Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 11



253.An unusual case happened to me. It turns out that one day in the astral, a Lady Adept came to

visit me at home I started talking to her about esoteric matters and she finally finished

telling me:

--What does it mean to disincarnate?

-I want to die.

-I wish you could die, but neither you nor I can die.

I was stunned!

-What is she telling me?

-It's something as you hear it. -What year were you born?

-I was born on March 6, 1917. I was convinced that I was born in Bogotá, Colombia,

South America, I told her so and she thought so

-But don't you remember that two years later, in '19, you lived in northern Mexico? don't you

 remember those bills of exchange that I used to sell you when I worked in the store in Los Angeles, and

that you traveled from the North of Mexico to Los Angeles to buy me those bills?

-I remember, yes I remember, I have forgotten. I was amazed.

I made comments inside myself: If this is true, then how old am I? I stayed

perplexed, I was surprised. Pure questions! What will all this be? How old am I

so? Where am I from? What secret is in all this? I was very puzzled during

a long time.

One day when I was in the Third Chamber, in meditation, in a matter of thousandths of a second I saw myself in

an Egyptian sarcophagus and I looked up and saw the lady who visited me. I greeted her with a symbol

of esotericism: “How are you, sister, how are you doing? "Alright, here I am, brother." Both

we are grave companions. She then exclaimed: "Finally, Samael!"

Then I understood, put there in the sepulcher of the body of the mummy, alive, all straight.

At that time, after my reincarnation as Major Daniel Coronado, I was allowed to

use a little the body of the mummy that I have in Egypt. I brought that body here to


So I was servicing two vehicles simultaneously: I was servicing the vehicle just

born over there, in South America, and attended to this one. Until the time came when I was already

forbade further use of it; I was required to pay more attention to this one. So I passed it to

sarcophagus again. This I came to understand after some time.

There are several of us who have living mummies, we are a whole group of brothers absolutely

conscious, we do not forget anything and we change bodies like changing suits.

We are as old as the world. So that in us does not exist that which is

called "oblivion", we are fully aware. There we are twelve...


. 253. Do you know what I base on for the doctrine of the transmigration of souls? I base

simply in this: That I perfectly remember the phases of evolution and involution by

the ones I've been going through.

Exactly I had to develop in a very old planet that does not even belong to the

ancient Earth-Moon, because before our terrestrial chain the lunar chain existed.

Before the lunar chain there was another chain; I am from a much older chain. In

that planet evolved as the whole world evolves, I started with the mineral, vegetable, animal,

I reached the human state that I once lost, etc., etc. I went through all those phases.

But when I reached the human state, I was assigned 108 existences, as is normal. During

those 108 lives did not interest me even in the slightest, not in the slightest, nothing that related

with spirituality; I dedicated myself exclusively to earthly things, to profanes things,

 throwing into oblivion everything that smacked of spirituality; I wasn't interested. until

I reached the last existence that was 108.

In that 108 existence I had a life, an existence, let's say, of an evil personality; the

108 was a female personality, evil, a short but perverse little woman; it was

the last one, and it is clear that I entered the infernal worlds. I left that female body and entered the

hell worlds.

I got into involution within the entrails of that planet; cursed and blasphemed, hated Divinity, was

a perverse being, until I passed through the second death, I was disintegrating, turning to dust,

all my selves were remaining in shells, they were turning to dust; finally there was no more,

 Since there was nothing left, I felt as if I were dying forever, a great annihilation...

Then I saw myself become an innocent child, a child. What happened? The essence, the

elemental, it had been freed from subjective elements; subjective elements of

perceptions had been eliminated, the psychic aggregates in their entirety were

disintegrated, reduced to cosmic dust by the centrifugal forces of that planet. Thus, the free essence remained, naked in front of the sun. Well, he was released; the Devas

They examined from head to toe, to see if there was any undesirable element inside the interior.

When they were satisfied that no undesirable elements remained, then the

Devas allowed me to exit through the atomic doors and I went out to the surface of that planet.

Already free and in the light of the sun, I saw a hydrogenated sun that illuminated that planet of that solar system

 of which  even his memories remain, at most his memories in the Akashics Archives.


So I entered the evolutions of the mineral kingdom; I saw myself become a

gnome, but no longer a gnome as he had been before, no, a higher type gnome.

Much later, through the centuries I earned the right to enter the evolutions of the vegetable realm;

 I was a elemental plant again, but a more conscious elemental.

Then I went to the stages of the animal kingdom, where I evolved into different animal creatures and

that way I already spoke before, when I passed by that little animal called a frog; I was walking by

there, jumping on the banks of a stream of pure singing waters. I remembered, yes, there was not

forgotten, the terrible sufferings of hell and never wished to return to it for the horrors there

suffered. I made friends with the elementals of that river, a great friend of mine, and when I felt

footsteps of the humanoid there - I knew they were terribly wicked - I would go into the water to

avoid them, because I know they are bad. And so time passed.

Later I was given the right to enter higher evolutions; I was able to enter the world

of some very intelligent fishes that lived in that world. I always liked to go to the

rearguard, not the vanguard. Sometimes a monster would appear, and I remember a monster so

terrible that he ate all of the herd for lunch. I was in the rear and did not reach

devour me; the others he swallowed, and I remember how that creature, after

he filled his belly, turned his back and walked away very calmly. I was among a few

survivors. And so we lived at the bottom of the oceans like fish.

Later I entered the kingdom of amphibians that came out on land to bask in the sunlight.

I was walked among the herd of amphibians. Later I was given the right to take on a human body. I entered with promises not to return

to the abyss; that had remained alive in my conscience, the tortures of the abyss, the terrors, the

horrors I had been through...

Then outside, already converted into a human being, I said: "Well, I'm going to transform into

Man, I know I'm humanoid, but I'm going to become a man."

I found the guru, my guru; he instructed me in the mysteries precisely of life and death,

I got with him the key, the secret of the unspeakable, the Great Arcanum. I worked in the Forge of the

Cyclopes because he guided me, I manufactured the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being through the

fulfillment of the "Parloc Duty of Being"; I made the magnificent transformations, let's say of the

sacred sperm, the mercury of the wise, and thus succeeded, by means of mercury, in crystallizing

the bodies.

I am quoting you from when I became a Man for the first time; I'm talking about a solar system

very old, from when for the first time I managed to reach the state, let's say, of True Man,

 in a world that has already disappeared.

Then, through the operations of sulfur and mercury on salt, I managed to get salt, sulfur and

mercury crystallized in the astral body; I made an Astral Body. In one more eighth

elevated, that sublimated salt that served as the basis for the operations of sulfur and mercury

crystallized in the Mental Body. And later, with that same base I managed to create the

Causal Body.

Provided with the Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal bodies, I managed to embody the psychic ethical principles  the Pneuma of the Gnostics, within myself, and thus I was transformed, becoming

in Man. I became a Man, I had left the humanoid state.

Once I became a Man, I kept working. Later I reached other states, I reached the

status of angel, archangel, etc., etc., etc. Well, in conclusion, in order not to beat around the bush,

I achieved integration with my Logoi, I became the Governor of the Planet Mars and acquired

all the powers of the heavens and the depths, all the wisdom and all the Universal powers.

 They may say, "Well, if that's so, why does he now live here among the earthlings, and I'm going

to tell you honestly. Then I continued to live in different solar systems.

At the beginning of the dawn of this present mahanvantara, integrated with my Internal God, I became

in Living Spirit of the Center of Mars, but my Profound Interior Lord, understanding that

there was a need for him to acquire qualities of the earthlings that we do not have over there -

certainly characteristics like those that Count Saint Germain has, those that Cagliostro has,

a diplomat, a politician of those -, he sent me here to acquire characteristics that

I had not. He retained characteristics of innocence and wisdom, but not that spirit that the

 spirit that the cited masters have, masters from here on Earth.

So he sent me here and at the same time it could help.

He certainly sent me, but I made a mistake when that revolt of the angels of the

Lemuria I was one of the first to enter the wave. It was the question of the fall into the animal generation.

 In the same Lemuria I managed to get up and in the same Lemuria I again obtained the elixir of

long life, the Philosopher's Stone.

With the lemur body I lived in Lemuria and in Atlantis, so I saw Lemuria sink

between the bottom of the seas and I saw the civilization of Atlantis rise up, and I myself saw it be

swallowed by the ocean, I have all those events here and I can talk about Lemuria and

Atlantis; I have not lost any knowledge; my memory is correct.

On the Central Asian Plateau I made another mistake: I threw the stone back into the water, and that gave me

fall again on Saturday day. So I had to suffer a lot on the face of the Earth until

now, at this time that I am finishing making the Philosopher's Stone again; and in 1978

I have in my possession, the Precious Gem.

So truly and truly, that is why I am here. Of course I already entered the

upper part of the work in the Great Work; I was taken to the abyss by my Father; he instructed me from the planet Mars and he gave me a tremendous scolding, he told me: "You had all the powers of the

Universe, all the wisdom of infinity, all the wisdom of the cosmos, however you threw yourself into the

precipice. Why did you do it?" Then my answer was: "Lord, I admit my mistake but

What I can do? The only thing I can do is ask his forgiveness." And certainly the Lord

He forgave me and so I continued working in the Great Work and I am working in the Great Work.

For what purpose? In order to get the Philosopher's Stone back in my possession, the Red Carbuncle,

 the Precious Gem. For the year 1978 I have in my possession the Red Carbuncle.


That is the harsh reality of the facts.

  1. An unusual case comes to mind, that of a certain lady from the United States. She

arrived in Palenque and consulted a friend of ours who has lived there for many years dedicated

exclusively to investigate Mayan affairs.

The lady required the services of that man, an expert in such matters, and he, as

Naturally, he could not refuse to serve her in whatever way he could.

The lady begged him to guide her, and he willingly offered to serve as her guide. But here's a

unusual case; in the moments in which the guide was preparing to get into the car, she stops him

telling him: "You are the guide, but you will have to obey me. I will tell you where in the forest

we need to stop."

Of course the man was puzzled. "How is it possible that she ask me for guidance and then it happens

that she is the one who has to guide me? After all, who is the guide of whom?

They got into the car; the lady, who was accompanied by her husband, arriving at a certain place

ordered the guide to stop, saying, "Here it is!"

Of course our guide was amazed; I didn't know what it was. She got out of the car and

he asked the guide to come down too; the husband got out, locked the car and she said: "We

 are going to go straight here, through this mountain and we are going to hit the place".

A lady recently arrived from the United States proceeding in such a way, it was like having the

rather mortified, confused man; After all, He didn't know what it was about. The lady in front of everyone made her way through the mountain and suddenly stopped... "Here it is!",

said. Then she raised some stones and to the astonishment of the guide a human skeleton appeared; behold

there is a tomb. He said, "Let`s go." Both the husband and the guide followed her. She went back to her

car, returned to the town of Palenque, paid the guide and left. never heard of that again


In the middle of the forest I also arrived at the place; obviously it was the guide who led me to the site and

He told me: "There is a magnetic center here. Could you, Master, tell me where in this

place is the magnetic center located?" I felt telepathically that the magnetic center was

 precisely where the tomb was, hidden among the stones. I said, "Here's

more magnetic force". "Isn't there another way?" asked the guide. Well, let's give the

back, I said. We turned around: "Here is the opposite pole of the magnetic center," I said. Exclaimed

the guide: "You are right, master, here it is. Let's go back to the center now." And we came back

he raised the stones and... the skeleton appeared!

That was when the guide told me the strange story that I am telling now.

  1. I was a vegetarian fanatic, and in the name of truth I say that I was disappointed in the


I still remember that in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, South America, in that

time I wanted to make a poor dog a hundred percent vegetarian. Yes, the animal learned,

but when he already learned, he died. However, I observed the symptoms of that creature...

weakness that he presented before he died.

Much later, in the Republic of El Salvador, Central America, I was introduced to the

same symptoms on my way home, up a long street that tended rather to be

vertical before horizontal, since it was quite steep; he was sweating terribly, the weakness

increased, I thought I was going to die. I had no choice but to call Master Litelantes,

my wife, and ask the service to roast me a piece of  meat.

She did so, and I ate the meat; then my energies returned to the body, I felt how it returned

to live. Since then I became disillusioned with the system.

Let's be a little balanced. Dr. Krumm Heller used to say that we need to eat until

25 percent meat in food.

I can assure you that no one is going to become more perfect because they stop eating meat. Some

They say that how are they going to put animal elements inside their organism, if they are already in the

Path of Perfection? etc etc etc They ignore their own internal constitution. Had better

eat a piece of meat and do not continue with the animal aggregates that they carry inside

of themselves.

When we eat chicken or red meat, we do not harm ourselves in any way; however with

all those bestial aggregates that we carry, we are not only harming ourselves

 but we are harming our fellow men; that's worse. Is it little thing

Anger, Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony?

And what shall we say about all of those beasts that we carry inside and that represent the

gossip, slander, whispering, etc., etc.? It is better that we do not wash our hands so much

 showing off saints. The time has come to become more understanding; it

The important thing is to die within ourselves, here and now.

However, I do not want to deny the selection of food for that.

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