What’s happening this week? There isn’t a week goes by without an earthquake somewhere, it seems. Link to Telegram.

NEW: A 3.2 magnitude earthquake shook the coast off Ventura County early Tuesday afternoon, according to the USGS.

The quake struck offshore about 9 miles south-southeast of Port Hueneme. It was recorded at 1:24 p.m. with a depth of about 7 miles.

Forget the earthquakes—South Korea is sending EBS alerts to warn residents to prepare to evacuate! Then they were told to take cover. Good grief. Link to Telegram.

And that is after a Chinese jet made a provocative move in front of a US surveillance plane over the South China Sea. WWIII or IV or whatever it will be doesn’t sound far off.

Seoul city issues text alert telling citizens to ‘prepare to evacuate’ after North Korea launch

And now for the update—after everyone is terrified of an attack.

The Japanese Coast Guard has stated that the Long-Range Ballistic Missile which was reportedly carrying a “Space Launch Vehicle” containing a Spy Satellite has already crashed into the Ocean.

Some of this news is getting old—fast. We see the trends. Aren’t Kohl’s in receivership or up for sale to another corporation or…???  They’re toast but boycott them anyway.

Kohl’s is latest retailer to face backlash for marketing LGBTQ clothes to children

SGAnon did another interview with the Truthstream guys you might want to hear to get solid analysis of current events. 1 hr. 29 min.


(05/27/2023) | SG Sits Down w/ Joe and Scott at “TruthStreams” Podcast Series

With all the paranoia about parasites, it seems like a good time to share this fun fact. Even Eli likes walnuts.BP

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