Unexpected Changes in the Sun Will Change US, Too

The scientific community has been amazed to discover that there are changes taking place in the nuclear decay rate in particles being emitted from the depths of the sun. This is an unprecedented change, and David Sereda here discusses what we are likely to experience as this process continues. The increase of energy involved, which started in 2006, will affect everything on earth, including the human body and the human mind. Scientists believe that it is happening because the solar system has entered an area of the galaxy that is affecting our sun--and us--in ways that we have never seen before. Could the "cosmic sap" predicted by the Mayans to enter the world in 2012 be a "cosmic sub-atomic particle?"

Read the original source: http://www.unknowncountry.com/revelations/unexpected-changes-sun-will-change-us-too#ixzz1LnZIxzN8
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  • Good stuff, KH.  I've seen this article before, I'm glad someone like you has posted it.  The sun has been mutating our genes and our cells in preparation for ascension.  The Solar Logos has been sending this crazy stuff to us for years now and with the solar flares and magnetic fluxes we are fast tracking to immense changes... those planet sized orbs and rods around the sun in the SOHO pictures?  Those are Solar Angels (Devas) who are helping send the energies to us that we need to evolve. 

    The line between science and spirit is getting more narrow every day as the scientists are going through a mini-revolution of their own, where the mainstream science just doesn't cut it anymore....finally we are seeing the truth come out. 

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  • Yes !.. Its high energy particle from the Foton Band.. Sun is a Portal , and push out this new energies origin from the Central Sun Alcyone..This is 5-dimensional energies, so congratulation to everyone.. And its free !.. lol
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