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There is only one reality that I choose to focus on. It is the fact that all will change in Fall 2016. I'm not exactly sure why the time frame got moved up from May 2017, the date when Gaia, Tara and Earth intersect for three days. I do know that there have been many events that have made our frequencies rise faster than was expected.

The shift in 2016 will be very INDIVIDUAL. Every person will shift into the exact tonal resonance of their Consciousness. Those who are still tuned in to 3D will keep hearing that reality. Those who are tuned in to the fifth will rise into the Consciousness of Tara and those tuned in to the 8th will shift Consciousness into Gaia.
The explanation of this entire shift and time line and how our DNA must be transposed in the past present and future and how we must transmute all loser thoughts from our thinking brain and open the path to our mind of God have all been talked about over and over again in my newsletters and in my book, 12DNA-Music of the Spheres from the Diary of the Cosmic Twins.

All of our old 3D experiences, realities, beliefs about ourselves and about the world around us must become transmutted completely out of our cellular memory before the 4DNA initiates. And all 4D experiences must be transmutted before the 5DNA can initiate. And the 6DNA must Initiate before the 5DNA can Consummate into the original Archetype of the Man made in the Image and Likeness of God.
I have given you the formula of using the candle, the sun and the music to Activate your Mid Brain. When you TUNE IN to your Mid Brain, you are turning off your THINKING BRAIN. That is where all of the old experiences, realities and beliefs are stored that keep ones reality from shifting.
The more time one spends with the music activating the mid brain, and the practice of seeing the Sun or the Candle turn BLUE, the more sure one can be that they have moved in to the 5th dimension which is activating the 5DNA to see that reality more and more.
The reason that I prepared the Candle explanation is to help your realize that the shift in consciousness concerns moving into the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound. That means moving your consciousness into ALL THAT IS.
The tiny little light particles of music that create all of God's Existence must be tuned in to. That Frequency is what allows one to move in to the Resonance of the Mind of God rather than the Resonance of the Mind of Man.
Our Over Souls are continuously working to transmute those old realities out of our cellular memory so that we can tune in to our Individual Mind of God through our Over Soul or Higher Self Consciousness. The Over Soul is 8th Dimensional Consciousness. This is why I always go through the Elohim of Hearing to connect me into the entire Mind of God Frequency in order to activate the connection of the Over Soul to the Individual in their Eternal Life Albums.
The Transition is all about tuning in to the tonal key that matches an individuals chosen frequency signature. We each have multitudes of frequency signatures to choose from. When I tune an Individual in to their Souls, Over Souls and all Starry Families who are related from the Spiritual Matrix, the individual is tuning in to all of the life times that have been creators of stars, universes, suns, and galaxies.
Your physical reality is just a reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true.     Physical reality is actually a mirror. This is because we are each surround with a magnetic mirror that reflects the ideas that our DNA places upon it. We are each a complete creation unit. We are coming to a time when we want to make sure that all of the movies stored in our cellular memory, our thinking brain and our DNA our REALLY what we want our Reality to Be, because we will soon be the CREATORS of that Reality.

We are creating a reality where only those who resonante with our reflection will be a part of our reality. Everyone becomes a Version of the Resonance of our Consciousness. Every one and Every Thing in the Movie that we create around us is made from our own Consciousness. We are dreaming that reality into our magnetic sphere around us. We are the makers of God's movie.

The following is from the teachings of Bashar

"During the moment of the completion of the Transmutation of all old realities and the Initiation of the new DNA strand, a Great Dimensional Expansion happens simultaneously.  Our three spatial  dimensions (3 sided pyramid-tetrahedron) transform into four (hyper-pyramid or tetragramaton).  To get an idea of this, imagine  a four-sided  pyramid. Imagine it as big as a Tipi-house, with four big doors on each side. Now should one different  person  enter through each side of the tetrahedron. One walks in from the basement and three others enter through each of the three side walls, we will end up with four people in the center of the tetrahedron.  So that’s four different and diverse people all in the same structure , at the same time.


Now to imagine a tetragramaton , each of the previous four people will enter the four sides as before but this time they won’t see each other in the center, even though they all entered each side of the structure at the same time.  Because in a ‘tetragramaton’  each side represents an entirely new and independent dimensional reality in exactly the same place, for each dimension overlaps the other but do not touch. A tetragramaton  consists of twenty dimensions, because each side of the tetrahedron is a complete tetrahedron, imagine 4 complete tetrahedrons overlapping inside each other plus the original tetrahedron = 5 total x 4 sides each = 20 dimensions.

Now in one tetrahedron there could be a swimming pool, in another a football pitch., but one wouldn’t experience the other,  in just the same way that anything outside our visible light spectrum we do not register, its invisible, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there, its just that we can’t perceive it.

The splitting prism, the Great Change, happens automatically. We will end up in a dimension, a Parallel Earth, with  a much narrower field of diversity, with people that resonant to the ‘tonal-key’ of our preference,  speeding up our evolution and enhancing our enjoyment of living."

Your physical reality is just a reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true.     Physical reality is actually a mirror. This is because we are each surround with a magnetic mirror that reflects the ideas that our DNA places upon it. We are each a complete creation unit.

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