, by the word IHWH, which on Earth means GOD. After 500 years of wars between themselves there was a great exodus for freedom. A leader named Asael leaves with 183 great spacers - 250 explorer ships and 360,000 people. They travel throughout space and finally settle on one planet - then two more.

After a time they started exploring in space again. Found debris from old Lyra and discovered Earth. Colonies were created on Earth and Milona. After years of wars, Earth became a colony of deported warriors. A large culture grows up, and then is destroyed.

On the home planet in Lyra a war breaks out again. 70,000 people flee under rule of Pelegon, a IHWH (god) and settle on Earth building a civilization which last for 10,000 years and ends around 40,000 years back.


The Chronology of Earth History from this (and some later-) contact

This chart shows important moments in Earth history based on information from the Pleiadians. Dates are only estimates to show the chronology of events.

  • 22 Million B.C. The first Lyrans come to Earth and colonize.
  • 387,000 B.C. 144,207 Lyrans come to Earth and settle here, forever changing the genetics of Earthman.
  • 228,000 B.C. A Lyran leader named Asael leads 360,000 Lyrans to a new home in the Pleiades.
  • 226,000 B.C. Asael dies and his daughter Pleja becomes ruler. The system is now called the Plejas.
  • 225,000 B.C. Pleja scout ships discover Earth, and colonies are founded here and on Mars and Milona.
  • 196,000 B.C. War breaks out on Earth and its people are evacuated to the Plejas. Forty years later Milona destroys itself and becomes the asteroid belt. Mars is thrown out of orbit and all life is gone.
  • 116,000 B.C. For the past 80,000 years several small colonies have been tried by the Lyrans-mostly exiled criminals.
  • 71,344 B.C. The Great Pyramids are built in Egypt, China, and South America by Lyrans.
  • 58,000 B.C. The Great Plan. The Pleiadians build a great society on Earth that lasts for almost 10,000 years.
  • 48,000 B.C. Ishwish Pelegon comes to Earth and builds a wonderful society that lasts for around 10,000 years.
  • 31,000 B.C. Atlantis is founded by a man named Atlant, who comes with his people from the Barnard Star system.
  • 30,500 B.C. The great city of Mu is founded by Muras, the father of Atlant's wife, Karyatide. His empire is sometimes called Lemuria.
  • 30,000 B.C. The black race comes from Sirius.
  • 16,000 B.C. Arus is exiled from Earth for trying to start wars. He hides out with his followers in the Beta Centauri star system.
  • 14,000 B.C. Arus and his men return to Earth and settle in Hyperborea, which is the current location of Florida.
  • 13,000 B.C. The scientist Semjasa, the second in command to Arus, creates two Adams, who bear a child named Seth. This becomes the legend of Adam and Eve.
  • 11,000 B.C. Arus II attacks the Sumerians, who flee into the mountains.
  • 11,000 B.C. A group of ETs of unknown origin arrive, led by a leader named Viracocoha, who controlled the city of Tiahuanaco. His base was on an island named Mot. He provided the inhabitants of Easter Island the tools to build the strange statues there which represent him.
  • 9500 B.C. The Pleiadians cause the old spirit-form from Lahson to come to Earth - later the incarnation of Meier.
  • 9498 B.C. Atlantis and Mu destroy each other and ruin the planet. The air is not breathable for 50 years. All survivors are driven underground.
  • 9448 B. C. Jehovan, the third son of Arus II, takes over the three remaining tribes left on Earth and becomes the ruler.
  • 8239 B. C. The Destroyer Comet passes closely by Earth and causes the Atlantic ocean to part.
  • 8104 B.C. The Biblical Flood.
  • ca.6000 B.C. Venus is pulled out of its orbit around the planet Uranus by the Destroyer Comet and is in orbit around the sun.
  • 5981 B.C. The Destroyer Comet comes close to Earth, causing great destruction. It also changes the orbit of Venus.
  • 4930 B.C. The Destroyer Comet once again passes close by Earth, causing tidal waves of destruction.
  • 5000 B.C. Jehav, the son of Jehovan, takes over rulership.
  • 1500 B.C. The Destroyer Comet passes by Earth, causing the Santorini Volcano to erupt. It also pulls Venus into its current orbit around the sun.

· There are six color races on Earth, Yellow - White - Brown - Black - Red, also the blue race.

The Ancient forefathers of the Pleiadians ranged from only 50 centimeters tall - up to 12 meters. Some were called giants or Titans.

· The Darwin theory is wrong - we did not come from the monkey, the monkey came from experiments on humans. Some mutations like Africanus, Peking-human, Neanderthal etc. Most life on this planet comes from Lyra. Lyrians mixed themselves with local Earthpeople. Evas means "the bearer".

The Spirits World

There is no spirits world, but a finematter world. When a spirit leaves the body it has two choices, enter a new body or go into the finematter world. There he must live through certain periods before returning. If death is forced sometimes the spirit will enter another body. Two spirits in a body cause confusion.


The face of a body is nearly always the same.  

At very low levels most people look the same.

· It is not a good idea to contact the finematter world. Spirits (some) are no more advanced than here and they will lie just like (some) they did before. People should gain spiritual knowledge by their own learning, not from the spirit world. There are some spirits who would answer sincerely though.

Beware of spirits who are mediums, They may imitate voices to fool people.

· Tape recorded voices are sometimes caused by cosmic travelers. Most of the time it is the voice of the person running the equipment. A persons thoughts can cause voices on tape. There are real spirit voices on tape just as there are some mediums who can actually contact spirits. These may come from different finematter worlds or dimensions.

Spirits do not transmit music from the finematter worlds, there is no such thing as "ghost music".

Matter and Energy

What is matter? Matter is a sizable idea. It is a solid form of energy that can be sizable. All energies can be turned into solid matter. It is only necessary to condense the concerning energy very strongly and concentrate it very highly.

By this the building blocks of solid components are generated. Neutron - Proton - Electron. This forms the atoms of the chemical compounds which then in their three aggregate forms create the solid outer wrap. This is something our scientist currently understand. Original energy is absolute matter, and original matter is absolute energy. The entire Universe consists of matter and energy. Coarse matter = matter, finematter = energy. It is possible to create machines which convert matter to energy and vice versa.

It is done naturally by Creation. From her rises the IDEA. The force of the spirit condenses and concentrates the idea to the finematter energy, which then by more concentration becomes coarse matter.

CREATION consists of an idea to create spiritual energy. It starts here.


Overcoming Time and Space

There are many different ways to overcome space, too many to tell. You must learn to master Hyper-Space in which a time dilation is caused. The theory of relativity is wrong.. It's just a theory. The turning off of a time dilation or time shift is caused by the breaking open of hyperspace.

When a ship make the "jump" it is very fast. There is a instant paralysis of the protection screens, a tremendous increase in velocity which creates a enlarging of the mass. This means that this process, which is caused by a mechanical process, happens so quickly, that matters gets distorted within a millionth of a second and becomes finematter, which is able to pass through hyper-space. Speed is not the only consideration, you can go way beyond the speed of light. The speed causes the first step, the enlarging of the mass, which enables a hyper-leap. The mass of an object increases in relation to the growth of its speed. Even in airplanes. Space travel is very dangerous. Many lost travelers. If a space ship breaks through the speed of light without going into hyperspace, a catastrophe will occur. A Time Dilation is only one danger.

· Semjase again mentions that they do not come to Earth on behalf of any religion or to save us.

The Waterman Era... The New Age

First Semjase wants to make it clear that it is not a time of the final end. Religion has wrongly interpreted it. It is the beginning of the real life as truth itself begins to unfold. It will take several centuries but it will be a time of great spiritual development.


One sad thing that will happen is that in these times of turmoil and change many new religions will form for profit and power. This will cause confusion for many people. There will be many fanatical new religious sects spring up.

There is a time span of 184 years of change, which begins on Feb. 3rd, 1844, which is marked by many new religions springing up and spreading lies and deception. Murder and suicide and exploitation of all kinds of religious slavery from unreal beliefs cause the world to shake. This is the initial phase of the new age...

The New Age demands its tribute. Religious delusion, fast development of all sciences, criminal prevailing, wars etc.. which must come to pass. The first half of the changing into the Waterman era lasted 92 years, from 1844 until 1937. On Feb. 3rd, 1937 at 11:20 am the Waterman Age moved into the second half of the transition. Since then rapidly unfolding events, discoveries, inventions etc.. are the everyday events. Things develop faster than any other age. The entire Earth is caught in the rapid changing times of the Waterman era. It is a cosmic law.


The cause of this major change is in the radiation reach of the huge central sun around which the earthly system circles one time during 25, 860 years and passes 12 different zodiac signs.

The Earth has already touched the "border" of the "golden" radiation of the central sun, which is the strongest radiation of the whole Universe.

Throughout all of this CHAOS the Earth human will slowly discover and learn to live by Creational laws.

The Age of Waterman is an exciting and wonderful time. Many will not let go of their religions easily and will come to bad ends or death hanging on to their delusions. It is a great time for Prophets, teachers and way prepares. It will be very difficult for them. Most of the teachers will be in the twin sign of Waterman.

The greatest among them will be those born on the first day of the change on Feb. 3, 1937 at 11:00 am. Many others will be born in that coming year. They are, if not influenced since childhood by religions and environment etc.. The actual way prepares and the geniuses of the new time.


Beamships built on Earth

First ones built in 1941. First test flight in Feb. 1945, at 12,500 meters high at speeds of 2000 km per hour by Hitler's scientist. It was all destroyed at the end of the war so the enemy couldn't get it, but some of the plans and gears were discovered. The designs were continued and built. Some people see the test flights - 100 meter ships. These flying "disks" have atomic drives that are not very good and often cause illness for those around them. If they are forced to land they "terrorize" the witnesses.

There are also evil ones from space who come and kidnap but most of the kidnappings are done by our people. Sometimes the Earth discs will be seen and mistaken as ETs. The Earth pilots will sometimes tell the people they are ETs and then give the Earth person secret orders. Sometimes they are told they come to save Earth so the Earth people will serve them. Very wicked governments pretend to be ET's.


The Pleiadians are preparing for the American & Russian hookup. The Apollo Souz. They are concerned we might learn too much and plan to monitor it very closely.

They don't want them to learn too much that could be only used for power, or destruction of the Earth

They have interfered many times before. There are splinter Pleiadian groups who deceive Earth through Deity.


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Comment by Krishna Kalki on December 29, 2011 at 4:19am

Point to note:

Sometimes the Earth discs will be seen and mistaken as ETs. The Earth pilots will sometimes tell the people they are ETs and then give the Earth person secret orders. Sometimes they are told they come to save Earth so the Earth people will serve them. Very wicked governments pretend to be ET's.

Some of the UFO we are seeing now could be just Government Earth Discs flying about to fool the common people


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