Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Nine-Part 2


                                                          Reportes of M. Gargha Kuichines ( Julio Medina V. )

  1. One day they invited me to go to Santa Martha, and I remember that when I arrived at the house of the

master, without saying anything, called his wife and said:

- Negra, come here -and she came out and then said to her: Who is that man who is

there ? She answered:

-I don't know him.

But the master insisted:

-Look closely at his face, you do know him. She looked at me and smiled and the master told her

He said : - Say, say, don't be sorry.

She answered:

-Ah! It's the Anagarika of Ciénaga.

I asked him:

- And why am I Anagarika? And why from the Black Lodge if I am a good, helpful man,

good brother, good husband, good son, good father?

And said:

-Yes, it's true, but you are a shadow, because you lose the creative energy that is the only one has the

faculty to become light and fire; but you throw it away and waste it.


  1. I invited the master to come to my district, which he accepted immediately This happened

back in the month of November 1948.

The master arrived in Cienaga with his family, he arrived at the Hotel in front of the

Railroad station, there I went to visit him and found his wife and children in bed, with severe flu and fevers

malaria , the picture disoriented me enough, for me it was impossible that a man who spoke

with so much wisdom so many unpleasant things happen to him, that of knowing life in depth, with

a terrible knowledge of her, she had to live on what people gave him

at time to healed them.  All this confused me constantly.

Seeing that picture, I offered to bring a friend doctor who would treat them, but the master

He replied that there was no need, that he knew how to heal the sick and the only thing that required

 were some medicines from the pharmacy. We went to a friend's drugstore and bought

remedies. I came back the next day to see the status

of the sick, and found them all up and rapidly better. The master told me

that the help of the beloved masters was decisive in removing the evil from them.

Honestly, all that seemed to me something like witchcraft, all that was strange to me, the

master realized my thoughts and gave me teachings that exterminated my

constant doubts.

  1. At that time I was a friend of buying lotteries tickets; looking forward to helping the master with the

money earned, I offered him participation and he told me: "Give up that bad habit, the money you

obtain by these means corresponds to thousands of tears from people who want by that means

ease their anxieties."

I promised never to spend my money that way again, but the need to help drove me.

again .

He immediately noticed and repudiated my weakness. On one occasion I lasted a while without

buy the lotteries, but again I relapsed; I bought and carefully kept the

ticket , without telling the master anything.

When visiting him, another day after that purchase he told me:

-You have four lottery fractions ending in 65.

I was surprised by his statement, but there was no way to deny him, but yes, I told him:

-And how did you find out?

And he said:

-Last night we were talking internally and without asking you, you informed me that you had four

fractions in 65, that you thought to help me financially and I rejected the offer.

  1. One day, still doubting the master, I decided to investigate him, as well as many of

our students do today.

I consciously unfolded in my astral body and searched for the master Aun Weor , I searched for him by

the third dimension, I couldn't find him anywhere, then I looked for it in the superior dimensions

 and I did not find him either.

Finally I decided to visit the lower dimensions, and I entered a bar or canteen and there he was

 in the company of a demon and he hugged him with his tail that was very long. I immediately returned to my body.

The next day I went to the master's house early in order to unmask him and demonstrate

that he was deceiving me, saying such beautiful things and yet he frequented dark places

 in the company of demons.

When the master found out, he was neither offended nor surprised, the only thing he told me was. "Already

you will be able to verify for yourself the great work that I am doing in favor of the White Lodge".

After a while I just found out about the work he did with Beelzebub and other works, so

many of which I am personally aware of, especially "about the millennium" that he talks about in his book

"Bel's Revolution".

  1. There were so many teachings that I received daily from the master, that the desire to

that other people know that wisdom and I launched the idea:

-Master, why don't you write a book giving as much key that you have?

He immediately replied:

-Wonderful! I have the wisdom and you have the money. Throw yourself the big stop, let's unite in favor of the

world . I write them and you edit them. I thought that proposal was formidable...

But when I got home the reflections came to me, my satanic egos told me "You expose

the money And he who exposes? Without any book having come out and you are already getting angry, how do you

will it be the day they come out? And if they ask credit you and they don't pay you? In short, hundreds of questions, all

adverse , and the master discovered me and said: "How tremendous is your earthly mind, it has to

dominate her because she is the abode of all our ills.

I ended up convinced that it was a necessity to serve the world and that I had to serve; but

I came home and new reflections forced me not to get involved in anything because I saw that it was a

bad business; the master told me not to do it as a business, but as a service to the poor suffering

humanity . After much reflection I finally decided to take a risk. This was for the month of May

1949, when I had not yet taken the path of initiation.

Then the master told me:

-Just as you have doubted me so much, allow me to doubt you too.



And he answered me:

-I do not expose myself to the hands of your Satan; I have to prepare you for the initiation and that you take

the path of total chastity, because for now you have your own impulses but you lack the

christification . For now the deal would be with your four bodies of sin.

  1. In 1950 he showed me the work he had done on his recent trip: 9 written notebooks, all of

50 sheets; there was the manuscript of "The Perfect Matrimony", today called Kinder .

I had to type it out and then take it to all the printers in to many states of the country. They all flatly refused to receive that book, all filled with tremendous fear

They rejected that transcendental work of Magic and White Tantrism.

Finally, a young student, who was studying at said School of Manual Arts, and who turned out to be

Relative of my wife told us that he would lift the pages.

So happens them that, a man who knew nothing about printing was buying an old printing machine of

half used; he used paper of several grams and began the print run.

I abandoned my business day after day, waiting for the correction of the print run and the book,

preventing any page from appearing upside down, since the workshop had only produced "Posters of death” " and therefore everyone was new to the trade. The pages came out riddled with errors, we worked day and night and they were corrected over and over again,

but the master was full of urgency to get the book out as soon as possible.

"Master," I told him, "but the book is coming out with errors." What do we do?

And very quickly he answered me

-We leave them as pasture for the intellectuals.

The phrase seemed very hard to ask for excuses, but he reiterated his phrase, which came out in the first

preface of the book: "The errors we leave as grass for the intellectuals." Many of them

Not having anything to compare with to draw conclusions, they will count those errors and judge us without


  1. After the publication of the book I had an internal experience: I was going

walking in the astral with the then Master Aun Weor and I saw two acquaintances next to the power pole

electric ; When I got to these gentlemen, one of them told me: "Medina, don't go around with that

man who is corrupt". The master lowered his eyes, smiled at the offender and lowered his head

humbly ; the impact was received by me.

I wanted to punish the friend, but the teacher did not allow it. In those moments I woke up and felt

angry with the master for not having let me hit the offender.

Very early the next day I visited him at his house and asked him:

-Master, did you notice the incident last night? -and he said:

-Your friend was upset with me, to which I replied:

-Why did you look down, smile and bow your head? -and he answered me:

-Because he wanted to take me to your field, to the diabolic, and I wanted to bring him to mine, that was all. But

I warn you , today they treat me as corrupt and tomorrow they will treat you.

I asked him why that and he told me: -The black magicians are outraged with us for having revealed the unspeakable secret of the

Great Arcanum, and they will never forgive us for that.

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