The things that manifest most quickly in our own life are the things that we invest our focus upon…. so its important to KEEP SHIFTING our perception every moment INTO what brings us JOY and Bliss!

If we all focused upon good things everyday most of the time, rapid change and happiness is much sooner for all of us and the rest of the planet.This may seem easy to say, but with a simple affirmation repeated everyday you can cause a gradual shift of your focus into a most energetic, positive one!

Believe in the good things in life, and good will flow to YOU!

The following mantra is very powerful. You can say to yourself whenever you need to:

“I am a waterfall of joy TODAY,

I am totally free and at bliss!”


  Be the unlimited waterfall of JOY!

You are Powerful.



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  • ♥♥♥ wonderful! thank you everyone for sharing your insights, its very beneficial ♥♥♥

  • wow I just read what I typed and felt energy getting powerful this is the real deal. nameste hope u enjoy

  • I 100% agree with you I affirm every single day its is the inner knowing of my true being and since we are all one its the inner knowing for us all as a collective oneness once we all get on the boat its going to be very easy for everyone too see the big picture. these are very beautiful pictures everyone is displaying I just want everyone to no I am stealing every, an each one . none are getting left behind. thank you :P

    I have a affirmation from a book I wanted to share. the book is called becoming god

    I AM a God flame of radiant love

    From the very heart of God

    In the Great Central Sun,

    Descending from the Master of Life!

    I AM charged now

    With beloved Helios and Vesta's

    Supreme God consciousness

    And solar awareness.


    I AM walking daily the way

    Of the ascended masters' victory

    That leads to my eternal freedom

    By the power of the sacred fire

    This day and always Continually made manifest

    in my thoughts, feelings and immediate awareness

    Transcending and transmuting All elements of earth

    within my four lower bodies and freeing me by the power

    of the sacred fire from those misqualifed foci of energy

    within my being.


    I AM set free right now from all my binds

    By and through the currents of the divine flame

    Of the sacred fire itself

    Whose ascending action makes me

    God in manifestion,

    God in action

    God by direction and God in consciousness!


    I AM an active flame!

    I AM vital flame!

    I AM eternal flame!

    I AM an expanding fire spark

    From the Great Central Sun

    Drawing to me now every ray

    Of the divine energy which I need

    And which can never be requalified by the human

    And flooding me with the light

    And God-illumination of a thousands suns

    to take dominion and rule supreme forever

    Everywhere I AM!






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