I am Sananda, and I come to be with you at this time as we continue to move together through these times, together as one.

I, as Sananda, am very much one with all of you, all of you that are in this group, all of you that resonate to these words. I am one with you, and have always been one with you.

Many of you, if not all of you, came with me to this evolution here on this planet for the purpose, as you all know, to bring forward the vibrational frequency. To bring forward the Earth into a new higher timeline. That is what you are all doing. That is your mission as Lightworkers and Light-Warriors to bring the light, anchor the light, and then send the light out, spread it out to all that are ready to receive it. That is what you came to do, and that is what you continue to do each and every day in your wakening and in your sleeping time as well.

For when you sleep, in your sleep state you are very active as those Light-Warriors, even without your knowing it. You are working together with the forces of heaven to bring about the changes to the collective consciousness of man. All working together, all working to bring balance back into the world. Balance of the masculine and feminine energies coming together as one.

That is what this is all about, moving forward through the ascension process. All are doing this now in various ways. All of the Light-Warriors and Lightworkers are doing this.

So allow the process to continue to move forward in whatever way it comes for you. It is an individual process as well as a collective process. So allow the process. Allow yourself to be, in a sense, taken along through this.

In many ways, you are acting purposefully in various ways to bring this about. Just even through your very thoughts, your positive thoughts. Your positive thoughts create a new higher timeline, and a quickening process to move forward in this timeline. So know that. Your thoughts are very, very important. And, of course, what you say from those thoughts are also very important. So watch your thoughts. Control your thoughts.

And as much as you can, more and more, let go of various attachments that you have with the third-dimensional illusion. For as you know, that is all it is, is an illusion. It is an illusion that you, as the collective consciousness of man, created here. And as a collective consciousness of man, you are creating the new higher timeline, the new higher dimension frequency. The new creation.

So create. Create with your thoughts. Create with your words. Create with your imagination. Let your imagination run free. For it is your imagination that you are bringing about this great new creation.

Believe in yourselves. Believe in the plan. Trust in the plan. For it is, indeed, working out exactly as it needs to in every moment. And in every moment you are indeed moving forward, onward, onward into the light.

And as you move more and more into the light, the darkness and the shadows recede. Let that continue to happen.

Yes, continue to look at this as a show, a movie. A movie that is playing out and, in some respects, has already played out. You are just waiting now for the results. The results to be able to be seen with your physical eyes when your third eye is more and more open.

So again, let the process play out, let the movie play out, and be aware, but not attached to anything that is happening. In a sense, be neutral. Be neutral so that you are not swayed one way or the other. Be neutral, as our Father in heaven is neutral. Creation itself is neutral.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to move onward, always moving onward; not stagnant, but moving forward into the light more and more, to the light of your own higher creation.

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