JJK: Whenever I spend time with young people and become aware of their concepts of life, I have little hope for the change to succeed. A lot of 14 to 30 year olds – and I know a few – feel very comfortable in the matrix and are fully on board with the extremely worrying developments. Someone once explained to me that I was too old for this and that I didn’t understand how great it was to have a chip under your skin since you no longer had to carry credit cards with you. Of course, these people follow the official narrative in all areas: climate, immigration, Corona, wars, Russia/Ukraine, AI – what they learn from the media is the truth for them and anyone who has a different opinion is intolerant or “a-social “, a conspiracy theorist or Nazi. Can the world and humanity be saved – certainly not with THESE young people. Just yesterday I observed some young people again and once again the thought occurred to me that the much-quoted “last generation” really exists, but that’s us!

The older women and men, mothers and fathers who showed their faces at the Corona demonstrations, who remained unvaccinated and who raised critical questions about how others were playing along well in the system. Who, if not we, the older generation, can save our children and our children’s children from a dystopian future!? If we count on the youth, the battle is lost. It is we, the 40 plus generation, who can and will avert this disaster. My conclusion is therefore: Of course there are also wide-awake young adults, but the majority of these young people are so anchored in the system that they can no longer recognize the approaching slavery as such.

The philosopher Theodor W. Adorno (1903 – 1969) is said to have said: “I am not afraid of the return of the fascist in the mask of the fascist, but of his return in the mask of the democrat.” And that is exactly what so many people can do not be seen!

The “last generation” is found in the older generation, that is us, because we are the last people on this earth who still know what freedom feels like.

We know that everything that is now being sold to us as progress leads directly to total surveillance. We see the new fascism coming in the form of democracy or communism and it is up to us to stand in this fight and win this debate – especially for our children and our children’s children. Yesterday Karl and I talked about it and we both came to the conclusion: “It’s up to us!” Is that so or are we wrong?

Freedom is coming!

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The days of the dark and restrictive world are numbered. Freedom is making its way on all lines! Nothing that was conceived for the dystopian future of humanity will last! Everything will pass, be destroyed and dissolve like the thickest fog in the sun.

There is no doubt: you are the LAST generation of OLD humanity and at the same time you form the FIRST generation of NEW humanity.

Because very many of you will experience the beginning of the New Age in this existence. The greatest miracle of humanity is being shaped by you and that is how you will experience it! This is how change occurs in all members of society.

Because even if the young generation has little knowledge of the background and cannot develop any imagination about the evilness of the background forces, these people should not be taken over as a collective by the dark race of this earth and led over into the dystopian timeline.

It is a battle that must be waged now, and this battle will be waged by the tried and wise, by the sincere and true, by the courageous and assertive Light Warriors of the first hour. This fight is led by you.

Cracks in the matrix

So it now happens that events are given that make young people pause and stimulate them to new thoughts and behavior. The matrix they are familiar with is cracking and becoming fragile on many levels, which means that things that were previously taken for granted no longer work and life, no matter how well you planned it, becomes unpredictable. The wrong life is shown to young people.

Your children will turn to you, their parents, and their elders. They will gladly accept your advice and help. They will open up to reality and what was completely incomprehensible to them today will be understood.

The young generation will also wake up to be the part that is necessary for global change. The necessary events are given for this. Everything happens at the right time, at the right hour.

JJK: What concerns me most at the moment is the “technology faith” of these young people! Everyone I know pays with their cell phone, they hardly carry any cash with them anymore. They stream movies on Amazon, Netflix or Disney and reflect nothing. Vacation, fancy clothes, fun and a career – that’s all that many of these young people have on their radar. No spiritual questions are raised – the meaning of life lies in consumption and short-term pleasures?! I don’t see anything more with most of them. Even the Corona crisis is not questioned in retrospect, mRNA vaccinated – so what – just don’t ask any questions, just don’t leave the apparent comfort zone.

And if it’s critical, you let your parents drive you to climate demonstrations in an SUV, you drink Starbucks coffee out of a paper cup, which you then simply throw away in the grass – and if you’re stressed, you take the plane the holidays. The evil CO₂ doesn’t really play a role when it comes to your own commoditization.

Enjoying life and not asking questions that could disrupt life is the credo of so many young people.

Sometimes, when I notice and observe this up close, I feel really sick – and it always gives me a headache. It’s hard to bear how uncritically and unreflectively most young people accept the system’s propaganda!?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Indeed, these people’s consciousness is being helped. Those who have chosen the dystopian timeline at the soul level will continue to willingly follow the system’s instructions.

Even through awakening events, these people will not deviate from their comfortable path of leaving thinking and feeling to others.

Completely different are those young people who have become entangled in this matrix, who have been taken over by negativity, even though they have a creative soul plan at their core.

These young people will recognize their wake-up call in the upheavals that are now following and will act accordingly. Like a resurrection, many people will turn their lives around 180 degrees and will no longer be recognizable.

Trust and rely on the fact that your children will also be freed from the drugs of this matrix and brought to healing. That time is coming and it is very near, because you are the LAST GENERATION of this humanity and the FIRST GENERATION of the NEW EARTH now emerging.

JJK: So hold on and keep your nerve, as the messages often say?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: To spread confidence and to stand firm in the certainty that everything will turn out well.

Place this deep anchor of basic trust in everything that is, and you will master this critical phase of ascension.

Critical phase?

JJK: What is “critical” about this phase?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The destructive element that has been released by the dark forces, the potential threat of extinction of large parts of humanity, which is certainly being considered by these forces. And the tighter the noose around their necks tightens – in the literal sense – the greater their desperation. We are in this critical phase today!

That’s why it’s now important to mobilize all the love energy that you are capable of: peace, love and unity – that’s what it’s all about now. It is now important to manifest this internally and to detach yourself from the dramas that are unrolled in front of you every day and transported to your living room in pictures.

Stay in love inside, stay at peace inside! Don’t allow yourself to be provoked or tempted to retaliate! All of this has no place on the NEW EARTH or in the hearts of the NEW HUMANITY.

Treat those people who don’t understand you with understanding! Promote a neutral attitude toward those people who reject or are hostile to you. Make sure you respond to hate with love – then everything that needs to be done in this critical phase will be done. This is your master’s test – and you will pass it if you practically apply the knowledge you have acquired about the nature of energy.

What you have realized in your heart over the past few years now needs to be confirmed externally. Act like the gods you are: free and sovereign – and in love.

I am always with you!


**Translation into English by EraofLight.com


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