THE COUNTRY OF THE DEAD


AENEAS the eminent Trojan man, Olympian and solemn ascends the august mountain of APOLLO on whose majestic summit is the mysterious den of the fortune teller.


Sacred forest of the third aspect of the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI near the temple, ineffable forest of HÉCATE, PROSERPINA, COATLICUE.


Hermetically sealed sanctuary with a hundred doors, a glorious entrance into which Daedalus, the skilled sculptor, carved marvelous reliefs with extraordinary skill.


Icarus or Icaro with his IAO, chiseled by his father in the sacred rock in that mysterious entrance, it is said that he wanted to ascend to heaven, become SON OF THE SUN, but his wax wings melted and he fell to the horrible precipice.


Wonderful symbol, vain attempt of those who do not know how to work with the LUMINOUS AND SPERMATTIC Fiat of the first moment, misfortune, fall of the ALKYMISTS who spill the RAW MATERIAL of the GREAT WORK.


And wasn't Daedalus the famous sculptor, the author of ICARO, the same one who taught THESEUS to escape from the intricate labyrinth of Crete?


Horrendous corridor in whose center was always the famous Minotaur, half man, half beast. Complicated intellect bottled in MYSELF.


Only by eliminating the inner beast can we truly free ourselves; only by dissolving the ANIMAL EGO will we arrive at INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION.


"This is not the time to admire works of art," exclaims the priestess, "APOLLO will soon arrive, like a hurricane wind."


And a hundred black lambs then sacrifice the illustrious Trojan male in honor of PROSERPINA, the third manifest aspect of the eternal SPACE-MOTHER, the queen of HELL and DEATH.


In saying this the sibyl ... Oh God! ... a terrible earthquake shakes the bowels of the earth and transfigured the priestess exclaims: APOLLO! Here is APOLLO! Ah, AENEAS! Listen to me! Pray! The doors to this joint won't open before I've done it!


And the legend of the centuries tells that upon hearing these venerable words, the remarkable man raised his ardent supplications to APOLLO.


In a voice transfigured by ecstasy, the Vestal spoke, warning the distinguished warrior that he would be able to set foot on the shores of Italy and settle in Lavinious.


He predicted that a second Achilles, as strong as the first, would declare war on him.


He told him that the Latin rivers would flow blood, as in Troy the Xanthos and the Simois, but not to be discouraged or give in to adversity, that at last he would receive his salvation from a Greek city.


In this way, the CUMAS sanctuary spreads its sacred horror over the mountain; in the depths of the temple, the earth howls, and the truth is disguised in darkness "(DEMONIUS EST DEUS INVERSUS).


And AENEAS begs the sibyl, begs, cries, asks for entry to the land of the dead, wants to go down to PLUTO's abode and says: "This way you can go down to the abode of the dead. Couldn't you accompany me to visit to my father? Think he was my escape partner. "


"On my back I carried him, fleeing the smoking ruins of Troy, and it is he himself who directs me to you and begs me to ask you for this mercy:" Tell me, is it too much to ask? If Orpheus went down there, armed only with his harmonious lyre; if Theseus came down, and Hercules too, why should I not be able to go, who am JUPITER's grandson? "(AENEAS WAS AN INITIATE).


Certainly it is easy to descend into hell to work in the NINTH SPHERE and DISSOLVE THE PSYCHIC AGGREGATES, but it is frighteningly difficult to return. There is the hard work! There the difficult test! Proserpina, the queen of hell and death is certainly very capricious and as a present for those who visit her, she always demands the golden bud, the golden branch of the tree of knowledge and abundant seed.


Blessed is he who finds the magic tree, which by the way is not very far; it is our own very spine; to that the doors of PLUTO will be opened.


Whoever wants to go up must first go down, that is the Law. INITIATION is DEATH and BIRTH at the same time.


However, you who read these lines, let the dead bury their dead and follow me.


Whoever wants to come after me, deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.


Denying oneself means DISSOLVE THE EGO, dying from moment to moment, reducing oneself to dust from moment to moment.


Throwing the heavy cross of the Master on our shoulders is something profoundly significant; the vertical phalus of that holy symbol is masculine; The horizontal rod is female; in the sexual intersection of these two poles is the key to the SECOND BIRTH.


To follow the Lord from second to second means SACRIFICE for humanity, being willing to give even the last drop of blood for our fellow men, immolating ourselves in the Ara Sacra of supreme love for all our brothers in the world.


And now GODS and MEN! ... Listen to me: SIBYL and AENEAS penetrated into the bosom of the earth through the dreadful cave.


I put the Genie of the Earth as witness to solemnly affirm that before entering the HELL, one passes through the ORC (LIMBO). The latter is a hall in itself; in him dwell Disease, Hunger, horrendous and perverse counselor, Misery, Vain Joys, War, Furies, Discord with its hair of vipers, Pain and the Dream of CONSCIOUSNESS.


There AENEAS found the foolish dreams of the people; there he saw creatures as horrible as BRIAREO, the giant with one hundred arms; the Hydra of Lerna, whom HERCULES killed by masterfully cutting off its multiple heads; the Chimera of the people, monster with the head of a goat; the Gorgons, the Harpies, (WITCHES), etc.


From the ORC starts the mysterious route that leads the lost souls to TARTARUS, (WORLDS-HELLS).


AENEAS and SIBYL seated on the berry of CARON, they sailed through the waters of the ACHERON and reached the other shore.


In HELL, AENEAS found CERBERUS the demon of Lust, to MINOS, the inexorable judge; and he saw the gloomy brook winding nine times in the ninth sphere and the terrible waters of the Styx.

In Hell, the pious AENEAS found DIDO, the queen who loved him and was also able to embrace her late father.



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