This is Sananda.  I come at this time in your new year of 2014 that many of you thought you would never get to this, but here you are now.  But understand where you have come from.  We have given this story before but for those that have not heard it it can be helpful to understand just how far you have come and why you are here now in the moment, in this very moment that you find yourself.  Because so long ago you participated, each one here in this room and many others that may read these words, participated in the gathering, a conclave you might say, many thousands of years ago, and yes, in a galaxy far, far away. (laughter)


At that time you came together, you came as volunteers and you knew not what you were volunteering for, but you knew that it was to be of service and at that time in your understanding that is all that mattered.  You heard the word “service”.  You heard that you could be a part of that service and that’s all that mattered to you.  The details came later after you had already volunteered.  Can you imagine yourself now in your time period now volunteering for something you do not know what you are volunteering for?  But in those days you did, you all did.  And you came together in this conclave and many came that were called from many different lands, many different systems, planets, all of this.  And you came with high expectations that you would be able to be of service to a planet called, Gaia, as you know it now.  And you knew you were going to come to be of service to those  that were there at that time to help to bring in a new understanding, a new level of development and understanding that would take you into the far future, into the very time that you find yourselves now. 


But at that time, you did not know what was to come.  Many tried to give you an understanding of what you could expect and you listened to these words of what would be.  You knew that you would fall, fall far, far down from the heights that you were at that time, in terms of dimensional understanding, in terms of vibrational frequencies.  You knew that you would be bereft of the connection of the Source, or at least believe that you were bereft of that connection.  But yet, you came anyway.  Now there were many who volunteered, but few that were chosen.  You have heard this before, but it is from this very time this saying came.  Many were called and few were chosen, and you, those here were those that were chosen, and you look at this now, today and you wonder “why did I volunteer for this?”  Yet, you know deep down within you that all that has happened, has happened for a reason and that all that has happened, you are a part of.


So here you are today, many lifetimes after, many, many lifetimes after that you are coming to the conclusion of that conclave, that time that you met and many met at that time and got together in various teams.  And those teams spread out throughout the planet, throughout the evolution of this earth.  And you all were participating at the levels that you could participate.  Some became great leaders, others were seemingly in the shadows.  But no one has been above anyone else for as you have been a leader before, at other times you were the ones being led, and each time has been different and you have learned lessons and all of this but that is not what you came for.  You did not come here to learn lessons.  You came here to be of service, and of service you have been, my brothers and my sisters, greatly.  Those of us that mentor to you look upon the lifetimes that you have had, the service that you have rendered and we marvel in many respects that you are still doing it.  That you are still here, for you know that this has not been an easy endeavor.  But yet, you have persevered.  And now you have come to this moment in time and all that you have worked for is in front of you and there for the taking and all will take it at once.  That is the beauty of this, that you are all to participate at the same level.  There will be some that will be in the forefront.  There will be others that will be taking up the rear you might say.  But all are important in this endeavor.  No one is more important than another, even those of us that mentor to you are no more important than you are, for we are all a part of this.  We all have our part to play.  You have played your part to perfection.  Do not let anyone tell you differently.  Everyone, and I do mean Everyone, has played their part to perfection.  Yes, there are some that are seemingly the ones that have created the chaos that is here, and that is true but they are no lesser or no more than you are.  You are no lesser and no more than they are. Although you many look at them today as your enemy, those of the darkness, and yes they appear to be so, but those you call enemy now, you will call friend, and brother and sister once again.  And those that call you the enemy, they will look at you at a time to come and will say brother and sister to you as well.  For we are all One.  Know this.  Do not forget this for even as the times that come may tax many individuals to their breaking point, it is but the beginning of the end. 


That is my message as Sananda.  Go in peace and love in your continuance of this great endeavor that you have been on, and know that it is shortly to come to a conclusion.  Peace and Love be with each of you.



Guardian of the New Dispensation:

I am one who is known as the “Guardian of the New Dispensation”, and I have not come very often to this gathering or any other gatherings, but have been somewhat in the background, you might say.  Somewhat held back.  But the time has come, my brothers and sisters, for all that you have been a part of, to come to fruition.  In this past year that you have just completed, your 2013, this year has been the year of preparation, preparing for all that is to come in this new year of 2014.  And in this year of 2014, this is the completion of the preparation of the past year.  The completion or some would say the transition or transformation of one world into another world, one understanding into a new understanding.  And you, all of you, are ready for this.  You have created this in your own consciousness.  Those of us that watch from afar and watch your progress are all saying, now is the time, now is the time to move on, to become all that you came here to be. 


You each one are God in expression.  You have always been God in expression.  You just have lost that knowing, that connection.  But I am here to tell you now that “after the Dawn” you will know once again of your expression as God and you will not be able to look at another individual that is here with you and see them as anything other than God in expression.  There will not be the dividing lines between your countries, between your nationalities, between you cities.  There will be no more division.  Can you imagine a world like that?  Can you imagine a world where all are as One. Well you are imagining that world because that is why it is happening.  You have been creating this new understanding, this new vibration that is coming within each of you.  It is always so within, so without.  And all that is happening outside of yourself is first happening within yourself.  And as it happens within yourself it becomes manifest outside of yourself.  It is always this way.  So you cannot look to the outside, to the exterior, and say why is this happening, and why is that happening because each of you has created the “why” it is happening.


You must come to understand that this is so.  That you are the Creator and the Creation all at once.  So as you move into this new year of 2014 you have heard in many different ways and from many different sources that all is going to change.  That your life as you know it, is over.  And in many respects, yes this is true, but it is a life that you are creating yourselves.  So as you continue to move into this new year, there are going to be many things that are going to happen, that are going to shatter the old paradigm. The 3d paradigm of duality is going to go away forever, at least in this evolution.  And you, each one will be tasked once again to choose an expression, once again volunteering to be of service.  But that is what you are.  The times of service to self, which is part of a 3D understanding is nearly over.  Yes there will be a time of change, of adapting.  It will not be as waking up one morning and everything will be changed.  It will not be quite that way as it will be somewhat more gradual.  But there are going to be changes that are going to begin and it will be, as has been told, the dominoes.  And your first domino is near to falling, and when that falls there will be the proof that you have been looking for.  There will be no denying.  There will be many that will not be prepared and will be looking around and saying, what is happening to our lives?  Our lives are falling apart.  There will be those of you that volunteered to be here that will help to put their lives back into place, back into order.  To put the pieces back together, for as some have said, this is a puzzle, a puzzle that is coming back together once again.  At one time it was complete, then it was as if someone took all the pieces and threw them everywhere and now they have been brought back together, piece by piece.  But you know as you build a puzzle it is difficult at first, is it not?  To find the pieces from all the hundreds maybe thousands of pieces that are there.  But as you come closer and closer to completion, the energy rises within you, does not the excitement rise within you that we are near to completion of the puzzle?  And as you come to the end of the puzzle does it not become easier and easier to find the pieces because there are less and less pieces to find?  And that is where you are now.  The final pieces are coming together to complete the puzzle.  Those final pieces are the dominoes that have been spoken of and you have come to this point where you are ready to bring those final pieces together.  We cannot give a date nor would we give a date.  Those of us do not know that date ourselves.  No one , no one knows the date that can be given.  But the probabilities are there, the probabilities and possibilities, And when you are in no time, which we are, we can see those probabilities and we can put them together with the pieces of the puzzle yet to be completed.


That is what is happening now.  So all of the sources seemingly say different things but all are really saying the same thing in different ways.  If you look deeply within yourself, not to the external,  not to the sources but within yourself, you will know, each of you  that “Now Is The Time”.  The dawn is fast approaching.  It is the dawn of a new era, a dawn of a new understanding of love, peace, harmony, order, joy, understanding, Oneness.  You are to be a part of this new dawn. And after the dawn all we can say is, be prepared.  For once the dawn has approached nothing will be the same as it has been before the dawn.  You all have earned this through your never ending service to mankind and we mean all have been of service to mankind.  That is my message as the Guardian of the New Dispensation, and the New Dispensation is about to begin and a new era of understanding and of those who would take you forward is upon you and even you yourselves will be apart of those  who take this evolution forward.  You have been preparing for this, this is your mission.  Be ready now.  Peace and Love to all of you as you complete the preparation. 


One Who Serves:

Greetings to you.  Good to be back here with you again in case there are any questions.  That is a joke.  We know there are questions, we always know there are questions.  But we so enjoy answering your questions because as you ask your questions and receive your answers, it not only helps you in your understanding, but it helps us in our understandings as well.  And as we are in service to you and you are then in service to others, this is how we all come together.  And coming together we are doing, my brothers and sisters, my dear friends.  We are coming together more than you can possibly know.  What questions do you have here now?


I had a question in regards to hybrids.  Actually it was in one of the other discourses.  And because we have all come from different galaxies and we are all part of one, even the aliens that we call aliens are our brothers and sisters.  We are all hybrids.  We are all part of the One.  We are all part of the Creator, correct?


OWS:  Yes, that is correct.


I also had a vision of when we ascend or when the changes to come and when the dawn is to break I visualize a world where there is all peace, harmony and love.  There isn’t any thing that we have to do, we all take care of each other.  It is all Soul, Soul growth, communicating, I don’t have the words to put it, I can see it, I can feel it but I don’t have the words to put it into form.  Everything is beautiful, color is beautiful and you have a purpose, but you have a purpose amongst yourselves to all of mankind.


OWS:   Yes, very well spoken.  Further questions here?


IS there more than one timeline now?


OWS:   As we are finding as we look at this situation we are seeing several different timelines still working in terms of all moving in a certain direction.  All moving into what can be considered that has been called the “zero point”.  And all of these timelines are not like they were in previous times.  Understand that all of these times as they come together, they are coming together in forming One, and the One is “Being the One” as we have said many, many times.  Be the One.  This is what we were referring to in many respects, is becoming the One.  Becoming all that you came here to be, all that you were previously, all of you were part of the One at one time, you see?  All of you.  All of us are all part of the great Oneness of existence.  And we are all coming back to be part of that Oneness again.  So there are different time lines still going now.  There are those things that can still happen in terms of probabilities and possibilities and all of those things are in the process.  But they are in the process of working out for there are many levels of understandings to completely come to fruition here, so that the completion can be completed, you see?  So all of this is happening at once, and these timelines are being worked as part of the plan to come together.  At one point the plan called for many different timelines and many different possibilities that could be.  This was your earth changes and many people dying in terms of two thirds of the world’s population not being here any more. All of this was the old timelines.  Those spoken of in biblical terms, all of this.  But this is all to come together as One now.  And that will be the Ascension, that will be the transition from three dimensional understandings and vibration to four and five dimensional understandings and vibration.  Does this answer your question?


Yes.  When we reach zero point that will be it, right? That will be the beginning of the end.


OWS:  Yes.  It will be a glorious new beginning and understand that zero point is not the end of all, it is simply the end of, or the beginning of the end here and a new beginning starting again in a new understanding, a new vibrational frequency.  All is vibration.  All is consciousness.


Are there different levels?  I have read there are different levels of consciousness, different levels of vibration, which the answer of course is yes.  I don’t know how many levels there are, so we ascend to another level than we are currently present?


OWS:  In many respects, that is correct.  And we ourselves do not know how many levels there are, because it is infinite.  And infinity is exactly that, infinite in both directions. You see?


So as we constantly create, we constantly change?


OWS:  Yes.  And as you change, God, Prime Creator changes.  And becomes more of Prime Creator, more of that consciousness.  Your consciousness changes the  greater consciousness.  And the greater consciousness changes your consciousness.  It is a symbiotic relationship throughout all creation. 


So I wish I didn’t feel so much like an amoeba.


OWS:  So we can only say to that, that you are much more than that.  You have come from that level of expression and evolved into the level that you are now.  But understand that the level you are now is in some respects you would look at in a duality level lesser than you once were.  You see?  You are all going back, you are all going home, whatever home would be to you, you see?


There are a number of channelers out there coming out with information which can get frustrating at times when there sources say one thing is going to happen and it doesn’t, and even some of the channelers say that they find out later that the entity that they thought they were channeling  is not who they thought it was.  Can you give us any names of channelers who are truly channeling who they say they are?  So we know who is telling the truth as they know it?


OWS:  If we were to do that, we would be interfering in your own understandings, in your own ability to discern.  (I was afraid you were going to say that).  We can do it  but who is to say that we are correct either.  You see?  We see things from a different point of view, a different vantage point than you.  But we are no greater or lesser than you are and those that are the sources, as you are saying, are not greater or lesser than you are either.  So to look at various ones that are coming through others in terms of channeling, you must understand what channeling is, first of all.   Channeling is a way for those of us that would mentor to you, to reach you.  That is all it is.  It is a way to reach the majority of the world’s population, as much as we possibly can.  Does everyone benefit from this?    Certainly not.  For there are many that would look at this type of communication and call it the devil, you see?  They look at it as speaking to dead people, and things of this nature.  We assure you, we are not dead.  We are from it.  We are as alive as you are, in some respects more alive. 


I guess my question to is that I have heard that the Cabal has ways of initiating channeling that is not valid and is there any way that we can as a group generally listen to, and what percentage is Cabal generated?


OWS:  We can answer this in this way.  If you look at all of those that you are listening to without naming names here, but you know the ones we are speaking of, and those that you are constantly becoming aware of and listening to their every word and trying to understand what they are saying, and why they are saying it, and all of these things, we can tell you that most of that, not all of that, for it is never 100%, but much of that and most of that is very accurate, very accurate in that moment of time.  For you see, when a communication such as this comes through one such as through this James, it is happening at the very moment that it is happening and it is correct at the level that it is coming through at this time, but because consciousness is changing drastically all the time through all of mankind, then it can never be exactly as it comes out at that moment, in the next moment, you see?  Do you understand this?  (yes)  So when you look at those various ones that are coming through, look at it, hear it, understand it, but use your discernment at the level that you are at in that moment, and all will be clarified to you if you take it within yourself.  Has there been in the past those that have been there to deceive?  Yes.  The ones that were doing the channeling that were being the conduit did not know this, did not know they were being deceived.  But can it happen?  And has it happened?  Yes it has.  But to a very small degree, especially at this time now.  For you have heard and read in various respects much of those deeper influences, you might say, deeper down the rabbit hole, have been dissipated, they have left. Literally they left the system, so they are not there to wreak the havoc that they could before.  You see this? (yes, thank you)


I am trying to find a way to encapsulate most of what was said to make my point.  So I think that we hear things in channeling, I do, that speak to what we would like to believe or what we feel is important to us at the time and we would zero in on those types of things.  It is like the law of attraction, it is like what we are attracted to.  So, I’ve always felt deep within myself that all things are a result of our internal processes, that everything external that we recognize and our conscious of are a result of an internal mechanism we have called creation and so the process that I think the Guardian of the New Dispensation said that we are “so within, so without” kind of thing.  So if we seek to know external events through the process of reading channeling are we not attempting to just find some way of corroborating our own internal beliefs?


OWS:  Yes. 


And is that a way to authenticity and the truth? Or does the truth lie in each one of us as the truth would be for us, as an individual process, rather than seeking external processes?


OWS:  Yes, the truth is different for every individual, so everyone looks for the truth in whatever way that they can find it.  Some will look from within and certainly others will look outside of themselves.  You know you are saying “Seeing is Believing” but we have said many times that “believing is seeing”.  First must come the belief, then you will see.  And this is how it has always been and those that have come from the past, your various leaders have known this process.  They have been able to utilize this creation process in creating whatever it was that they needed to create and that is what is happening now, more and more and more we would say.  But there are still those, many still, that will look outside of themselves and need to see something of proof, something that says, yes, now it is happening, yes now it is real because are you not still in many respects in your 3D dimensionality?  In your duality here, are you not still in that mindset that would look for various levels of expressions that show some kind of proof?  This is where you still are in many respects.  Now understand that there is a part of you and more and more are having this part, that is moving ahead, their consciousness is moving into higher vibrational frequencies, into fourth and fifth dimension, but your mind, that creative part of your mind is still kept somewhat in the 3D world here, you see? So, as that part of your mind is still looking for an expression of change, still looking for something that says, yes it is now, because this is you, this is all of you.


OK, so what you originally said was “believing is seeing”.  So we are seeking to believe in something that we can see.  That is all it is. (OWS: Yes). So when you try to look for something external to us, it is to corroborate what you think you believe. (OWSYes). 


OWS:  Now are we saying that is the way to go?  NO, we are not saying that.  We are saying the opposite in respect here.  The more that you believe, the more that you will see.  And the more that you wish to create, you will create.


It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?


OWS:  It is pretty simple from out point of view but we know from your point of view it is not so simple. 


Believe and so shall it be?


OWS:  Yes. And you have also heard “the truth shall set you free”.  And at the deeper levels that is so true, cannot come up with any other word but that. 


Except it is not somebody else’s truth.  That’s the challenge?


OWS:  Yes.  It is your truth you are looking for. And that truth can come from within or outside of yourself or a combination of both.  But however it comes, some would get their truth from listening to channeling in this respect, and others would poo-poo that and say no, I will not listen to that type of thing, I wish to see it with my own eyes and ears.  But what has been said in the past.  Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear will understand and know the truth.


SO the reason that it is said that way, that those that have eyes to see and ears to hear is,  if we don’t believe, then we cannot see or hear?


OWS:  At the level that you wish to be. (exactly)


 I know that people think that it is complicated, but to me it distills everything down to a common denominator.  (yes).  So we can look around ourselves and our world and our Cabal, and our situation and our 3D, and recognize and realize that that is our belief system manifesting.  So, if we change what we believe, and we can get down to fundamentals we can see the process changing vs. looking for something external to tell us it is changing.


OWS:  Yes, but if you, each one, in your own individual endeavors each day make the changes yourself within you, each day look at another and see the good in that one, not the bad, not the negative, not the darkness, see the good.  Look all around you and see the beauty, not the ugliness. 


So, we can stop talking about the financial system and the cabal because that is looking at ugliness.


OWS:  Yes, yes you can. But, will you, will anyone? You see?  Because it is still your 3D illusion that you are still wrapped up in, in many respects.


SO, we just have to help each other, then?


OWS:  Yes, help each other.  Follow the golden rule.  IF all followed the golden rule, what would your world be like?  Not just your world, our world.  We are part of this too.  We always say “yours” but we are here too.


But somewhere in the discourses that we just heard, I can’t remember exactly how it was said, but we affect everything, and everything affects us.  (Yes).  It’s that butterfly effect kind of thing.  So, we are affecting you right now by listening.  (Yes)


What if you don’t want to follow the 3D?  I don’t want to be in that program.


OWS:  Then, we certainly say to you, do not be a part of that program. But understand that as you make that decision to no longer be a part of that program, part of your 3D duality here, then what is left for you?  For you are still here.  You  are still within this and you still need to be occupied within this illusion at this level.  In other words, you still need to feed yourself.  You still need to clothe yourself, you still need to find shelter, you see?  On and on you are still a part of this, and until it has changed, until you have changed it, you being the collective “you” then it still must be this way.  But we are saying is that the more and more you begin to move away from duality and move into your higher understanding of who you are, then you will move into that, and the next one will move into that, and the next one, and each one will affect the “One”.  This is the butterfly effect that you have said.  And it will eventually affect all.  And now there is going to be those happenings, you might say, those expressions that will create what has been called the domino effect.  And when those things, those happenings, those events of various nature begin to happen, then more and more of what you might call, will come aboard here.  For they will be the ones that will need to see something, to be shown what is there.  You, those of you that are still meeting in these groups, you are doing it in faith.  You are not seeing a lot of proof, many of you, but yet here you are, here you continue.  This is what Sananda was speaking about.  You have continued on through all and here you still remain, steadfast on your goals and in your mission.


So we can each be a portal?


OWS:  Be a portal?  Yes, you are, each one already a portal.  Try to tell that to the masses! (laughter)


I was looking for a portal outside of me, and that is what I heard, that we are the portal.


OWS:  Yes, and you will not find a portal outside of you until you know the portals are within yourself already.  Then they will appear outside of self.  Somewhat of a paradox.


I just have one more thing.  My observation of those that are unhappy and want to check out of the three dimensional world have not made peace with it.  So it is like when you said, find the beauty and look for the good and all those things, that has to be practiced, in my opinion, moment by moment.  If it is going to become a habit, it has to be practiced moment by moment in a conscious way and those that want to check out, their expectation of happiness has become so external that they don’t know the way anymore.


OWS:  That is correct in some respects but not in others.  For you must understand that there are those various levels of contracts that you have heard of, and these contracts bring people to a point where they decide to leave because this is what they are supposed to do.  They are not supposed to be here.  They did not say that they would be a part of the continuance of these expressions here in the 3D duality to bring in the higher level frequencies.  So, they have as you have said, as you used the words “checked out” because that is what they came to do!  And they are doing it in many different ways and many more will continue to do this.  There are some who look around and do not like, do not see the beauty around them and therefore they lose hope.  That is a little bit different situation.  But there are both combinations here.  You cannot look at any individual and know their journey.  You see?


Yes. Thank you.


OWS:   You can only know your own journey.  Where you have come from, where you are now, and where you are going. 


Seek and you shall find.


OWS:  Yes.  But always remember you  have to knock and then it will be opened.  Just looking is not going to cut it.

We must release channel now.  Shante, peace be with you, be the ONE. 


Channeled by James McConnell
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