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Selphia of Agartha: Time to Say Goodbye/2012/10/




Selphia, did you want to chat?

s> I did Troy, how are you feeling?

>I'm feeling tired, but I guess I can't complain. Can you tell me about the energies happening at the moment? I noticed a lot of my friends have been feeling the same way. I feel like there is nothing with any relevance or importance right now. I just can't be bothered to do anything, because there's a tiredness that's going right into my bones.

s> You do not need to judge yourself regarding these energies, what comes down must come up, and what goes up must come down. The wave cycle is so short now that you must be feeling like you are on something of a roller coaster ride. Now get some sleep and do what needs to be done as they present themselves if you feel able to do them. If not you may find that exactly three days of the tiredness has passed you will start to feel better. This is how short the cycle is now.

>allright, goodnight, I will talk to you soon. Or see you maybe?

s> If you like. :-)

>Thank you Selphia, I appreciate your help.

s> I appreciate your help Troy, it is you and your many points of light around the planet who are doing the heavy lifting now. The work for us has eased off somewhat so we are able to fine-tune our part of the process as opposed to something that was somewhat more heavy-handed before. It would be difficult to explain but we are all working towards the same goals. It will make more sense once we are through the other side.

>Could you explain something about this multi-dimensional nature of humanity? I was assuming going into the process that as I uncovered more information, as more would be revealed, that I would have a better understanding of what this means. And I can already feel your answer, that this is similar to being a scientist. An answer tends to lead to many more questions.

s> It is the fractal nature of the process, I'm afraid. Do you think source is a simple thing or a complex thing?

>Both? It is really too big for me to even begin to comprehend.

s>Even those who have "mostly" merged with source do not understand the complexity that is the "all". So it is however easier to understand it when it is broken down into smaller portions. And the process that you undertook is to follow source / your guides to lead you to answers, typically this happens in a fairly efficient manner. It is true that there is some interference taking place but centering and meditation, including active meditation, helps to overcome some of this interference.
Do not forget what you have learned at this time, even if you are sleepy it is important to remember that you are always protected and guided, and you have learned much in the past two years.

>Thank you for the reminder, Selphia.

s> And you have also made connections with entities that will be fairly important connections down the road. They / we are here to help and you know that we support you in what you do. We play our role as powerful beings as you play your role as powerful beings.

[at this point I see the black eyes of a gray alien looking at me, very close up, as he is watching me or attempting to interrupt the flow of conversation. I envision a white light surrounding me and I try to share / offer this to the being but he doesn't understand it. He looks puzzled and leaves.]

s> You see they are looking and now you can see them. Surrounding yourself with white light and then bringing this light inside is a good way to provide protection. You can involve the heart in this process as well, the light benefits all. You establish in this way a direct secure connection with source that cannot be interrupted.

s> I also want to say something about the song "Time to Say Goodbye a href="">>;;". Let's shift perspective on this as it is time to say goodbye to the controllers. You are sending your love to them but they cannot continue on this journey with you. It is a love relationship but it is time to move on.

>This is interesting you say that, I assumed it was a "hate" relationship.

s> Not at all. We have all played our parts in this process of helping humanity emerge from the darkness. If they understood that their role was anything less than contributing in a loving way to your development, they would be mistaken. Humanity might see this as the most horrible of oppressors but this is an expression of the darkness that humanity was encouraged through love to overcome. And as you have said many times, love conquers all.

>I am confused... the archons are loving entities?

s> They are indeed. And what you surmise that the Elohim and the archons are one in the same is very close to the truth. That humanity has used this knowledge and twisted it to their advantage is also close to the truth, but this makes the role we play more efficient in our process to en-light-en humanity, as it were. Whatever end game they wish to play, the pendulum still swings. In a few weeks time it may stop swinging.

>That sounds very dramatic, but my experience has been that things seem to keep chugging along...

s> It is human will /co-creation at this time that things keep chugging along. When and if the pendulum stops, it will happen unnoticed by humanity, unless they are aware of the energy around them to a very fine degree. A smooth sailing ship is, generally speaking, defined as a pleasant journey. I think this experience might be new for some expecting adversity and not getting it. They will want to create more, just because they expect it. I suggest, once this happens, embrace the pleasant journey and enjoy the ride.

Thank you Selphia. I think I am going to take your recommendation and go get some rest... but it is lovely to chat with you again.

s> I am always here Troy. We have both been pretty busy but I will try to answer if I can. Goodnight my dear.

Good night, Selphia.


Above photo source: Animal Liberation Front

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