SOLAR TRIBUNAL started on 17th July

First and for all, I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to family and friends of the victims of flight MH17- I do pray that something intensely good and meaningful may come out of this horror and pain.
As I was writing this article, I found a list of the passengers, g
8109171668?profile=originaliving them a face : The victims of flight MH17

MH17 triggered a Solar Tribunal and a closing of the solar portal. The flight shooting is very suspicious and seems to have a very hidden agenda. Let us focus that this tragedy now soon leads to lasting Peace. 


This morning, I received 'information' of a solar tribunal that started on 17th July, and is still ongoing. See also the -still- very low sun activity, for 4 days on a row now (  )
SOMETHING is going on...

Sun's zero-to-nill sunspots (see :
My initial assumption was that this all-of-a-sudden 'weird' sun behaviour, was some conscious message, maybe planned long time ago. No idea however what this message could be.
Then it struck me that something had been said about 20th July. 
Note: IF cabal (or any other) planned an economic collapse, it won't take place now. The BRICS bank -an alternative for the World Bank and the IMF, and officially announced on 15 July- took  care of that. 

I still didn't make any connection to the MH17 flight crash.
Until it sunk in (or I remembered), after Ashtarcommand friends shared a few videos with me, that the sun is a consciousness transformer AND a time/space portal. The flares seem to be holes. Meaning to me: no flares = no holes, thus the portal is  CLOSED.
Ok, this might be then to prevent anyone (cabal or other 'dark' energy) from leaving, or coming in, because something was lurking around the corner that might want them to escape or invade 'en masse'.

Now, was the Tribunal and/or the low sun-activity a (long-)planned event, and was the flight assault possibly a reaction?
OR: was this rampage the direct trigger for a solar tribunal AND the closing of the Sol gate?
I conclude for a mix of both.
What do you think of the following scenario?
The Tribunal might have been planned for (around) the 20th July. The flight assault was a reaction to that, a challenge let's say, a 'power contest'.
As a direct result, both Tribunal and solar gate-close were pushed forward to 17th July.
It is clear that, with their latest action, some have really trespassed the universal and divine laws now, and the line is drawn. Meaning: the Source and Cosmos are taking this serious, VERY serious.

Have a look at what we have to date on the flight crash. I apologize for some shocking information, not meant to lower your vibration (although this is no doubt one of cabals objectives), but just so that you might get 'the complete picture'.
Note: for non-dutch speaking people, you might want to run some of the links through a translator, which will give you some pretty good idea of their content.

  1. THE NUMBERS 17 and 7
    The flight was MH17 with a Boeing 777, and it happened on (Thursday) 17-7-2014. Notice the 17s and all the 7s? Even 2014 is a 7... I assume that cabal was sending a message here...
    Is it possible that many passengers (or all?) had passed to the other side, even before the plane left? As far as I could trace it, the plane left around 10:30am and was shot around 4 hours later. So had the plane been in another time-space continuum before it was shot? See this article, , based on information from news agency AP. Here is a (translated) excerpt:
    " A major pro-Russian rebel leader (Girkin) in eastern Ukraine ... argues that many of the victims were dead before the plane had taken off anyway... Some people at the crash site mentioned "many of the bodies weren't fresh", and also said that blood was extracted from the bodies and that there was a smell of decomposition... According to Girkin, large amounts of blood serum and drugs were found in the wreck.
    And is there a relation with the MH370 that disappeared 4 months earlier, and may have carried a deadly radiation or disease cargo ?
    More evidence that there might have been something to hide on this plane, is the following article, that was published on 20th July : .
    According to the article, the Oekraïen government accuses the (pro-russian) rebels/separatists of trying to destroy evidence. 38 bodies were loaded in a truck, and allegedly brought to a mortuarium, where 'strong-russian speaking specialists' would carry out the autopies.
    Also, OSCE collaborators are given only limited access to the area: a site with the engine and much debris.
    Question I ask myself: is it possible that (cabal) black ops are operating here?
    And what about this info: of the 298 people aboard, 100 were renowned aids-researchers -including 'some serious leaders in the field', on their way to an aids conference in Australia.
    "What if the cure for AIDS was aboard flight MH17?" Canadian AIDS researcher Trevor Stratton wonders. "There were some very prominent and experienced researchers aboard. People speak of the healing and the end of AIDS."
    Also remember that the previous lost plane (Flight 370, Malaysian Airlines, 8 March 2014) had on board many other top specialists in another area: extremely-advanced weaponry, AND 3 of the 4 patentholders of the new weapon.
    As if cabal is signaling: "Oh, our slaves are trying to get out of their prison (by inventing cures for depopulation diseases); or they just designed for us this great weapon, no need that anyone else but us has the knowledge. Just watch how we handle this."
  5. MALAYSIA AIRLINES (and another 777 plane)
    Malaysia Airlines: twice in a row a Malaysia Airlines plane? Why? Another hidden message? Is Malaysia not willing to give in to the cabal, or are those planes easy to be hijacked or ...?
    Should we start to believe that this plane was hijacked and deliberately brought to this area to be taken down, for whatever or various reasons, such as starting a (world) war, and/or testing deadly weapons, to continuously challenge (heavenly) authority etc. And who did this? I personally go for a black ops/cabal involvement. And I am not filling in who this cabal or black ops is (can be on or off-planet or combined).
    Brandon Turbeville states in this article various interesting aspects:
    - that the aviation authorities fully understood how dangerous this area (Oekraïne) was, so why was the plane flying over this area?  I can understand this only when the plane was hijacked.
    - that the rebels didn't have the required firing equipment to shoot a plane at such altitude

So yes, more questions than answers for now, but very suspicious, to say the least.

What will be the outcome of the Solar Tribunal? Well, many have a voice. You have a voice, I have one.
Mine is clear: PLEASE LET THIS WARRING AND SEEMINGLY ENDLESS POWER GAME STOP NOW, and let this be our 'thank you' to the victims of both flight MH370 and MH17.
The global population -not only on Earth- wants peace, freedom, abundance, love. We have learned enough about war, slavery and duality, and need no more. Allow us to continue in a more peaceful way as of now. Let us develop our Golden Age as responsible co-creators and in increased consciousness and permanent Connection, bringing Heaven to Earth and transforming Earth into Heaven.
We know that we have loads of work to do and we are committed to our Mission, spreading our Light, 'infecting' others with high vibration.
Allow us at least to do it in peace, so that shortly we can restore our planet to its pristine condition.

THANK YOU. ANYA KA WA (Let the Light come)


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  • @Acute Observer,
    BUT I would be the last living soul on this planet to underestimate or neglect the very powerful effects of our moon ... :-)

    To rephrase this in affirmative wording: I honor the Moon Being.


  • @Acute Observer.

    Rather, yes. The super full moon was on Sunday, my 'sun symptoms' were on Monday and Tuesday, more specifically: headaches, which I get when Sol is very active. And of course one could argue: oh but head aches can have many different causes. Sure, but my 'gut feel' is that it was "sun headache".

    I know what I am doing and saying, Acute Observer, and it's ok to put question marks.

    But when I publish and/or do other spiritual work, I only do it in agreement with my Guides, and even if I (as in: my ego or my fears) would loose track, then they and my system would still remain on track, thanks God.

  • @Gwendoline

    Are you sure it wasn't the full moon you felt?

    I've been "up in the sky" for 3 days due to the moon this time. ;)

  • @Terence: I am glad to be of service

    @Rosey and @Nancy:
    In regards to the 'killer shot(s)': I am confident that we will get thru this fine, because of all the Help we are receiving, and the effort we are putting in ourselves (eg the peace meditations, people worldwide working on the specific solar and earth events etc).
    But, my body did feel Sol's activity on 11 and 12 August - although SpaceWeather didn't show significant flares on those dates. When I checked BPEarthWatch, I found this: a ?giant object with protection shield? was moving on ?9 August (close to Venus):
    I can feel, thru my Guides connection, that something major was going on over the last days - weeks, and still is, probably both at Earth, Universal and even Cosmic level. That 'something' demands all of their attention.
    No doubt the dark side will use this opportunity to cause any damage they can. Feels like the end battle to me. We know the end-result, unfortunately not all are ready to recognize that the game is nearly over.

    Anyway, just to be on the safe side, I would suggest every Lightworker : set up your protection shields, and send each other protective help.

    Anya ka wa (Let the Light come)
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • All I know about the sun situation is Valana had written for Val not too long ago and had it featured on her front page that his techs were going to try to quieten down the sun and it was due to give off some very powerful explosions and his tech ships had surrounded it doing something and he said we could see them probably on camera do not look up at the sun ever, it can blind you permanently.... so it seems he is successful but it will not be forever...

    The remote viewers have all seen "the kill shot" which is coming and they are warning the world to be prepared it will be bad, Cmdr Thor has also confirmed the kill shot and that's what his techs are trying to stop now..but he said this morning that it is only temporary and very happy with the success of the mission... that's posted on Gramma's site but I'm not advertising it she told me stop talking about it here!.  That's all I know about the sun situation and that the Commander is celebrating it today.  There have been tech ships in the solar system from other places working on it and still trying to block the kill shot but Cmdr Thor said today he feels it will happen and be prepared world.  Specific danger locations are being told by that remote viewer instructor that was over the Gov remote view team, Col Ed, I don't know his last name but he has website and you can google "kill shot".and where we are here we are in a danger zone and no money to move but this is our home.  We're just believing the ships can handle it and maybe they have shut it down completely but we don't want to freeze here either, we need some activity up there.  Rosey

  • Thank you for your concern on our victims. Greetings from me on behalf of all victims and those affected from Malaysia

  • Yep. And here is the sequel on 22nd July:

    Very interesting...

    On top, a major solar storm just missed Earth on 23th July : 

    Well, Sol is worth following those days... Any day, really, but now with very special interest.
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Working link ;)

  • @Klaas,

    THANK YOU Klaas. This brings tears in my eyes...

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