SaLuSa to Me ~ 18 Feb 2012 ~ On Relationships

Laura: Please read all channeled messages with discernment, all messages can be interfered with by the channelers’ mind or by lower dimension entities.

Message channeled by Laura Tyco

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. I think that people are happy to see events take off rather rapidly this week. A few people have asked if the Italian story concerning the 6 Trillion fake US bonds has a direct to the events described by David Wilcok and Benjamin Fulford?


SaLuSa: I believe it is indeed directly connected. It is not our desire to control your creation process or to direct your thoughts, so this is all I can say for now on this matter.


Laura: Of course, and thank you. Is there something you have in mind to discuss tonight?


SaLuSa: a number of people are preoccupied with their relationships right now. You must understand that, like for everything else, the partnership subject has various layers, aspects. Allow into this the laws of karma and attraction, topped up with the life lessons, and you end up in a pretty poor shape for this one particular life, aiming at clearing up all pending karma. Like most of the human duality enterprises, matters of the heart follow a similar chaotic route when it comes to relationships.


The key is to have first and foremost a relationship with yourself. What do we mean by that, you are asking? Well, one must be aware of one’s own feelings in order to share those feelings with someone else. The illusion most of you still live under is no exception to that rule, I am afraid. Inner connection matters first, only once you have achieved a more permanent inner connection, will you be able to have the divine will manifest outwardly.


In ordinary terms, life in duality does not reflect who and what you are on the Higher Planes of existence. However, as your awareness increases, you will notice that you are becoming more aligned inside, this in turn has outer consequences. I must say at this point that one should not have any expectations in the romantic domain. Just as the economic and political system is exposed to much change and unrest, your personal lives will not be spared. Depending on how you chose to look at the coming months, you will be able to adapt. It is no longer necessary to have any perceived ideas and expectations.


Life in duality has been full of illusions and in the months ahead, what has been hidden in plain sigh will  be seen, revealed and understood if you would like to do so.. As the process of Ascension progresses, you will become less and less attached to your previous understanding of compassion, love and sexuality.

















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