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JJK: On the one hand it is said: “GOD INTERVENES!” and then again it is said: “YOU YOURSELF WILL SAVE YOURSELF!” Which is more accurate, what should we focus on? Waiting is probably not an option – is it?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: We are rapidly approaching the day of revelations, Day X, the day on which the brood of vipers will be removed from the earth and the Golden Age can begin. However, it takes each and every one of you to trigger this event. Each person contributes to the resurrection of the New Earth through their vibration, their consciousness and the degree of their realized inner peace. In this respect, it depends above all on you – on each and every one of you. This is true:

GOD sees your needs, GOD knows your limitations, GOD knows what you can do on your own and where the hands of heaven must be extended to help you. Worrying about whether and when GOD will intervene is just as much a waste of time as remaining inactive and leaving the change to others.

What is important is that every person lives out his or her unique mission in his or her place, the place where he or she was born or where he or she has chosen to live. That is all that matters.

JJK: It’s not by chance that we are born where we are. I, for example, have little connection to Asia. Perhaps I haven’t incarnated in Asia that often? But I am very familiar with Europe, South America and Africa. I feel like I have always felt at home here in Austria. But what if someone has to emigrate because circumstances force them to do so?

Germany has been experiencing a wave of emigration for years – for reasons that are well known. My question is:

Do we have to stay where we were born and fight for freedom, truth and peace there – or is emigrating “allowed” from a spiritual point of view?

Emigration allowed?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: From a spiritual point of view, everything that serves life is permitted – feel free and unattached in it. Sometimes emigrating is the only option to work from another place. No one leaves their homeland voluntarily and without good reasons. This must be taken into account. There are reasons and there are legitimate circumstances that lead to emigrating.

Before birth, every person determines his parents, the place where he will set foot on earth, the country, the culture, the language and the environment in which he wants to live.

You often return to an environment that has been familiar to you for many lifetimes. This also explains your proximity to Europe and the parts of the world you mentioned.

Very often people reincarnate repeatedly in well-known regions or where they ended their last incarnation. Life is planned before birth, taking into account the orders of your spiritual families. In this way, things that remained unfinished can be completed. Sometimes a being chooses an “intermediate incarnation”, which means that it goes to an unknown part of the earth in order to broaden its horizons.

Big Lives

However, when GREAT LIVES are about to happen, souls always return to where they have certain tasks to complete. Today, many people are living a great life, which means they are in their “final incarnation” on earth. Many people are in the process of completing their tasks and at the same time bringing about change on earth.

True spiritual masters guide the destiny of the earth and they bring humanity to the light level of being.

JJK: I heard somewhere that the ascent to 5D is just a change of level in the matrix – like in a computer game – but it is not yet an exit from it. And it continues like this until level 12D…

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: There are no limits to human imagination and perception. It is true: With the ascension to the 5th dimensional level of existence, you will burst this matrix! The 5th dimension of existence is truly a different level of consciousness and this ascension is now before you.

Are there wars on 5D?

JJK: Why are there wars on higher levels? Archangel Michael even carries a lightsaber.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: As long as there is separation from God, from the source of all being, there is also the possibility of distancing oneself from GOD.

This means that every being can renounce GOD from the beginning and until the end and choose their own path. This leads to conflicts and disputes on higher levels as well. These disputes are conducted with the tools that are necessary for this.

While on 3D, warlike conflicts are the norm and peaceful times the exception, on 5D the harmonious interaction of all living things is the norm. Acts of war – brought in from outside – are the exception.

JJK: I notice that there is a lot of unrest and a lot of questions among people about these topics. Does that mean that there is also sometimes war in 5D? Nothing like “peace, joy, pancakes…”😊

Creation Level 5D

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The 5th dimension of being means growth without suffering, knowledge free from pain and awareness through abundance and joy. The earthly dramas have been lived, the game on the low-vibrating levels has been experienced. Now it is about expanding consciousness and beginning the immediate, light-filled creation of reality.

The 5th dimension of being is the first level of creation where you create without delay.

It is the guardians of 5D who ensure that this process of learning, growth and further awareness takes place in peace. The lightsaber is omnipresent as the fallen angels circle the higher planes of existence. That’s how it is.

Self-reflection leads to self-determination

JJK: Sometimes I notice how everything here on Earth is becoming crazier, more unnatural and more strange. Europe often seems like an open psychiatric hospital to me! What is the best way to deal with this?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The solution for all those who work in public or who are committed to enlightenment is withdrawal, breaks and inner contemplation. Choose your appearances in the external world carefully. Self-reflection leads to self-determination. Live YOUR purpose, then you will not be lost to the world or to yourself.

Do you want to educate and wake people up? First give yourself the attention and time to make this possible. Don’t overload your everyday life with activities! Put being at the center!

To do nothing when everyone is busy – that is true freedom. For you save yourself, but the world is saved by many.


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