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from my awakening to my understanding that i am a "star seed" my life has filled with purpose and intent, and i understand what i am to do. what is 2012 and the Galactic federation of light? a lot of people seem to put there faith into the GFL and 2012. i read a blog on here about how the GFL is a lie i have seen this before also. but what is the GFL? is it true?
To be honest i think its irrelevant if u believe in 2012 and the GFL or not, these are just dates and names.
lets say the GFL is a lie, whats the lie? that it dose not exists and we are being tricked off the planet?
my advice is dont even think about it. it makes no difference, you will know in time what to do so let your intuition guide you. The only thing thing you need to know is help is out there and trust they know exactly what they are doing. It is important to understand that due to the laws of creation no off world civilization is going to interfere with the proses. So you can get any ideas of that out of your head now. They might at some point for some reason, but it is pointless thinking about. I assume its easy for some people who are contacted to think they are special and it gives them some ability over everyone else and see it as a tool. Thinking like this can get u manipulated. Know that they follow along side you, trust there wisdom and know they love you and are doing everything in there power to assist you. Also they know you a lot better than you know yourself . They will not give you all the answers you are looking for, but they will do there best to guide you to them. They are always watching and are always aware.
Now i would like to say a few things about these beings and how we interact with them.
People have to understand that we are constantly sending out energy at all times.From when we are children we are taught to fear what we don't know. so most people go into self defense mode as soon as they experience something they don't know. This is very dangerous for them and makes them very ill. We are on the outskirts of the milky way and are much denser than other races (hence why they they consider us genetic royalty) for these 5d humans it is not just a case of just coming out and showing themselves, your emotions have to be under control. When i want to see them its important that i do not have any assumptions. You have to be free and pure inside.. just clear your mind and watch them fly around. Billy Meier, talks about his ability to do this. This is not easy.. i can only do when i really want to and still only for a few seconds. To think Billy Meier did this since he was a child is incredible.
Anyone can go outside and see a UFO when ever they want.. as long as u believe it!! (don't let it get you down if you cant, its only cause you need to be clearer)
every time i have seen a UFO a few moments befor i see one i know i am going to. cause i can feel it inside =D
Look for changes in shade, if u see a quick shade or a patch in the sky out the corner of your eye, that is probably them.
lets talk about earth!
it is important to realize what we are. know that we live on a prison planet. its all a lie.. everything. always has been.We are the slave children of a reptilian race. We are the jewel in there crown, there proudest possessions.
In that they have created there greatest threat. Through the 1000's of years we have been under there control, we have become like them. We hold there DNA and we are all part reptilian to some extent.
now think about this.. look around you. what is earth? we are the insane asylum of the galaxy yet its greatest treasure..

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  • hey Captain plushy. my veiw on 2012 is this.
    *individually create as much love honesty and peace in our own space
    now this is the all important choice, do you want to create love or hate?
    this has nothing to do with meditation or imagining things.. this is how we conduct ourselves.
    if we don't do this we might as well forget about 2012. cause its not about some date when we win the cosmic lottery and all is given.
    right now i don't think to much about 2012 cause i think something will go down before the end of 2010, i think at that time we can understand better what "2012" is
  • Good post, Shawn. I welcome the fresh intuitions of your generation. You arrived here already possessing knowledge and abilities that I'm still working to gain. It took me half a lifetime to learn to listen to my intuition. I could of avoided a lot of difficulties if I'de just been paying attention to it. Better late than never. Anyway, the synchronicities in my life during this last decade have been incredible------too incredible to be mere coincidence. This may indeed be a slave planet, but it is also a planet of great opportunity for learning and growth. I, too, have read somewhere how we are regarded as royalty by many. We are very creative. More so than we even know. We actually make things in physical reality! Not just manifesting with mental energy, but creating stuff that has its own truth and existence. This is supposedly quite remarkable to beings of higher dimensions that create with a thought. Their creations can't exist in the same manner as things we make, though. This world is really "where the rubber meets the road". When we gain the consciousness to match the inherent power we possess, we'll be pretty amazing. That is why, in my opinion, it is a war for mental control, not just power in 3D, like we have historically endured. Whatever the future, both short term and long, it won't be boring to anyone who is at all open-minded, whether all this stuff about 2012 comes to pass or not.
    I feel that spirituality is an individual path and enlightenment comes individually to anyone, yet as each individual awakes, the whole is lifted a little as well. I'm hoping for that "hundredth monkey" to wake and tip the balance toward an age of light. Its still going to be a castle of sand, though. This physical reality will always be cyclical, unlike the pure spiritual realms.
  • We are the insane asylum of the galaxy and yet its greatest treasure! ROFL! Thats the funniest thing I have seen all day....classic!

    Hey Shaun can I ask you a question? You seem pretty clear. I have been wanting to ask someone of about your age what you think of the whole 2012 thing. Have you had any intuitions about it? Seems to me that there is alot of fuss about this. I had some good strong visions when I was younger,about your age yet they indicated a later time, about 2035 or so. I have felt for a long time and still do that 2012 will come and people will go all crazy about it but nothing much is gonna happen and once it passes things might settle down in that respect. Its a little bit like millenium syndrom,happens every hundred years apparently. When the numbers change,society gets a bit worked up about it. It happened in 2000 with the whole Y2K thing.

    Yet, that phenomenon of how our conciousness and attention shapes reality at least to some extent gets me wondering about what some people might experience at that time. Once its past I reckon it'll be clear sailing (excuse the pun). There is no prophecy for after this time. We are in new territory now. Once we get past the Mayan calendar thing I think there will a clearer sense that the world is as we make it. The Mayans lived a long time ago,personally I think they saw no need to inscribe the dates any further than they did,they knew they would already be gone by now and I dont know why people make such a fuss about it. Its just where the calendar ends,they had no need for it be any longer. Thats what I think anyways.

    I get the feeling that you are seeing this kind of mania in people about this too,thats why I ask.
  • thanks pete, i agree. i will continue posting ;)
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