Serapis Bey: Who Runs the Matrix?

Serapis Bey:

I am delighted to speak with all of you today. It is a time of powerfully increasing energies, and rising hopes. You may know me as one who has been very involved in the Ascension of Planet Earth. From the beginning, I have worked with your other Masters and Guides to help organize our efforts to help you leave behind the difficult dark energies which have held Earth captive for so long, and to facilitate the freedom humankind is destined to achieve.

I have personally been overseeing the activations of the crystals which had been deactivated during the Atlantis disaster, for the safety of Earth and the crystals themselves. I have also been involved, with many others, of course, in the timing of the opening of portals which will make it possible for all humankind to pass through to higher dimensions when the time comes. All these things have been coordinated with the activities on the ground, and the level of vibration you have all been able to achieve.

It is a challenging process for all of you, we know. It is one thing to spend a day in meditation and find a bit of peace until someone comes along and upsets you, or you have to go back to work at a place you cannot stand. And still, we urge you on: "Raise your vibration! The success of the Ascension depends on it!" Well, yes, it is true that you need to turn a corner as far as your thoughts and feelings are concerned.

During these past weeks, we have spoken at length during our Ascension Council meetings about how we can give you the best training program possible, now that we have your ear. We find that this group is very responsive, eager to absorb more complex and challenging material, and to share what you learn with others. This is having a wonderful effect, and the Light is spreading quickly through all the countries in the world. Of course, we have other groups around the world studying and working hard as well. We are looking forward to the synergy you will discover when you begin to meet one another and share your feelings and dreams.

You are learning to address the cultural and political and social issues with greater sophistication, and you are seeing how deeply intrenched in the cabal thinking every one of you has been. It could not be otherwise, Dear Ones, because darkness was all around you, in the air you breathed, in the food you ate, even in the milk you drank as an infant. No one has been spared the struggles which were created by the oppression and dictatorship of the cabal. And now, here you are, sorting through all your old attitudes and beliefs which you thought had been scrubbed clean long ago, finding nooks and crannies where the "dust bunnies" of ancient thought have collected and remained.

You are learning at last to identify the old thinking by its "feel" - self-denial feels stingy, self-doubt feels heavy and sticky, jealousy feels icy/hot, and anxiety feels buzzy. It is necessary to be constantly mindful in order to catch yourself falling back into those old familiar patterns, doesn't it? This is what we encourage you to accept, and enjoy the ride! It is a great triumph to be able to be completely in command of your feelings and thoughts after thousands of years of being asleep, and it is a complete change from the distracted, preoccupied state you are used to being in.

If you are ready to Ascend, Dear Ones, you must be ready to take command. You have also been "brain-washed" into feeling dependent and fearful of making a decision on your own which will put you in opposition to those around you. How many of you have said of your spiritual path: "Everyone thinks I'm crazy, or "My family all think I've lost my mind." Indeed, it is possible that many in your family (and every family) may not understand what you understand now, but that does not mean everyone thinks you are crazy, does it? Who were you speaking to the last time you said that? Was it someone who is on the same path of Ascension as you are? You have just disproven the everyone hypothesis now, haven't you?

It is time to leave behind entirely the idea that it matters what others think of you. This is even more important when the subject is what you know in your heart. No one else can tell you what to feel, what you should know in your bones, and how you should conduct yourself, especially when your newfound freedom allows you to be more generous, more forgiving, more loving and kind. It is silly when you think about it, isn't it, that even those who are in a position to benefit most from your new happiness and peace of mind are the ones who object most strenuously? I believe this is what you would call "cutting off your nose to spite your face". But then, it is their right, given 3- dimensional free will, to be as wrong-headed and belligerent as they want to be, as long as they don't do something "illegal."

So, here you are with me, wondering what magical combination of words I might come up with that will turn the key for you, open the door to a brand new understanding, and help you to keep the progress you gain without ever a backward slip. I will do my best, but I must warn you that it will not work unless you are brilliantly, determinedly committed to being the absolute best and highest you can be, right now. Yes, Right Now. Not when you can, sometime, later, when you get the hang of this process...No, my Beloveds, there is no time like the present, as you have said yourselves.

All right then. First, we must take on the lingering effects of the contracts you all made with the Archons when you agreed to enter into this world of duality. You might ask why on Earth you needed to sign a contract in order to experience darkness, suffering, pain and trauma. It is a remarkable twist of logic, but follow me, and I will try to explain.

Planet Earth is a very beautiful place, and Terra herself emits bright and loving energy. It is very difficult to convince anyone living on her surface to accept the idea that it is a good idea to take advantage of her, poison her and feel perfectly satisfied about it. Another difficulty was the natural inclination humankind has toward compassion, love and generosity. It would have been impossible to stir up passions enough to create wars over something like a religious belief without some neurological tinkering.

Now, this may come as a surprise to you, but all of you here have been the guinea pigs for your own plan to create a most difficult challenge, like the magician who has himself tied up in a straight jacket and placed upside down in a tank of water. This was your plan - to be blind-folded, separated from all sources of Truth other than your own heart, and placed on the surface of Terra with nothing but your own resourcefulness, and Faith, to guide you. You did not know what deviousness and darkness your Archon guards would devise to confuse and distract you, but you did know it would take all your courage and your best human qualities to break free of the Matrix, as you have so aptly begun to call it.

And so the game began, Archons against Humankind, in a struggle which would last for thousands of years. There were no rules of the game, because you trusted in yourselves and each other to be able to see through the illusion. You knew you would one day return to Source, knowing that Love is the only true energy in the cosmos. You also knew that you would be overseen by God's endless Love, tenderness and forgiveness. The merciful review process you would be provided at the end of each lifetime would allow you to return to Higher Dimensions in the embrace of your soul family between each life. You and the designers of this plan, which you now know as the Lucifer Project, believed this would be enough to sustain upward movement and success in the long run.

It was not intended to continue for thousands of years - from the time of the fall of Atlantis until now - because you were optimistic about being able to maintain your balance and extract yourselves from the tricks and deceptions of the clever Archons, who were invited for the Project because of their reputation for dedication to proving themselves right in their wish to remove themselves from God's influence by disconnecting the DNA strands that held heart, mind, body and soul in complete synchrony. Humankind agreed to experience a milder form of that disconnection, but maintained the ability to feel deep Love and connection to one another.

There were several reasons for taking part in such a seemingly fool-hardy plan. The Archons (a collection of dark ones which included a faction of Reptilians from Orion, Draconians, Greys and others who subscribed to the no-God preference), were creating trouble around the Cosmos with their destructive and warring ways, and Universal Law requires a non-intervention policy toward any group or planet except under the extreme case of impending nuclear holocaust. The Milky Way galaxy had already experienced the loss of Maldek, Earth's twin planet, and the fall of Atlantis. It was becoming difficult to contain the lower-dimensional "troublemakers" who had their sights set on the complete take-over of the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

And so the challenge was presented: Humankind, who saw themselves as being made in the image of Creator, would test themselves in a full-out confrontation with the Archons, who would agree to one condition: that neither side would resort to the use of the advanced technologies which already existed, but would incarnate side-by-side in human bodies, using only the resources which Terra provided. It was to be a battle between Light versus Dark, God versus the Archons, Love and spiritual connection versus separation and unrestricted free will. The losers - those whose will could not sustain them in order to win at the largely psychological game, would return to the Light.

It was Creator's wish not to have to dissolve his beloved children, even though they had gone astray. He therefore called upon the entire Multiverse to devise a program which would engage all of Creation. Now I will tell you of the part you will not find in history books or religious texts. The Archon problem had pre-dated the fall of Atlantis. In fact, it pre-dated the creation of Planet Earth and the beginnings of Humankind. You see, the other races of beings in the Multiverse offered their DNA - what they saw as their greatest strengths - to create Humankind for the purpose of defeating the Dark Ones. Mother Earth, still a young planet by cosmic standards, volunteered to be the testing ground, the vehicle upon which the great battle between good and evil would be acted out.

And so, many races from around your known Universe and beyond took part in the creation of the new race of beings. Under the supervision and loving eyes of the Creator and all the souls of the Higher Dimensions, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans and other incarnated beings worked together to seed the new race we now call human on the surface of Planet Earth. This initial endeavor took place during the period between 100,000 - 300,000 years ago, with some changes to the template being made as recently as 100,000 years ago. Then, humankind was given free will to develop on their own, as is Creator's way.

It was not until the fall of Atlantis that the Company of Heaven decided Humankind had matured enough, through the incarnation of many already-experienced souls, themselves included, to take on a more active part in the direct confrontation of the Archons. It was then that the Councils of the Galactic Federation met with the Company of Heaven to devise the plan which became the Lucifer Project, after the Master who volunteered to be the lead soul in the battle against the Archons.

The story of the Company of Heaven, many of whom came from Venus, has been told elsewhere in these pages. Sanat Kumara, Sananda and the other Kumaras had come in service to hold the Light on Planet Earth during the entire descent of Planet Earth with her human, animal and fauna beings, to lower dimensions to do battle with the Archons, and to support her recovery and Ascension.

That brings us to Now. You, Beloved Ones, are the inhabitants of the human bodies which were created to defeat the Darkness. You are the gladiators who will triumph in the arena which has been created for the final showdown between Light and dark, good and evil. You, the soul that you are, have committed yourself to this momentous task, along with all the incarnated soul mates and twin flames of your soul families, all under the caring eye of your Higher Selves, the Company of Heaven and the Galactic brothers and sisters who see themselves in you, and who wish to live in a Multiverse of Love at every level, in every dimension.

I hope you are beginning to see what your challenge is now. The Archons have been defeated, brought to the Light because of your participation in the Lucifer Project, which we have also described earlier. (

Now, you are facing what has turned out to be, in some ways, the most difficult part of the Project: the healing and restoration of humankind, to reach the higher planes which are your Destiny. The great battles with the dark ones are over, Beloved Ones. What remains is the great curse which has fallen upon humankind. That is, the unconscious loyalty to the contracts which tied you to the Archon Matrix and your reluctance to dissolve the thought forms which are keeping you enslaved to their ways.

I recommend that you read this message several times, and that you devise a meditation practice in which you call upon your own Higher Self and the Company of Heaven to join with you to decree your freedom from the soul contract which bound you to the battle, and which keeps you in an endless feedback loop in which you cannot see or feel the Truth - that the battle is won, and you are free.

Your anxiety, mistrust, fear and despair are the battle fatigue you now suffer. It prevents you from experiencing the joy and freedom you have already won, and it keeps you forever tied to the defensive practices and tactics which were the pandemic on Planet Earth for thousands of years.

You have overcome the real Masters of the Dark. They have either returned to the Light or been dissolved into the great cosmic energy. You will not encounter them again, except in your dreams, your thoughts and your feelings. Now, Dearest Ones, only you can save yourselves. We have given you a message every day for five weeks to help you release yourselves from the straight jacket which is now of your own making. You are no longer the weary warriors who must trudge on through an endless battle of wills, a journey that never ends. You are free. Now act on it.

Elevate yourselves now to the higher vibration which is available to you for the taking. Breathe it. Revel in it. Claim it. Stop looking back. Move forward with your heads held high and your hands clasped in a loving embrace. It is your time.

We are One.

I am yours, in loving service, Serapis Bey

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 12, 2014, 11 PM, New York

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