Sad misunderstanding HELP ME!!

I found in this Earth an old friend few months ago.We are friends since our birth event but not here,just in astral plane.I found him using internet in social network for artist I like to use or used to like,thinking in remove my profile and all my legacy there,he did it two weeks ago for his personals reasons..

Is hard to explain but only I recognized he by the his real name(for me),aura's power and colors, even his body scent,he just recognized me as his friend from the astral plane didn't knew my real name or about my aura projection,just had a feeling of frienship and love about me.

We live so very far 'here' from each other and we both with no perspective to visit,as humans here we started to chatting in skype,was fun and I learned too much,remembering things with him and guess he also learned something with me,he were attacked by obscure forces several times and I took part of this attacks,meditating,praying and using my flames to protect him,trying to create a shield of light for him.

He speak english and I portuguese,I don't have too much practice in verbal comunication in english(maybe I'm too shy..) but I can express myself fluently writing...the sad part some mistranslations occurred and I let him upset,was a cultural thing,I said something trying  make him laugh,had the opposite effect,he felt deeply offended,later he forgave me..everything was going ok,nice chatting,so as our unique option,skype turned something like our room,our 'home',some day he didn't felt well and I have the hability to eat energy and aura which is damaged and needing to being healed,I treated he and I told about my hability,somehow something started to set us apart,and said to my friend I was vampire,a bad person trying to kill him draining his vital energy.He blocked me of his life,I felt my soul burning in hell for all this,I felt so wronged,wasn't fair to me,I done nothing bad for him the contrary was helping him...

Reunited again after trying to reach his soul even sending text messages on his cell phone was his turn to ask me to forgive him,that's ok for me,I said 'Don't give up on me' he also said the same and more,my friend said evil beings was trying to prohibit our friendship and love here,is true.

I guess now evil forces had achieved what they wanted

:( blocked again,I even can't feel his presence,I'm super worried,he have a frail health,I fear for his life and,I don't wanna miss my beloved friend again or maybe forever, theres anybody who could help me,sending praying for us,I'm feeling so bad and he also is.I dunno know what to do.He have a profile here but seems inactive for few months.

Humble heart..

Don't give up on me! I'll never give up on you!


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  • Hi Romulo,

    When there is an imbalance in a relationship it can be good to ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords that connect you, so that you are released from each other. Then ask Archangel Raphael to fill the gaps that form with golden light, and fill your auras with golden light, and then put a golden light shield around your aura's edges, and ask them to take your friend away for healing. If I cannot control something, which is often, but it is stressing me, I do this: Surrender and Release all worries to the Universe, for healing, with love and gratitude. Then imagine what I would like to happen, and give that picture love. Then let it go and focus on the here and now, staying calm and positive. Good luck. I hope it works out for you xxx


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