Sanat Kumara

There is a great need for me to write a post about the extraordinary person by the name of Sanat Kumara. He has lived a very very long time and resides in Venus. He frequently travels to the Hallow Earth to check on us human beings. 



I have been reading his channeled messages for quite a while and I amazed of how much I have learned through him. He has helped me open my mind to broader ideas circulating around us. For instance, he has conveyed to us about our karmic healing as of the summer of 2010. He joyfully preaches we have successfully healed 51% of people's karma on Earth. We are in full effect for imminent change in the present and coming years. He has also made us aware that the bad times have passed and now we just have to deal with the consequences. This remarkable person has explained our Garden of Eden or Paradise, which is the City of Shamballa. This beautiful city became enclosed by guardians because mankind strayed to the wrong path. It is presently protected until mankind has shown its progress to the good. Fortunately, we are in full force into reclaiming our Paradise. 


I feel so relieved after talking about him on this website, since I believe this site of full of wonderful and open-minded people who are ready for anything.


With Love, Thanks for reading!!! 

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  • Hi ....


    Nice one ....


    The details of Sanat Kamara's ( I think they are 4 of them) are given in detailed in our ancient books...


    But nice to know what you have conveyed...


    Thanks ...


    Let Light, Love, & Divinity fill us All...........


  • Much Love to you and see you there too! ;)
  • Sanat Kumara the King of the World

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