I took on tradition after tradition after tradition... Philosophies etc of all types. I am left now simply with I AM and a few other things. Was all the seeking that left me dissatisfied for nil? Did I waste much "time" for 13 years? Or what was the point?
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  • All of these years it would have been helpful if I simply discerned rather than followed the chatter of the mind.
  • , from discernment, everything starts becoming less learned more remembered ? Was this the key to seeking, just how something feels when reading it ?
  • You mention that it wasn't a waste of time more than once Orb seeker and I appreciate that. Sometimes I need to be REMINDED of certain things. A verse comes to mind from the Koran: "God is closer to us than our own jugular vein" I say something to the extent that God is closer to us than our own breath. I like all of the talk of God being within and appreciate your knowledge and experience shared.
  • I was the same way. Even spent 9 yrs as a Jehovah witness thinking God must be there. I have always been able to see spirits and always looking for an explanation as to what I was seeing. I have come to the conclution that I had to find that God is in myself. Read everything I could and came to that conclution. I dont think you wasted your time but I do think this knowlege can keep being added to. Now I know what I am seeing and why, so my ability has increased. So all the searching I did has made me more spiritual and increased my abilitys. I'm sure your time wasn't wasted. In reading about this I found out digital cameras can get what I am seeing. I use my camera now when I see them and sometimes get good pictures Check out my avatar picture.  I'm sure your time wasn't wasted.

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