We are going to do this, but of course without having to pay anything to anyone.
We are going to use this powerful time and our personal human power to shift the matrix of Washington.
I invite everyone on Ashtar Command to participate at this time with their positive feelings and thoughts, but leave out the pyramidsplease !
Read Christian Hummels information at the bottom first, then scroll up and read the rest.
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Date: 3/16/2010 1:43:01 AM
Subject: Re: SHIFT the Matrix of Washington D.C.
Yes Alisa, lets do this. Some information to confirm what Christian Hummelwrites about all the power points on Earth occupied by a structure of the dark forces.
Some quotes from David Wilcock;s lecture:
"So, the way that we can actually prove that this global grid, these energy lines, has a hyperdimensionaleffect that can completely pull you out of our three-space of length, width, andheight -- the three-dimensional world -- is with the research of IvanSanderson.
He investigated a massive number of different disappearances of ships and airplanes. What he did is, hetook everything from the dawn of aviation, going all the way back to the firstairplanes, and even before that for the marine records. He looked for every caseof disappearance since planes were discovered.
He found that the majority of what he was finding all clustered around twelve points on theEarth's surface. That's completely unprecedented. That is not mainstreaminformation. It was done in the 1960s.
This guy should have been treated with as much respect as somebody like Edison or Einstein, or AlexanderGraham Bell or the Wright brothers, because this is a huge discovery. Twelve keypoints around the world in which planes and ships are spontaneouslydisappearing.
He didn't have anything in mind when he started doing this. All he did is he looked up each one and hegave it a push-pin, push-pin, push-pin. And where were all the push-pins at theend? They were in twelve places.
Even stranger is that the twelve places are not just haphazardly scattered around the Earth – they're allequally distant from each other. They're harmonically balanced with one another.They're all the same distance apart when you look to the ones that are adjacentto each other.
If you connect the dots, you get a sacred geometry, which happens to be the same geometry that's in thepolio virus, the same geometry that's in many other viruses at the quantumlevel, including HIV.
Now, this is where it gets even more interesting. These three Russian scientists, and everybody laughs when Isay their names: Goncharov, Morozov, and Makarov [Nicolai Goncharov,Vyachelslav Morozov, Valery Makarov] See you're not laughing because I toldyou it's not cool to laugh, so like, now you don't want to laugh. [laughter]

What they did is they went through and they looked at every single linethat was discovered by Sir Alfred Watkins; remember the guy that did the LeyLines? We were just talking about that. How all these churches and all theseNeolithic sites and Iron Age sites and Bronze Age sites... They're all instraight lines.

Well these Russian dudes took every single one of thosethings that Alfred Watkins discovered, and they took every single OTHERstructure they could find around the world - the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge,Easter Island, temples and pagodas in Asia, China, Japan.

They looked atevery single weird, monolithic (which means big stone structure) they could findanywhere in the world and they found that every single one of them fit onto asingle grid which was very simple to construct.

All you had to do isstart with the same twelve points that Ivan Sanderson foundwhere these matter time-space warps would happen, take those twelve points,connect the dots just like I did... That is the icosahedron."

Here is a youtube about it by a very animated young one :

-------Original Message-------
Date: 3/15/2010 7:46:58 PM
Subject: SHIFT the Matrix of Washington D.C.

This is absolutely correct...Christian explains it well. I am forming a groupgathering to do the same in Weston...let me know if you areinterested in working within the range of this area for group meets of focusedintention to clear Earth’s disruption patterns from the matrix & to amplifylight into the new 5-D Grid. You can also form groups in your own area. Let meknow when they form so I can list them on my various websites.


Alisa J

Shifting the Matrix of D.C.

Join Christan Hummel in Live Geomantic
Field Day to

SHIFT the Matrix ofWashington D.C.

Saturday, April 10th 10:00 am to 5:00pm

Early Registration discount extended to March21st!

Includes a free 3 hour webinar as a pre-requisite so that our field work will be most productive.

Cost: $95 before March 21st, $125 after

*This is a not for profit course. All fees go towards covering costs, and additionalfees pay for the orgone tools that are donated to theland

The Call To Action:

What would it be like to have a government of the people, by thepeople, for the people?

Is this still a possibility for our nation?

Many think not given the vastness of the corruption which has infiltrated our politico-economicsystem (as the one is now owned by the other.) With the recent Supreme Court'sdecision to allow corporations to basically buy and pay for unlimited air timefor campaigns, then the elections which follow, only promise more of the sameold system, only intensified, and with far fewer personal input by thepopulation which political leaders are there to serve.

For details see Keith Olbermann's commentary: TheNew American Corporatocracy! It is enough foranyone to feel discouraged and loose hope, or worse, resort to violent outburstsof frustration over a system which has been stripping away the rights ofAmericans for decades now, and shows no remorse or likelihood ofchanging.


In the 1999 hit movie The Matrix, the hero isinformed that the world has been taken over by a computer breed race which hasreplaced a hologram of the reality and that most people are blindly following inthis programmed hologram. The hero is then given a choice, take the one "pill"and know the truth and it shall set you free. Take the other pill, and continueon with your delusion.

Which pill would you take?

This movie is speaking alegorically about a situation on the planet today which is ALL TOOTRUE! The programmed "matrix" is all around us with the media, thedisinformation, the psychological manipulation, and that's just the part of itwe SEE! The greater and stronger influence on human consciousness, is thatmatrix which is hidden from view. That which has been programmed for centuriesand designed to serve its programmers, not the will of the people or the good ofthe planet!

Despite what political group is in power, or which politician is at the helm, if they are allaccessing the same polluted waters, they can't come up with a clean glass todrink from. This is the current state of affairs in our Nation's Capitol, aplace which was once designed as a very sacred institution and built on a sacredspot of the Earth to implement a grand planetary experiment of enlightenedgovernment. Today, it has been corrupted beyond recognition, and the fruit whichcomes from the polluted soil in which it is planted, is destined to be pollutedas well.

Luckily WE CAN CHANGE THE SOIL! WE CAN SHIFT THE HIDDEN MATRIX! By so doing, we have the powerto shift EVERYTHING which stems from this.

Ancient people knew well the importance of keeping these sacred energy lines and power spots clearand free of contamination by ego. They knew that the health of their crops, theweather, the harmony of their village, the prosperity of their land, allDEPENDED on the condition and health of these sacred energy spots that they werethe caretakers of and assigned to keep in balance.

Any casual glance of D.C. indicates that this ancient understanding and wisdom is both lost andnot practiced in this area! In fact, just the opposite. Through a long traditionof secret societies, these sacred energy points have been co-opted, and hijackedto serve the interests of a few, to enhance their personal power and prestige,NOT to serve the people, the land or the greater good. Is it just coincidencethat war was declared on Iraq on the Spring Equinox? Theday to celebrate the first life, was marked with death? Is it a coincidence thatBadgad is on the crossing of the two most important ley lines of the planet, theTigress and Euphrates Rivers, the Cradle ofCivilization and birthplace of Western Civilization? Was it acoincidence that the major points of political and financial control around theplanet exist on intersections of major ley lines? Is this a long standing gameof who controls the planetary grids more than who owns the oil?

THIS MUST CHANGE! If we are to experience TRUE Liberty, Democracy, andFreedom once again in our country. It must first start by liberating theenslaved and trapped energies of the sacred points of the land.

This is the CALL TO ACTION that is being given: to help save and restore the sacred grids and pointsof light in D.C., in an area so very important to the whole of the nation, thatit goes without saying.

While this course, has this as its prime directive, we are always blessed when we show up in aspirit of service to the planet and to others, and cannot help but take with ussacred knowledge and understanding which enlightens and empowers us on our ownpath of unfoldment. Our evolution as a planet, is intimately tied to theevolution OF the PLANET, and these sacred grid points of the earth are themechanism by which this evolution takes place. They are the BRIDGE connectingHeaven and Earth at the places of power where they exist. To keep these portalsopen, free of ego, and clear is to help the planet take the next step in HERDestiny.

If they remain clogged, filled with impure thoughts and vibrations, then the result is a toxicbuild up which manifests itself outwardly as crime, pollution, severe weatherpatterns, corruption and the like.

Our website has reports of the results of teams around the world in more than 22 different cities that have shown that WE CAN CHANGETHIS PATTERN! Small grassroots groups have lowered water and atmosphericpollution by as much as 40% in less than two months time working solely withshifting this energetic matrix! Crime as well has dropped by an unbelievable40-50% and without ANY other programs in place to account for it. Many otherreports show that THIS HIDDEN GRID MATRIX is what is responsible for what we seemanifesting in our physical world and D.C. IS NO DIFFERENT! If we are to changethe political "climate" and "pollution" that is so prevalent, and affectingvirtually every aspect of each American's life, we need first to shift theenergetic matrix which is supporting this system. Only then will ANY program,politician, or political action taken on the physical level have any chance ofcreating REAL CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

We must first reclaim the sacredness of this planet and restore its sacred sites to their trueblueprint and destiny! Then, together, we will begin to anchor threads of lightgrounding the ideals of Heaven onto Earth in our Nation's Capitol.

For details please see our website.

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